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The Constant Wife 
By W. Somerset Maugham 
Directed by Joanne Woodward 
Cast: Mikel Sarah Lambert, Donald Corren, Sharron Bower, Denise Lute, Jessie Cantrell, Allison Mackie, Kali Rocha, Daniel Gerroll, Armand Schultz, John Rothman

The Constant Wife

Orson’s Shadow 
By Austin Pendleton 
Conceived Judith Auberjonois 
Directed by David Cromer 
Cast: David Warren, Dominic Conti, Jeff Still, John Judd, Sarah Wellington, Lee Roy Rogers

Ancestral Voices – (A Family Story) 
By A.R. Gurney 
Directed by David Saint
Company A  7.10 – 7.15, 2000: Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Curtin, Frank Converse, Elizabeth Wilson, and Fritz Weaver
Company B, 7.17-7.22, 2000:  Paul Rudd, Swoosie Kurtz, James Naughton, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman

Ancestral Voices - A Family Story

Morphic Resonance 
By Katherine Burger 
Directed by James Naughton 
Cast: John Cunningham, Claire Lautier, Keira Naughton, Stephen Barker Turner, Tony Ward 

Triangles for Two
World Premier 
By David Wiltse 
Directed by Joe Grifasi 
Cast: Jayne Atkinson, Jeffrey Jones

Triangle for Two

Nicolette and Aucassin 
Book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg 
Music by David Friedman 
Directed by Seth Barrish 
Cast: Bronson Pinchot, Jennifer Allen, Darlesia Cearcy, James Judy, Jeremy Webb, Bill Buell, Richard White, Nancy K. Anderson, Chuck Cooper, Michael Wiggins, Sean Horgan  


Princess Turandot 
Written and directed by Darko Tresnjak 
Inspired by Carlo Gozzi &The Arabian Nights 
Cast: Anna Belknap, Jeffrey Binder, Wes Day, Jack Ferver, Matthew Gasper, Roxanna Hope, Christopher K. Morgan, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Ron Nahass, Gregor Paslawsky, Caroline Pasquantonio, Josh Radnor, Maria Elena Ramirez, Mark Shunock, Dan Snook, James Stanley

Don’t Make Me Laugh 
Directed by Gene Saks
“The Music Cure”  
By George Bernard Shaw 
Cast: Bill Buell, David Costabile, 
“Caught with His Trance Down” 
By Georges Feydeau 
Adapted by Norman R. Shapiro 
Cast: Gene Wilder, David Costabile, Bill Buell, Bob Dishy, Carol Kane, Vivienne Benesch
“The Proposal”  
By Anton Chekhov 
Adapted by Gene Wilder 
Cast: Gene Wilder, Carol Kane, Bob Dishy
“The Dangers of Tobacco” 
By Anton Chekhov 
Adapted by Gene Wilder 
Cast: Gene Wilder

Don't Make Me Laugh

Three Days of Rain 
By Richard Greenberg 
Directed by Joanne Woodward 
Cast: Alyssa Bresnahan, David Conrad, Alex Draper 

Heaven Can Wait 
By Harry Seagall 
Directed by Joe Grifasi 
Cast: Leslie Uggams, Ray Weiderhold, William A. Barry, Jessie Lynn Cantrell, Tristina Duarte, Sharde Edwards, Jerry Finnegan, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Virginia Lity, Andrea Magenheimer, John Tiscia, Keith Reddin, Peter Rini, Dean Nolen, Phoebe Jonas, Mary Fogarty, Mia Barron, Bruce Weitz, John Bowman

Temporary Help 
By David Wiltse
Directed by Gordon Edelstein 
Cast: Jeffrey DeMunn, Karen Allen, Sam Freed, Chad Allen


Our Town 
Transfer to Bdwy – Booth Theatre 
By Thornton Wilder 
Directed by James Naughton 
Cast: Paul Newman, Jayne Atkinson, Frank Converse, Jane Curtin, Jeffrey DeMunn, Jake Robards, Andy Friedland, Kristen Hahn, Harry Cooper, Maggie Lacey, Ben Fox, John Braden, Cynthia Wallace, Susan DeVaney, Jim Lones, Stephen Spinella, Mia Dillon, Robert  Burian, Walter Kosner, Chris Wood, Danny Williams, Carter Jackson, Bill Barry

Our Town

The Voice of the Turtle 
By John Van Druten 
Directed by Connie Grappo 
Cast: Katie MacNichol, Sarah Zimmerman, Stephen Barker Turner

Master Harold...and the Boys 
By Athol Fugard 
Directed by Walter Dallas 
Cast: Ray Anthony Thomas, Leon Addison Brown, Joshua Park 

Master Harold and the Boys

Outward Bound 
By Sutton Vane 
Directed by Doug Hughes 
Cast: Tari Signor, Denis Holmes, Garret Dillahunt, Jefferson Mays, Pamela Payton-Wright, T. Scott Cunningham, Patricia Conolly, Henry Strozier, Edward Hibbert

Outward Bound

A Saint She Ain’t 
Book and lyrics by Dick Vosburgh 
Music by Denis King 
Directed by Eric Hill 
Cast: P. J. Benjamin, Joel Blum, Allison Briner, Lovette George, Jason Gillman, Christina Marie Norrup, Roland Rusinek, Jay Russell, Caroline Saxe, John Gray, Devon Higby, Kathleen Mooney, Eric Thorne


Hay Fever 
By Noel Coward 
Directed by Darko Tresnjak 
Cast: Sarah Hudnut, Austin Lysy,  Denny Dillon , Amy Van Nostrand, Jack Gilpin, Timothy Carter, Tessa Auberjonois, 
Robert Stanton, Arden Myrin

Hay Fever

The Good German 
World Premier 
By David Wiltse 
Directed by James Naughton 
Cast: Kathleen McNenny, Victor Slezak, Boyd Gaines, Casey Biggs

The Old Settler 
By John Henry Redwood 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Brenda Thomas, Tina Fabrique, Edward O’Blenis, Cherise Boothe

The Old Settler

All My Sons 
By Arthur Miller 
Directed by Doug Hughes 
Cast: Richard Dreyfuss, Jill Clayburgh, Tom Hammond, David Costabile, Katie MacNichol, Carolyn Baeumler, Sam Trammell, Conor Donovan, Jenny Bacon, David Aaron Baker

The Streets of New York 
Written by Dion Boucicault 
Adaptation, songs and direction by Charlotte Moore 
Cast: David Staller, John Keating, Ciaran O’Reilly, John Bolton, Donald Corren, Greg Stone, Margaret Hall, Joshua Park, Nancy Anderson, Rebecca Bellingham, Terry Donnelly, Danielle Ferland

The Streets of New York


Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me 
By Frank McGuinness 
Directed by Ethan McSweeny, with Sterling K. Brown, Michael Emerson, Ciaran O’Reilly

Someone Who'll Watch Over Me

By Christopher Trumbo 
Directed by Peter Askin 
Cast: Gordon MacDonald, Paul Newman
The School for Husbands 
By Moliere 
Translated by Richard Wilbur 
Directed by Doug Hughes
Cast: Mia Barron, Paul Blankenship, Joe Delafield, Danielle Ferland, Wayne Kasserman, Maggie Lacey, Louis Rosen, Henry Strozier, Andrew Weems

School for Husbands


Finian’s Rainbow
Music by Burton Lane, book by E. Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy, lyrics by E. Y. Harburg 
Book revised in concert form by Charlotte Moore 
Directed by Charlotte Moore 
Cast: David Staller, Kimberly Dawn Neumann, A. J. Irvin, Jonathan Hadley, Joacquin Stevens, Milo O’Shea, Melissa Errico, Stephen R. Buntrock, Malcolm Gets, John Sloman, Eric Jackson, Andi Hopkins, Wendi Bergamini, Barry McNabb

Finnian's Rainbow

Dear Brutus 
By J. M. Barrie 
Directed by Gregory Boyd 
Cast: Beth Fowler, Meg Gibson, Emma   Roberts, Allison Mackie, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, Simon Jones, Noble Shropshire, Patrick Horgan, Christopher Evan Welch, Curzon Dobell, Corinne Chandler

David Copperfield 
By Charles Dickens 
Adapted by Giles Havergal 
Directed by Anne Keefe and Joanne Woodward 
Cast: Mark Shanahan, Kieran Campion, Molly Regan, Beth Fowler, Samantha Soule, Sean Cullen, John Keating, Bill Buell, Nicole Lowrance, Saxon Palmer, Simon Jones, Allison Mackie, Tom Beckett, Patrick Horgan, Winslow Corbett, Siena D’Addario, Brendan Geiling, Adam Riegler, Josh King, Betsy Selman  

David Copperfield

The Member of the Wedding 
By Carson McCullers 
Directed by Joanne Woodward 
Cast: LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Liz Morton, Jack Metzger, Brian Letscher, Dana Powers Acheson, Reed Birney, Carolyn Baeumler, Emma Wiseman, Samantha Kindler, Aleta Mitchell, Michael W. Howell, Edward O’Blenis, Brett Aresco

The Immigrant 
Book by Mark Harelik 
Lyrics by Sarah Knapp 
Music by Steven M. Alper 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Tally Sessions, Beth Fowler, Dale Hensley, Kyra Miller

The Immigrant

Journey’s End 
By R. C. Sherriff 
Directed by Gregory Boyd 
Cast: Daniel Freedom Stewart, James Black, Noble Shropshire, Kieran Campion, Mark Shanahan, Andrew Weems, Tommy Schrider, George Taylor, Trevor Vaughn, Jayce Henderson, Andrew Kirsch


On the Verge (or The Geography of Yearning) 
By Eric Overmyer 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson
Cast: Laiona Michelle, Molly Wright Stuart, Susan Bennett, Tom Beckett, narrator: Christopher Plummer

World Premier 
Transfer to Bdwy –Booth Theatre 
By George Stevens, Jr. 
Directed by Leonard Foglia 
Cast: James Earl Jones


Jam & Spice:  The Music of Kurt Weill 
World Premier 
Musical arrangement and supervision by Dianne Adams McDowell 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Carey Brown, Jason Ma, Mary Testa, Christianne Tisdale, J.D. Webster, Kurt Zischke

The Drawer Boy 
By Michael Healey 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Michael Countryman, Carson Elrod, John Bedford Lloyd

A Marriage Minuet 
World Premier 
By David Wiltse 
Directed by Tracy Brigden 
Cast: Doug Stender, Suli Holum, Douglas Rees, Patricia Kalember, Deirdre Madigan

A Marriage Minuet

Constant Star 
Written and directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Janeece Aisha Freeman, Gail Grate, Tracey Conyer Lee, Laiona Michelle, Gayle Turner

The Archbishop’s Ceiling 
By Arthur Miller 
Directed by Gregory Mosher 
Cast: Bruce McCarty, Sara Surrey, David Rasche, Heather Kenzie, Thomas G. Waites

The Archbishop's Ceiling

Old Wicked Songs 
By Jon Marans 
Directed by Loy Arcenas 
Cast: Michael Cristofer, Joe Paulik

A Christmas Carol 
By Charles Dickens
Adapted and directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Wynn Harmon, Nick Cordileone, Robert Adelman Hancock, Michael Deleget, Kirsten Therese Leslie, Mary Jo Mecca, Howard Kaye, Forrest McClendon, Steven Stein-Grainger, Christianne Tisdale, Allen E. Read, Michelle Dawson, Richard Weidlich, Ayla Guttman, Emma Ruchefsky, Christopher Hamlin, Brandon Rakowski, Kitty Robertson, Laura Lehman, Ash Natarajan, Claire Hilton, Siena D’Addario, Luke Sauer, Adam Riegler, Shannon Bolcer, Caroline Chanin, Noah Witke, Lisa Dempsey, Kyrian Friedenberg, Collin Shay

A Christmas Carol


All About Us 
Book by Joseph Stein
Music and lyrics by John Kander and Fred Ebb 
Based on Thornton Wilder’s The Skin of Our Teeth 
Directed by Gabriel Barre 
Cast: Tony Freeman, Cady Huffman, Yvette Freeman, David Standish, Carlo Alban, Samantha Futerman, Shuler Hensley, Eric Michael Gillett, Drew Taylor, Daniel Marcus, Michael Thomas Holmes, Frank Vlastnik, Michael James Leslie, Eartha Kitt, J. Elaine Marcos, Sally Ann Tumas, Rachelle Rak

By Stephen Temperley 
Directed by Vivian Matalon 
Cast: Donald Corren, Judy Kaye

Relatively Speaking 
By Alan Ayckbourn 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Geneva Carr, Cecilia Hart, James Waterston, Paxton Whitehead

Relatively Speaking

Mary’s Wedding 
By Stephen Massicotte 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Lee Aaron Rosen, Hannah Cabell

World Premier 
By David Wiltse 
Directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Chris Sarandon, Mark Shanahan, Bryant Martin, Hannah Cabell, Colin McPhillamy, Jeffrey DeMunn


The Turn of the Screw
Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher 
From the story by Henry James 
Directed by Loy Arcenas 
Cast: Charlotte Parry, Tom Beckett

Being Alive! 
World Premier
Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim 
Conceived and directed by Billy Porter 
Additional text by William Shakespeare 
Cast: Natalie Venetia Belcon, Chuck Cooper, Joshua Henry, N’Kenge, Leslie Odom, Jr., Ken Robinson, Rema Webb

Being Alive

A Christmas Carol 
By Charles Dickens
Adapted and directed by Tazewell Thompson 
Cast: Wynn Harmon, Nick Cordileone, Nicholas Galbraith, Zachary James, Jonathan C. Kaplan, Mary Jo Mecca, Howard Kaye, Forrest McClendon, Will Ray, Carey Brown, Steven Stein-Grainger, Christianne Tisdale, Bryant Martin, Rebecca Strimaitis, Marcy McGuigan, Brandon Rakowski, Ayla Guttman, Leigha Nicoloro, Claire Hilton, Meaghan Elliot, Emma Ruchefsky, Jordan Bloom, Luke Sauer, Camden Archambeau, Caroline Chanin, Noah Witke, Peter Sauer, Martin Menz



By Morris Panych 
Directed by Stephen DiMenna 
Cast: Timothy Busfield, Helen Stenborg   

Time of My Life 
By Alan Ayckbourn 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Jason Antoon, Geneva Carr, Carson Elrod, Cecilia Hart, Seana Kofoed, James Waterston, Paxton Whitehead 

Time of My Life
The Pavilion 
By Craig Wright 
Directed by Chad Rabinovitz 
Cast: Michael Laurence, Tracy Middendorf, Michael Milligan

Hot ‘n Cole:  A Cole Porter Celebration! 
Words and music by Cole Porter 
Devised by David Armstrong, Mark Waldrop and Bruce W. Coyle 
Musical arrangements by Bruce W. Coyle 
Directed by James Naughton 
Cast: Whitney Bashor, Donna Lynne Champlin, Lewis Cleale, Andrea Dora, Peter Reardon, Shonn Wiley

By David Wiltse 
Directed by Tracy Brigden 
Cast: Tom Beckett, Candy Buckley, Rebecca Harris, Colin McPhillamy, Jennifer Mudge, Matthew Rauch

By Karoline Leach 
Directed by Joe Brancato 
Cast: Andrea Maulella, Mark Shanahan


Of Mice and Men 
By John Steinbeck 
Directed by Mark Lamos 
Cast: Mateo Gomez, Kene Holliday, Brian Hutchison, Mark Mineart, Matthew Montelongo, Betsy Morgan, Tommy Nohilly, Sean Patrick Reilly, Rafael Sardina, Edward Seamon, Buster (the dog) 

Of Mice and Men

A Holiday Garland
Devised by Eileen Atkins and John Tillinger 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Blythe Danner, Daniel Gerroll, Jack Gilpin, Joanna Gleason, Edward Herrmann, Anne Keefe, James Naughton, Q. Smith, Aurelia Williams, Joanne Woodward, Colin Donnell (rotating cast)



Around the World in 80 Days 
By Mark Brown 
Based on the novel by Jules Verne 
Directed by Michael Evan Haney 
Cast: Jeff Biehl, Andrew Grusetskie, Lauren Elise McCord, Mark Shanahan, Evan Zes

Around the World in 80 Days

By A. R. Gurney 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Mary Bacon, Katie Finneran, Judith Light, James Waterston, Chad Kinsman  

tick, tick...BOOM! 
Book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson 
Directed by Scott Schwartz 
Cast: Wilson Cruz, Colin Hanlon, Pearl Sun, Ken Robinson

tick, tick ... BOOM

How the Other Half Loves 
By Alan Ayckbourn 
Directed by John Tillinger 
Cast: Geneva Carr, Carson Elrod, Cecilia Hart, Darren Pettie, Karen Walsh, Paxton Whitehead

That Championship Season 
By Jason Miller 
Directed by Mark Lamos 
Cast: Robert Clohessy, John Doman, Lou Liberatore, Tom Nelis, Skipp Sudduth

That Championship Season

The Breath of Life 
By David Hare 
Directed by Mark Lamos 
Cast: Jane Alexander, Stockard Channing

This Wonderful Life 
By Steve Murray 
Conceived by Mark Setlock 
Adapted from the screenplay It’s  a Wonderful Life by Francis Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Frank Capra & Jo Swerling
Cast: Mark Setlock