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Index of Plays - Chronological Order


The New York Repertory Theatre – with Dorothy Gish, Armina Marshall, Rollo Peters, Romney Brent, Moffat Johnston, Fania Marinoff, Jessie Busley, Anton Bundsman, Winifred Lenihan, Frank Conlan, Barbara Child, Mervin Williams, Ann Tweksbury, Cecilia Lenihan, Robert Turney

The Streets of New York -(transfer to NY, 48th Street Theater) - by Dion Boucicault, music arranged by Dr. Sigmund Spaeth, with A.P. Kaye, Moffat Johnston, Romney Brent, Rollo Peters, Sam Wren, Frank Conlan, Mervin Williams, Philip S. Graham, Anton Bundsmann, Robert Turney, Winifred Johnston, Jessie Busley, Fania Marinoff, Dorothy Gish, Jane Alden, Russell rhodes, Ronald Jones, John Baker, Godfrey MacDonald, Harold Ades, Jack Munro, Louis Massin, Jr., Barbara Childs, Ann Tewskbury, Elizabeth Howard, Cecelia Lenihan Come What May – by Robert de Flers and G.A. de Caillaret, translated by Ruth Langner, directed by Vassili Kouchita, with A.P. Kaye, Moffat Johnston, Russell Rhodes, Mervin Williams, Frank Conlan, Romney Brent, Sam Wren, Anton Bundsmann, Jessie Busley, Armina Marshall, Dorothy Gish The Comic Artist – by Susan Glaspell and Norman Matson, directed by Moffat Johnston, with fania Marinoff, Armina Marshall, Moffat Johnston, Rollo Peters, Dorothy Gish, Frank Conlan, Mervin Williams, Cecilia Lenihan  The Bride the Sun Shines On (transfer to NY - Fulton Theatre) - by Will Cotton, directed by Philip Loeb, with Dorothy Gish, Virginia Volland, Mervin Williams As You Like It – by William Shakespeare, directed by Charles Jehlinger, with Armina Marshall, Rollo Peters, Romney Brent, Dorothy Gish, Winifred Lenihan, Moffat Johnston, Fania Marinoff, Frank Conlan, Edgar Stehli, Manart Kippen, Harold Redding, Robert Lowe, G. Albert Smith The Pillars of Society (transfer to NY - 48th Street Theatre) - by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Winifred Lenihan, with Moffat Johnson, Armina Marshall, Dorothy Gish, Rollo Peters, Romney Brent, Fania  Marinoff, Cecilia Lenihan, Nancy McNight, Barbara Child, Jessie Busley, Robert Lowe, Leslie Bingham, Edgar Stehli, Frank Conlan, John Harmon, Sam Wren, Dudley Hawley, Manart Kippen, Jeanne Wardley, Ann Tewksbury, Russell Rhodes, Anton Bundsmann, Robert Turney, Mervin Williams, Ronald Jones, Jock Monro, Virginia Volland

The Cradle Song - by Martinez Sierra, translated by John Garrett Underhill, with Peggy Wood, Kathleen Comegys


The New York Repertory Theatre –with June Walker, Osgood Perkins, Armina Marshall, Jane Wyatt, Kathleen Comegys, Elizabeth Risdon, Hugh Buckler, Blaine Cordner and Elisha Cook, Jr., Cecil Holm, James Jolley, J. Augustus Keogh, Winifred Lenihan Thoroughbred – by Doty Hobart, directed by Theresa Helburn, with Hugh Buckler, James Jolley, Osgood Perkins, Elizabeth Risdon, Blaine Cordner, Armina Marshall, Kathleen Comegys, June Walker, Jane Wyatt, Cecil Holm, J. Augustus Keogh For Husbands Only (World Premier) - by Basil Lawrence (pseudonym for Lawrence Langner) Chrysalis(World Premier) (transfer to NY- Martin Beck Theatre) by Rose Albert Porter School for Lovers(World Premier) (transfer to NY as School for Husbands - Empire Theater) adapted by Arthur Guiterman and Lawrence Langner from Moliere's L'Ecole des Maris Dear Mistress(World Premier) - by Kathryn McClure The Man with a Load of Mischief – by Ashley Dukes, directed by Lawrence Langner, with Jane Cowl, John Buckler, Hugh Buckler, Marion Evensen, Albert G. Andrews, Alice Belmore Cliffe, James Jolley Finale – by S.K. Lauren, directed by Jose Ruben, with Laurette Taylor, Marcella Swanson, Lillian tonge, Richie Ling, Alvin Barrett, Alice John, Kathleen Comegys, Geoffrey Wardwell, George Coulouris, Eleanor Eckstein, George Kinsey, Jock Munro, Russell Thayer, Elizabeth Robbins, Walter Osborne. The Other One(transfer to NY - Biltmore Theatre) -by Henry Myers, staged by Harold Winston, with Helen Ford, George Baxter, Florence Vroom, Lida MacMillan, George Nash, Fuller Mellish, Frank Andrews


The Nobel Prize – by Hjalmar Bergman, with Otis Skinner, Owen Davis, Jr., Arthur Hughes, Armina Marshall, Elizabeth Love, Leona Roberts, Hunter Gardner Understanding Women – by Frank Mandel, staged by Philip Loeb, with Dorothy Gish, Glenn Anders, Roger Pryor, Jesse Royce Landis, Harold DeBecker, Harold Vermilyea The Yellow Jacket – by George Hazelton & Benrimo, with Charles Coburn, Iva Wills, Louise Groody, Rex O'Malley, Mary Hutchinson, Schuyler Ladd, Kathleen Comegys The Pursuit of Happiness (transfer to NY- Avon Theater) - by Alan Child and Isabelle Loudon, with Tonio Selwart, Peggy Conklin, Walter Slezak, Charles Waldron Present Laughter – by Charles Brackett, directed by Antoinette Perry, with Roger Pryor, Rose Hobart Lady Godiva (World Premier) - by Lawrence Langner, directed by Lawrence Langner and Jose Ruben, with Violet Heming, Kathleen Comegys, Alexander Clark, John Daly Murphy, Montagu Love, Peggy Conklin, Herbert Rawlison, Charles Bryant Rendezvous – by Edward Childs Carpenter, directed by Julius Evans, with Rex O'Malley, Elena Miramova, Charles Wagenheim, David Vivian, Robert Salter, Frances Diamond, William Mercer, Jane Hamilton, Gavin Muir, James MacColl, Edouard La Roche, Harriet Eells, René Roberti, Phyllis Adair, Ralph Locke, Victor Morley, Edward Trevor, John Thomas How's Your Code? – by Gene Lockhart, with Mitzi, Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart, Vandy Cape, Woods Miller, Rita Gould, Asya Kaz, George Rasely, Mabel Miller Downs, Thalia Zanou Heat Lightning(transfer to NY - Booth Theater) - by Leon Abrams & George Abbott, with Jean Dixon, Robert Gleckler, Emily Lowry, Robert Sloane, Rosamund Pinchot, Coburn Goodwin Gaily I Sin – by Guido Nadzo, directed by Antoinette Perry, with Helen Menken Champagne Sec(World Premier) (transfer to NY - Morosco Theatre) -adapted from Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus, book by Lawrence Langner, lyrics by Robert A. Simon, staged by Monty Woolley, with Peggy Wood, Helen Ford, George Meader, Jack Hazzard, Myron Duncan, Edward Lay, William J. McCarthy, Kitty Carlisle, Howard Philips, Olive Jones


The Chimes of Corneville –music of Planquette in rhymed version by Arthur Guiterman, directed by Lina Arabanell, with Helen Ford, George Meader, Lucy Monroe, A.P. Kaye, James Jolley, John Cherry  The Bride of Torozko – by Otto Indig, adapted by Ruth Langner, staged by Herman Shumlin, with Jean Arthur, Sam Jaffe, Francis Pierlot, Joseph Spurin-Calleia, J. Brainard Daniels, Eric Kalkhurst, Van Raymond Golden, John Thomas, Phyllis Langer, Connie Ernst Tight Britches (transfer to NY - Avon Theatre) by John Taintor Foote and Hubert Hayes, directed by Miriam Doyle, with Jean Dixon, Kathleen Comegys, Joanna Roos, John Miltern, Shepperd Strudwick, Pierre de Ramey, Arthur Hughes, William Ingersoll, Mary Orr. Love on an Island – by Helen Deutsch, staged by Alfred de Laigre Jr., with James Rennie, Samuel Zolotow, Betty Starbuck, Ellen Lowe, Millard Mitchell, Ross Forrester, Rachel Hartzell, Walter N. Greaza, Raymond Bramley, Honera Wilson, Janet Fox, Daisy Belmore, Phyllis Langer, Mark Schweid, Louis Sorin, St. Clair Bayfield, Jack Donaldson, Edward Collins, John Thomas, Wyman Cane, Gerard Lewis, John Lebor, Alan MacCracken, lee Baker, Edward Darby, Martin Gabel, Philip Remer, John Swan, Sid Bernhart, Drina Hill, Aleeta Livingston, Norma Taylor Dream Child (transfer to NY - Vanderbilt Theatre) -by J.C. Nugent, with J.C Nugent, Ruth Nugent, Alan Bunce Hide and Seek – by Richard Macaulay & Lawrence Schwab, staged by Robert Sinclair, with Burgess Meredith, Harold Flick, Barton MacLane, Helen Buck, June Martel, Jane Seymour, Dudley Clements, Dorothy Vernon, Frank Conlan, Edward Acuff, Robert Williams, Jack Stone, Millard Mitchell, Thomas Coffin Cooke, Damian O'Flynn, Clyde Franklin, Lou Polan, Roy Gordon Kill That Story (transfer to NY - Booth Theatre) - by Harry Madden and Philip Dunning, directed by George Abbott, with James Bell, Emily Lowry, Matt Briggs, William Foran, Royal Dana Tracy, Buford Armitage, Alfred Webster, Thomas F. Tracey, Claire Carleton, William Lynn, Joyce Arling, Eleanor Audley, James Lane, Fred Kaufman, Gloria Grafton, Wyrley Birch, Oliver Barbour, William Wadsworth, George Carleton Julie – by Frederic Arnold Kummer, staged by Harry Wagstaff Gribble, with Lenore Ulric For Love or Money – by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall, staged by Worthington Miner, with Phoebe Foster, William Harrington, Carol Stone, Percy Kilbride, Louis Jean Heydt, Edward MacNamara, Claire Woodbury Lady Jane – by H.M. Harwood, directed by H.M. Harwood, with Frances Starr, Lila Lee, Paul McGrath, Frank Elliot, Lowell Gilmore, Frieda Inescort, Reginald Mason, Alan Marshall, Henry Vincent, Florence Selwyn


The Country Wife – (transfer to NY - Henry Miller's Theatre) - by William Wycherley, staged by Lawrence Langner, with Ruth Gordon, Tom Powers, McKay Morris, Ruth Weston, Frances Fuller, Alan Hewitt, Robert Williams, Victor Morley, Jacqueline de Wit, Charles Romano, Louis Hector, Phyllis Langner, Helen Gardner, Kathleen Comegys, Ruth Chapman, Jane Keith, Marion O'Neill, Criag Livingston, David Morgan, Lee Baker, Edward Padula, Lucien Wolfe Ode to Liberty – by Michael Duran, adapted by Sidney Howard, with Ina Claire, Nicholas Joy, Paul Macgrath, Allen Fagan The Coward (American Premier) -  by Henri-Renee Leonormand, staged by Worthington Miner, with Frances Fuller, Tom Powers, Robert Williams, George Coulouris, Katherine Comegys, McKay Morris, Patricia Calvert, Ann Manclair, Felicia Sorel The Long Frontier – by Mildred Knopf, with Katherine Alexander,  Nance O'Neil, Gloria Holden, Alan Bunce, Claire Carleton If This be Treason(transfer to NY - Music Box Theatre) - by John Haynes Holmes & Reginald Lawrence, staged by Harry Wagstaff Cribble, with McKay Morris, Tom Powers, Ruth Weston, Glenn Anders, George Coulouris, Armina Marshall You Never Can Tell – by George Bernard Shaw, staged by Philip Loeb, with Florence Britton, John Litel, Phyllis Langer, Catheryn Laughlin, Leon Janney, Jean Adair, Hugh Buckler, Horace Sinclair, Harry Mestayer, Boyd Davis, George Spelvin


Love for Love – by William Congreve, with Eva LeGallienne and Dennis King The Difficulty of Getting Married – by Louis Vernuil, with Grace George Dr. Knock – by Jules Romains, adapted by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall, with Claudia Morgan and Richard Whorf The Compromisers – by Armina Marshall and Lawrence Langner, with McKay Morris, Frances Fuller, Marcalo Gilmore Fanny's First Play – by Bernard Shaw, with McKay Morris and Claudia Morgan The Would-Be Gentleman – by Moliere, with Jimmy Savo, Ruth Weston, Albert Carrol, and the Ballet Caravan As We Forgive Debtors – by Tillman Breiseth, directed by Eddie Sobol, with Dorothy Hall, Ben Smith, Eda Heinemann Russet Mantle – by Lynn Riggs, directed by Lawrence Langner, with Dorothy Gish, Jay Fassett, William Cragin, Viola Roache, Margaret Douglas, Phyllis Langner, Robert Bentley, Ben Smith, Claire Woodbury, He-ne-ah-ha-non-ton, Robert Williams Camille – by Alexandre Dumas, with Eva LeGallienne, Richard Waring, Averelle Harris, George Graham, Guy Moneypenney, Leslie Austen, Eva Leonard Boyne, Doris Rich

Frieda Hempel in Concert


The Mistress of the Inn – by Carlo Goldoni, with Eva LeGallienne, Frederic Tozere Retreat from Folly – by Amy Gould Kennedy, with McKay Morris, Margaret Anglin Petticoat Fever – by Mark Reed, with Harry Ellerbe Busman's Honeymoon – by Dorothy Sayers, with Mildred Natwick, Clarence Derwent,  John Emery Lysistrata – by Aristophanes, staged by Day Tuttle, with Vera Allen, Myron McCormick, Elizabeth Love, Phyllis Welch, Helen Goodhue, Leslie Gorall, Carl Rodgers, Walter Klavun, Rachel Sewall, Virginia Gregori, Mary Lawrence, Kathryn Northrop, Walter Hanna, Eleanor Williams, Phyllis Langner, Janet Apolant, Elizabeth Cooley Camp, Wanda Graham, Nina Gabrilowisch, Margaret Tallichet, Ted Tenley, William Blood, Dan Duryea, Louis Marsh, Jules Schmidt, Russell Thorson, Robert Engles, Robert Bergman, Leveritt Wright, Maxine Trevor, Florence Odets, Mary Dallas, Elizabeth Friend, Anna Erskine, Marian Chance, Ann Green, Louis Nagel, Mary Williams, Karel Veya, Willard Christensen, Arthur Hodgson, James Kelley, Robert Taylor, John Wilson At Mrs. Beam's – by C.K. Munro, staged by Harry Ellerbe, with Frances Farmer, Mildred Natwick, Kathleen Comegys, Alan Hewitt, H. H. Bratsburgh, Richard Shattuck, Victor Beecroft, Lillian Brennard Tonge, Valerie Cossart, Ruth Perrott, Elfrida Derwent Princess Turandot – adapted by John Gerard and Lawrence Langner, with Anna May Wong, McKay Morris, Vincent Price, Clarence Derwent, Frederic Tozere, Ted Tenley, St. Blair Bayfield, Jack Cole, Virginia Miller, Jules Schmidt, Ray Dennis, Phyllis Langner, Anga Kuczak, Rachel Sewall, Larmar Clark, William Browning, Fred Honsha, G. Ogsbury, P. Klavun, The Virginian - a dramatization of the Owen Wister novel, staged by Day Tuttle, with Henry Fonda, Margaret Tallichet, Alan Hewitt, Dan Duryea, Harry (Henry) Morgan, Richard Shattuck, Harry Bratsburg, Genevieve Cheney, John Winthrop, Boyd Davis, Jules Schmidt, Kathleen Comegys...and a cast of 20 Romance – by Edward Sheldon, with Eugenie Leontovich, McKay Morris, Harry Ellerbe, Vincent Price, Clarence Derwent Petrified Forest – by Robert E. Sherwood, with Frances Farmer, Philips Holmes, Boyd Davis


Fool's Hill – by Robert Wetzel, with Rosemary Ames, Onslow Stevens, Theodore Newton Accent on Youth – by Samuel Raphaelson, with Sylvia Sidney, Richard Hale, Kathleen Comegys, Boyd Davis, Joseph Cotton, Alfred Kappelar, Dorothy Mathews, Edward Potter, Bruce MacLain Dame Nature – by Andre Birabeau, adapted by Patricia Collinge, Directed by Worthington Miner,with Glen Anders, Onslow Stevens, Rosemary Ames, Theodore Newton, Jessie Royce Landis, Lois Hall, Montgomery Clift Ned McCobb's Daughter – by Sidney Howard, with Mildred Natwick, Van Heflin, Dorothy Mathews The Inner Light – by Hugo Osergo, adapted by Worthington Minor, with Frances Fuller, Onslow Stevens The Constant Wife – by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall, with Ethel Barrymore, Alice John, John Flynn, Audrey Ridgewell, Dorothy Francis, Madeleine Oliver, Boyd Davis, McKay Morris, Alfred Kappeler Susannah and the Elders(World Premier) (transfer to Broadway - Morosco Theatre) - by Lawrence Langner & Armina Marshall, with Uta Hagen, Onslow Stevens, Hugh Marlow, Theodore Newton and Edmond O'Brien Tovarich – adapted by Robert E. Sherwood from the French of Jacques Deval, directed Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall, with Eugenie Leontovich, McKay Morris, Mildred Dunnock, John Clarke, George Graham, Alfred Kappeler, Dorothy Francis, William David, Emma Wilcox, Don Stevens, Augusta Wallace, Alexander McDougall, Kathleen Comegys, Adora Andrews, Boyd Davis The Millionairess(American Premier) by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble, with Jesse Royce Landis, Onslow Stevens, Barry Thompson, Phillipa Bevans, Wilton Graff A Mirror for Children – by Merrill Rogers, with Katherine Alexander, Onslow Stevens Rain – by John Colton and Clemence Randolph, with Sally Rand, Theodore Newton, Richard Hale, Mildred Dunnock, Dan Duryea


Anna Christie – by Eugene O'Neill, directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble, with Glenda Farrell, Nance O'Neil, John Adair, Jack o'Connor, William B. Blood, Morgan James, Zack Scott, Ralph Cullinan, Anthony Ross Here Today – by George Oppenheimer, directed by William Miles, with Ruth Gordon, Emmett Rogers, Marietta Canty, Alan Hewitt, Helen Brooks, Etherl Wilson, King Calder, John D. Seymour The Circle – by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by William Miles, with Florence Reed, J.W. Austin, Oswald Marshall Easy Virtue – by Noel Coward, directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble, with Jane Cowl, John Adair, Kathleen Comegys, Thais Lawton, Mary Newnham, Richard Temple, Mimi Doyle, Zack Scott, Stephen Ker Appleby, Patricia Calvert, Harry Wagstaff Gribble, John O'Connor, Morgan James, Katherine Murphy, Annie H. Burton, Elaine Anderson, Florence Cummings, William Blood, Vincent Donahue, Iris Manley, Oliver Montgomery Arms and the Man – by George Bernard Shaw, directed by John Haggott, with Jose Ferrer, Kent Smith and Claudia Morgan, John Emery, John O'Connor Ghosts – by Henrik Ibsen, staged by Alla Nazimova, directed by Harry Ellerbe, with Alla Nazimova, Harry Ellerbe, Helen Beverley, Perry Ivins, Hunter Gardner Outward Bound – by Sutton Vane, with Laurette Taylor, Kent Smith, Bramwell Fletcher, Muriel Starr, John Cromwell, Eloise Sheldon, J.W. Austin Private Lives – by Noel Coward, with Rex O'Malley and Eva LeGallienne Magazine Page – a musical revue, staged by John Haggott, with John O'Connor, Sheila Barrett, Gene Kelly and the Revuers (Betty Comden, Judith Tuvin, Al Hammer, Adolph Green and John Frank), John Hoystadt, Hildegarde Halliday, Francis Carlyle, Mimi Doyle


Biography – by S.N. Behrman, directed by John Haggott, with Ina Claire, Forest Orr, Allan Hewitt, Charles Dingle, Mary Michael Dossett, Paul Ballantiyne, Beatrice Newport Captain Brassbound's Conversion – by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Harry Ellerbe, with Jane Cowl, St. Clair Bayfield, Hale Norcross, Robert Chapman, Zachary Scott, Charles Newman, Robert B. Williams, Cecil Humphreys, Daniel Ocko, Arthur Margetson, Thomas Hastings, Lou Polan, Bram Nossen, Bernie Breeman, Sam Resnick, Mike Petropoulos, Ernest Czako, Bill Connery, Dick Connery, Angelo Di Mio, Leo Lenihan, Sid Bernhardt, George Lee, John Farnsworth, Bernie Schwartz, Bob Reynolds, John Foley, Bob Rothert Green Grow the Lilacs – by Lynn Riggs, directed by John Ford, (sub.director John Haggot), dances by Gene Kelly, with Mildred Natwick, Winston O'Keefe, John Wayne, and Betty Field, Arthur L. Hunnicutt, Wauna Paul, Robert H. Harris, Ralph Cullinan, Donald Lee, Don Glenn, John M. O'Connor, Bethell Long, Mimi Doyle, Fred Jensen, Ken Samuelson, Tex Samuelson, William Blodd, Elaine Anderson, Louise Linden, Lulu Sadowsky, Betty Knight, Nancy Ten Eyck, Elena Ryerson  The Bat – by Mary Roberts Rhinehart and Avery Hopwood, with Claudia Morgan, Kent Smith, Edith King, Fred Tozere, Alan Hewitt The School for Scandal – by Richard Brinsley Sheridan, directed by E.M. Blythe, with Ethel Barrymore, Phyllis Joyce, Georgie Drew Mendum, Erna Rowen, Reynolds Denniston, Edward Broadley, Charles Trexler, Gage Clark, Lowell Gilmore, Marcel Dill, Wyrley Birch, Don Glenn, John O'Connor, Leslie Barrie, Edward McHugh, Ernest Rowan, Elena Ryerson, Harry Friedman The Emperor Jones – by Eugene O'Neill, directed by E.M. Blythe, with Paul Robeson, Ralph Cullinan, Osceola Archer, Add Bates, F. Wilson, Owen Birkett, Frank Field, Ivan Lewis, Alexander McDonald, Howard Taylor, Philander Thomas, Clarence Washington, Elaine Anderson, Mimi Doyle, Harry Friedman, Felix Friend, Craig Gilbert, Don Glenn, Jock Jacobs, Ivan lewis, Louise Linden, Elena Ryerson, Lulu Sadowsky, Nancy Ten Eyck Good-Bye Again – by Allan Scott and George Haight, directed by John Cornell, with Haila Stoddard, Kent Smith, Morgan James, Harry Friedman, Wauna Paul, Elaine Anderson, Bethell Long, Mimi Doyle, Don Glenn, John O'Connor, William Bendix, Richard Babineau Serena Blandish – by S.N. Behrman, with Ann Andrews, Greta Maren


Her Cardboard Lover – by Jacques Deval and P.G. Wodehouse, directed by John C. Wilson, with Tallulah Bankhead, Ralph Kellard, Donald Stevens, Stephan Cole, Harry Ellerbe, Fred Keating, John Fearnley, Don Glenn, Viola Frayne La Belle Helene – by Offenbach, in swing version by Herbert Kingsley, directed by Stewart Chaney, choreography by Demetrios Vilan and Felicia Sorel, with Anne Brown, Hamtree Harrington, Joe Attles, Ray Snead, Jr., Avon Long, James Banner, Lynne King, Winnie Johnson, Bobbie Johnson, Kelsey Pharr, Bruce Howard, Waldine Williams, Idelle Pemberton, John Garth III, Lawrence Whisonant, Randolph Sawyer, Philander Thomas, Rosetta Le Noire, P. Jay Sidney, Edith Ross, Mable Hart, Al Bledger, Muriel Gaines, Audrey White, Winnie Johnson, Tommy Lynn King, Pauline Meyers, Amos Laing, Ropbert Dorsey, Bill O'Neill, Charles Weaver, Jimmy Wright, William Smith, John Edwards Meet the Wife – by Lynn Starling, with Mary Boland Little Dark Horse – adapted by Theresa Helburn from the French of Andre Birabeau, directed by Donald Blackwell, with Walter Slezak, Evelyn Varden, Eric Dressler, Muriel Starr, Katharine Warren, Lillian Brennard Tonge, William Hansen, Anita Magee, Raymond Roe, Edmond Abel, Hazel Hanna, Muriel Starr, Randolph Whittaker Curtain Going Up ! – by Ivor Novello, directed by Arthur Sicrom, with Constance Collier, Violet Heming, Gloria Stuart Love in our Time – by Leslie Reade, staged by Lester Vail, with Ilka Chase, Dennis King, Ben Smith, Minerva Pious, Charlotte Ives, Grover Burgess, Lili Valenty, Elaine Anderson, Zachary Scott, Celeste Holm, Anna Minot, Augusta Roeland Liliom – by Ferenc Molnar, Directed by Lee Strasberg, with Tyrone Power and Annabella, Betty Garde, Art Smith, Zachary Scott, Maxine Stuart, Morton L. Stevens, Isabel Bonner, Henry Lascoe, Owen Jordan, Joseph Kramm, Don Glenn, Daniel F. Canning, Robert Harrison, John Fearnley, Elaine Anderson, Roy Messner, Joy Schuyler, Nancy Prevo, Eustace Wyatt, Jay Meredith, Philip Langner, Alexander Sturm, Ethel Van Winkle, Alec Barnum, Clare Langner, John Wharton, Patricia Lawrence, Carole Martin, E. Maude Patten Mis' Nelly of N'Orleans – by Laurence Eyre, directed by John C. Wilson, with Grace George, Mary Ann Henderson, Mary Davenport, Josephine Stanton, William Roerick, Milton Williams, Jose Ruben, Richard Hale, Helene Jaffin, Nancy Prevo, Clare Langner,  Joy Schuyler, Carole Martin, Herman Smith


Theatre Closed During War Years


They Knew What They Wanted – by Sidney Howard, directed by Homer Fickett, with June Havoc and Kenny Delmar, Edward Andrews, Paul Ford, Harry Yorku, Henry Jones, Jack Davey, Si Vario, Lamont Johnson, Flora MacDonald, Dawn Steinkamp, Rose Salvato, Richy Steinkamp, Anthony Wilan, Anthony totilo, Jane Appleton, Diane Beersman, Eleanor Correnty, Grace Dickson, Jeannette Martel, Vicki Quarles, Betty Smith, Paula Sperry Sally Thomes, Paricia Van Raalte, Jack Davey, Graham, Ferguson, Don Glenn, Alan Hodshire, Ted Smith Young Woodley – by John Van Druten, directed by John C. Wilson, with Roddy McDowell, Barbara Robbins, Gordon Nelson, Peter Griffith, Lester Fletcher, Lamont Johnson, James Dobson, Betty Smith, J.P. Wilson Design for Living – by Noel Coward, directed by John C. Wilson, with Jean-Pierre Aumont, David Wayne, Marta Linden, Francesca Braggiotti, Gordon Nelson, Eda Heinemann, Allen Hodshire, Lamont Johnson, Vicki Quarles, Graham Ferguson Night Must Fall – by Emlyn Williams, directed by Herbert Kennith, with Dame May Whitty, Walter Starkey, Mary Welch, Eda Heinemann, Frank Milan, Grace Dickson, Barbara Baron, Gordon Nelson Devil Take A Whittler – by Weldon Stone, staged by Paul Crabtree, with Patricia Neal, Carol Stone, John Conte, Tom Scott, Paul Crabtree, Bobby Barry, Stanley Nelson, Sue Ann Young, Philip McEneny, John Larson, Jean Harris, Stan Roberts, Zachary A. Charles, Alice Tobin, George Drake, Victor Duntiere, Jack Konzal, Pat Meaney, Guy Picerno, James Stephens, Jacqueline Dodge, Arleen Ethane, Bernice Grant, Anna Konstance, Joan Lawrence, Joll Melford, Chuck Palmer and his Rustic Ramblers Our Town – by Thornton Wilder, directed by Martin Manulis, with Thornton Wilder, Katherine Bard, Curtis Cookse, Helen Carew, Mary Sargent, Thomas Coley, Doro Merande, Josephine Barnett Angel Street – by Patrick Hamilton, directed by Gant Gaither, with Frances Lederer, Bramwell Fletcher, Helen Shields, Pamela Gordon, Hazel Jones Dream of Fair Women – by Reginald Lawrence, directed by Martin Manulis, with Donald Cook, Anne Burr, Clarence Derwent, Nina Vale, Frank Milan, Marti Stanley, George Cotton, Peter Walker What Every Woman Knows(transfer to Broadway - International Theatre) - by James M. Barrie, directed by Phyllis Laughton, with Olivia de Havilland, J.P. Wilson, Erik Rhodes, Philip Tonge, Wesley Addy, Ted Smith, Peter Walker, Don Glenn, Josephine Brown, Elaine Stritch, Beverly Molot, Wyrley Birch, Alan Hodshire, Russell Blair, Frank Perry, Jack Plover, Clifford Thomas, David Wells, Stanley Wells It's a Man's World – by Hagar Wilde, directed by Martin Manulis, with Peggy Conklin, Carmen Mathews, Donald Cook, Louis Borell, Richard Kendrick, Robert Burton, Ann Thomas, Margaret Irving, Hjalmar Boyesen III, Jane Middleton, Grace Dickson, Pat Van Raalte, Allen Hodshire, Don Glenn, Ted Smith


The Girl of the Golden West – by David Belasco, directed by Armina Marshall, with June Havoc, Robert Stack, Murvyn Vye, Russell Collins, Paul Crabtree, Tom Scott, Lawrence Fletcher, Leo Chalzel, Josephine Barnett, Arthur Hunnicutt, Ernest Sarracino, Charles Hart, Thomas King, Edgar Taviner, William Degnan, Mendy Weisgal, Philip Langner, Chase Soltzez, George Leiper, Joseph Gantman, Pat Sheridan, John Roberts, Chadwick Paul, Tom Glazer French Without Tears – by Terence Merryn Rattigan, directed by John C. Wilson, with William Eythe, Erik Rhodes, Virginia Gilmore, Katharine Bard, Alfred A. Hesse, Peter Scott, Paul Crabtree, Lilly Lodge, Don Peters, David Weisgal Private Lives (transfer to Broadway - Plymouth Theatre) - by Noel Coward, staged by Martin Manulis, with Tallulah Bankhead, Donald Cook, Buff Cobb, Phil Arthur, Therese Quadri The Male Animal – by Elliot Nugent and James Thurber, staged by Paul Crabtree, with Buddy Ebsen, Katharine Bard, Lawrence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Russell Collins, Gee Gee James, Mary Evelyn Ducey, Peter Birch, Eda Heinemann, Ralph Stewart, Doris Rich, Thomas King, William Degnan The Man Who Came To Dinner – by George S. Kaufmann and Moss Hart, with Henry Morgan, Marta Linden, Paul Crabtree, Virginia Gilmore, Janet Fox Ladies in Retirement – by Edward Percy & Reginald Denham, staged by Paul Crabtree, with Estelle Winwood, Fritzi Scheff, Zolya Talma, Elliott Reid, Elfrida Durwent, Frances Tannehill, Sally Brophy, Pat Sheridan Papa Is All – by Patterson Green, staged by Homer Fickett, with Jesse Royce Landis, Guy Spaull, Helen Carew, Emmett Rogers, Andree Wallace, John Larson The Skull Beneath – by Richard Carlson, directed by Martin Manulis, with Fay Bainter, Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hewitt, Elliott Reid, Flora Campbell, Joan Shepard, Russell Collins, Abbie Mitchell, Gwendolyn Jackson, Jane Love, Allan Hewitt, McCrae Imbrie, Ken Renard, Alonzo Bosan The Pursuit of Happiness – by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall, directed by Armina Marshall, with Alfred Drake, Mary Hatcher, Russell Collins, Katherine Raht, Alexander Clark, Seth Arnold, Dorothy Steele, Dennis King Jr., Charles Benjamin, Mary Hatcher, Chase Soltez, John Roberts My Fair Lady – by Otis Bigelow, directed by John C. Wilson, with Alexander Kirkland, Marta Linden, Jane Seymour, Russell Collins, Kendall Clark, Maxine Stuart, Mendy Weisgald, John Larson, Elfrida Derwent This Time Tomorrow(transfer to Broadway - Ethel Barrymore Theatre) - by Jan de Hartog, directed by Paul Crabtree, with Sam Jaffe, Ruth Ford, John Archer, Tyler Carpenter


Lysistrata '48 – adaptation by Gilbert Seldes, with June Havoc, Bibi Osterwald,  Joan McCracken, Paul Crabtree, E.G. Marshall, Maria Gambarelli, E.M. Krunschmidt, Guy Spaull, Robert Emhardt, Dennis King, Jr., King Sinanian, Lois Braun Sundown Beach – by Bessie Breuer, an Actor's Studio Production, directed by Elia Kazan, with Steven Hill, Kim Hunter, Julie Harris, Robert F. Simon, Nehemiah Persoff, Martin Balsam, Treva Frezee, Jennifer Howard, Ellen Mahar, Vivian Firko, Ralph Cullinan, Don Hanmer, Joe Sullivan, Michael Lewan, Joan Copeland, Anne Hegira, Edward Binns, Warren Stevens, Tom Avera, Lenka Peterson, Kathleen Maguire, Ralph Lee Robertson, Jr., Cloris Leachman, John Sylvester, Ira Cirker, Alex Nicol, George Hershey, Lou Gilbert, Harris Clay, Frank Perry The Beaux' Strategem – by George Farquhar, directed by Brian Aherne,  with Brian Aherne, Carmen Mathews, E.G. Marshall, John Merivale, Maureen Stapleton, Richard Temple, Patricia Jenkins, Guy Spaull, Victor Beecroft, Lionelle Ince, Josephine Barnett, Mary Forbes, Milton Stiftel, King Sinanian John Loves Mary – by Norman Krasna, directed by Martin Manulis, with Guy Madison, Katharine Bard, Paul Crabtree, E. G. Marshall, Matt Briggs, Elliot Reid, Margery Maude, Elizabeth Eustis, William F. Haddock, Robert Emmett Anna Christie – by Eugene O'Neill, staged by Joseph Kramm, with June Havoc, George Mathews, E.G. Marshall, William F. Haddock, King Sinanian, Mark Sarel, Richard Hepburn, Chas Soltez, Florence Dunlap Perfect Pitch – by Sam and Bella Spewack, produced by John C. Wilson, directed by Martin Manulis, with Roland Young, Buddy Ebsen, Joyce Arling, Philip Coolidge, Daniel Ocko, Peter Lopouhin, Jonathan Marlowe, Harold Stone Seven Keys to Baldpate – by George M. Cohan, directed by Paul Crabtree, with William Gaxton, Marianne Stewart, Martha Hodge, Kathleen Comegys, Lawrence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Guy Spaull, Eda Heinemann, Emmett Rogers, George Haggerty, E.G. Marshall, Edward Platt, Don Glenn, Chase Soltez, Frank Perry The Skin of our Teeth – by Thornton Wilder, directed by John C. Wilson, with Thornton Wilder, Armina Marshall, Betty Field, Fania Marinoff, Richard Hepburn, Guy Spaull, Renny Holcomb, Gretchen Huitwelier, Thomas J. King, Lois Braun, Mendy Weisgal, Harris Clay, George Hersey, George Spelvin, Mark Sarel, Susan McLain, Rosamond Thowler, Josephine Barnett, Davida Gordon, ruth Sherewood, Nancy Ryan, George Ann Crabtree, George Spelvin, Richard Rubinstein, Harris Clay, Bernard Shir-Cliff, Peter Dohanos, Robert Emmett, Mark Sarel, John Metcalfe, Pauline Myers, Eulabelle Moore, Ann Chisholm, Stephen Sefsik, robert Bassett, Neil Van Delft The Voice of the Turtle – by John Van Druten, directed by Edwin Gordon, with Joan Caulfield, Edwin Gordon, Jean Casto The Silver Whistle(transfer to Broadway - Biltmore Theatre) by Robert E. McEnroe, a Theatre Guild Production, directed by Paul Crabtree, with Jose Ferrer, E. G. Marshall, John Conte, Phyllis Hill, Kathleen Comegys, Doro Merande, William Lynn, Mary Gildea, Charles Hart, Jane Marbury, Stapleton Kent, Edward Platt, Charles Kuhn, Chase Soltez


The Time of Your Life – by William Saroyan, directed by Paul Crabtree, with E. G. Marshall, Meg Mundy, Eddie Dowling, Lawrence Fletcher, Joe Sullivan, Leo Chalzel, Tommy Mortin, Eugene Shewmaker, Arthur Shaw Jr., Eddie Dowling, Paul Crabtree, Bob Emmett, Billy Taylor, Helen Chalzel, Warren Burmeister, Burton Mallory, Helen Shields, Lawrence Fletcher, John Randolph, Guilia Spelvin, Thomas Guida, Mary Evelyn Ducey, George Ann Crabtree, Mary Ann Matson, Virginia Quillian, Earl Quillian, Chilton Ryan, Alden Aldrich Pretty Penny – Sketches by Jerome Chodorov, music and Lyrics by Harold Rome, staged and directed by George F. Kaufman, choreographed by Michael Kidd, with Peter Gennaro, David Burns, Carl Reiner, Marilyn Day, Barbara Martin, Lenore Lonergan, Bud Sweeney, George Keane, Ken Spaulding, Jay Lloyd, Wana Allison, Phyllis Gehrig, Diane Sinclair, Wayne Lamb, Barbara McCutcheon, Evelyn Taylor, Robert Morrow, Onna White, Bill Skipper, Walter Scheff, John Henson, Florence Henson, Barbara Weaver, George Spelvin Yes, My Darling Daughter – by Mark Reed, directed by Herbert Brodkin, with Ann Harding, Muriel Hutchison, E. G. Marshall, Lawrence Fletcher, Phyllis Kirk, Betty Tyson, Paul Crabtree Accent on Youth – by Samuel Raphaelson, directed by Martin Manulis, with Paul Lukas, Katherine Bard, E. G. Marshall, Elaine Stritch, John Hudson, Esther Mitchell, Lawrence Fletcher, Gordon Allison, Thomas Guida, Ned Wertimer A Story for Sunday Evening – written and directed by Paul Crabtree, music by Walter Hendl, with Leora Dana, Laurence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Cloris Leachman, Earl Quillian, Rhiman Busch, Harold Aitkin The Corn is Green – by Emlyn Williams, directed by Edward McHugh, with Eva LeGallienne, Richard Waring, Gwilym Williams, Barbara Welch, Harold Stone, Jr., Josephine Barnett, David Fitelson, Robin Craven, Eva Leonard-Boyne, Darthy Hinkley, Thomas Guida, Ira Greiff, Daniel Levin, Alden Aldrich, Butron Mallory, Gloria Valborg, Anita Meyers, Betty Lilly, Rita Wacht, Jean lamont, Nancy Ryan, Cynthia Lee, Dorthea Harding, Virginia McGuire, Harold Stone, Jr., David Fitelson, Arthur Shaw, Jr. A Month in the Country – by Ivan Turghenev, English adaptation by Emlyn Williams, directed by Garson Kanin, with Ruth Gordon, E. G. Marshall, Howard St. John, Edmon Ryan, Scott McKay, Hazel Dawn, Jr., Rex Williams, Frances Brandt, Diana Rivers, Clifford tatum, Jr., Lew Eckels, Peggy Cass, Jesse White Out of Dust – by Lynn Riggs, a Theatre Guild Production, directed by Mary Hunter, with Helen Craig, Berry Kroeger, Joan Lorring, Billy (William) Redfield, Edwin Jerome, Hugh Reilly, Robert Foster, Everett Gammon, Crahan Denton, Carleton Carpenter Western Wind – by Charlotte Frances, directed by Martin Manulis, with Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight, John Baragrey The Philadelphia Story – by Philip Barry, directed by Herbert Brodkin, with E. G. Marshall, Jeffery Lynn, Sarah Churchill, Richard Derr, Oliver Thorndike, Tony Bickley, William Kemp, Peggy French, Pat Crowley, Olive Templeton, Dick Hepburn, Earl Gilbert, Prudence Truesdell, Chase Soltez Texas Li'l Darlin'(transfer to Broadway - Mark Hellinger Theatre) book by John Wheedon and Sam Moore, music by Robert Emmett Dolan, lyrics by Johnny Mercer, directed by Paul Crabtree, with Elaine Stritch, Kenny Delmar, Danny Scholl, Harry Bannister, Jared Reed, Betty Lou Keim, Fred Wayne, Edward Platt, Robert Emmett, Eddy Smith, Bill Horan, Joel McConkey, Emy St. Just, Dorothy Hill, Diane Lamont, Jean Lamont, Herbert Ross, John Ward, Ray Long, Betty Tyson, Ralph Patterson, Chilton Ryan, Gene Shewmaker, Don Falasco, Ned Wertimer, Alden Aldrich, Elyse Weber, Nancy Franklin, Jackie James, George Ann Crabtree, Mary Anne Mattson, Anne Chisholm Good Housekeeping – by William McCleery, a Theatre Guild Production, directed by Don Richardson, with Helen Hayes, Kent Smith, Mary MacArthur, Matt Briggs, Katherine Raht, Jack Manning, Mary Malone, Howard Stone, Shirlee Standlee, Toni Cushing, Jean Lamont, Nancy Ryan, Prudence Truesdell Come Back, Little Sheba(transfer to Broadway - Booth Theatre) by William Inge, A Theatre Guild duction, directed by Daniel Mann, with Shirley Booth, Sidney Blackmer, Cloris Leachman, Lonny Chapman, John Randolph, Daniel A. Reed, Olga Fabian, Charles Hart, Wilson Brooks, John Larson, Chilton Ryan


The Second Man – by S.N. Behrman, directed by Jean Dalrymple, with Franchot Tone, Cloris Leachman, Walter Brooke, Margaret Lindsay Angel in the Pawnshop (transfer to Broadway - Booth Theatre) by A.B. Shiffrin, directed by Martin Manulis with Eddie Dowling, Joan McCracken, Marie Murray Hamilton, Hugh Reilly, Robert Weber, Willie Lewis, John Farrell, Elizabeth Kerr, Robert Whiting The Devil's Disciple – by Bernard Shaw, directed by Emmett Rogers, with Maurice Evans, Philip Bourneuf, Frances Reid, John Williams, Maud Scheerer, Olive Dunbar, Michael Higgins, Somer Aldberg, Robert Seaver, Bette de Witte, Sam Wilson, Georgette Spelvin, Walter Appler, Kenneth Treseder The Life of the Party – by Lawrence Langner, with John Emery, Louis Hector, Lea Penman, John Baragrey, Roy Johnson, Charles Mendick, Joseph Sweeney, Peggy Henry, Scott Moore, Dwight Marfield, Hazel Dawn, Jr., Sam Raskyn, Eugene Puyman, Frank J. Perry, Albert Allen, Conard Fowkes, Jr., Kent Montroy, Bettina Cerf, Alvan J. Miller, Stephen Sondheim, Robert Whiting, Sam Wilson, Eunice Hood, Carol Panish, Georgette Spelvin, Jeanne Swanton, Sandra Jeanne Swanton The Winslow Boy – by Terence Rattigan, with Basil Rathbone, Meg Mundy, Colin Keith- Johnston, David Cole, Mary McNamee, Pamela Simpson, Robert Seaver, Booth Coleman, William Whitman Within a Glass Bell – by William Marchant, directed by John C. Wilson, with Mildred Dunnock, Don Hanmer, Joseph Wiseman, Josephine Brown, Brandon Peters, Shirley Grayson, Benedict McQuarrie The Long Days – by Davis Snow, with John Baragrey, Florence Reed, Katharine Bard, Roberta Jonay, Hugh Reilly, Joseph Sweeney, Felicia Cobb, Sandra Swanton, Jay Sherwood, Jan Sherwood Traveller's Joy – by Arthur Macrae, staged by Arthur Sircom, with Gertrude Lawrence, Dennis King, Anthony Kemble Cooper, Claude Horton, Carmen Mathews, Harry Townes, William Langford, Cynthia Latham, Patricia Remick, Albert Bergh Miss Mabel – by R.C. Sherriff, staged by Jerome Coray, with Lillian Gish, Harry Bannister, Wallis Clark, Charles Francis, Victor Beecroft, Gwen Anderson, Mark Roberts, Peg Henry, Marie Carroll, Prudence Truesdell, Bethell Long, Sam Wilson Over Twenty-One – by Ruth Gordon, staged by Tyler Winn, with Eve Arden, Brooks West, Betty Caulfield, Wayne Carson, Donald Foster, Neal Wilder, Jr., Wanda Lyon, Austin Fairman, Marjorie Peterson, Bert Thorne, Bette DeWitt My Fiddle has Three Strings – by Arnold Schulman, directed by Lee Strasberg, with J. Edward Bromberg, Maureen Stapleton, Betsey Blair, Fritzi Scheff, Steven Hill, Lou Gilbert Blind Alley – by James Warwick, staged by John Haggott, with Zachary Scott, Robert Allen, Eileen Heckart, Marion Sweet, Peter Brandon, Prudence Truesdell, Ralph Lee Robertson, Jr., Winifred St. Claire, Paul Stevens, Robert Whiting The Amazing Adele – adapted by Garson Kanin from a play by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy, with Ruth Gordon, Donald McClelland, Linda Watkins, Ron Randell Head of the Family – by George Norford, directed by David Alexander, with Frederick O'Neal, Etta Moten, Avon Long, Rosetta LeNoire, Harry Belafonte, Frank H. Wilson, John Marriott, Billie Allen, George Fisher, Jacqueline Andre, Anita Turner, Oliver Grandi, Lillian Cowan, P. Jay Sidney, Ken Renard, Louis Sharp


The Animal Kingdom – by Philip Barry, directed by John Stix, with Nina Foch, Karl Malden, Kim Hunter, Scott McKay, Henry Hart, Louis Lytton, Gaby Rodgers, Anne Boley, Bernard Kates Candida – by Bernard Shaw, directed Norris Haughton, with Olivia de Havilland, Edgar Kent, Katherine Squire, Kendall Clark, Frank Leslie, Richard Shepard For Love or Money –by F. Hugh Herbert, directed by John Loder, with John Loder, Betsy von Furstenberg, Marta Linden, William Kester, Edith Gresham, Bert Bertram, Louis Lytton, Helen Donaldson Love Revisited(World Premier) by Robert Anderson, directed by John Haggott,  with Richard Kendrick, Helen Claire, Douglas Watson, Berry Kroeger, Josephine Brown, Sally Hester, Alexander Clark, William Crane The Philanderer – by Bernard Shaw, directed by Romney Brent, with Tom Helmore, Claudia Morgan, Vanessa Brown, Rex O'Malley, Reynolds Evans, Jill Kraft, William Jackson, William Carrothers The Holly and the Ivy – by Wynyard Browne, directed by R. T. Ingham, with Leo G. Carroll, Anne Burr, Ann Shepherd, Jack Manning, Guy Spaull, Esther Mitchell, Anita Bolster, Ned Wertimer The Little Screwball(Premier) - by Walt Anderson, directed by Walter Abel, with Walter Abel, Edward Gargan, Joe de Santis, Anna Appel, Rock Rogers, Alfred DeLeo, Jack Warden, Bette Grayson, Muriel Berkson, Salvatore Mineo, Jr., Santy Frank Josol, Jr., Sarina Mineo, Gene Steiner, Elizabeth Moore, Muriel Landers, David Clarke, Anatole Winogradoff, Elaine Blatt, Ronald Wright, Athena Lorde, Robert Jewett, harry Kadison, Leonard Barry Island Fling(World Premier) - by Noel Coward, directed by John C. Wilson, with Claudette Colbert, Leon Janney, Edith Meiser, Reginald Mason, Gordon Mills, Chester Stratton, Berry Kroeger, Don Glenn, Judy Fineman, Peter Boyne, Cherry Hardy, A.J. Herbert, Esther Mitchell, Roy Johnson, Leon Janney Glad Tidings – by Edward Mabley, directed by Melvyn Douglas, with Melvyn Douglas, Signe Hasso, Virginia Dwyer, Patricia Benoit, Anita Bolster, Henry Garrand, Ann Sturgis, Jack Warden Alice in Wonderland – music by John Charles Sacco, book and additional lyrics by Frances Pole, directed by George N. Gordon, with Florence Forsberg, William Krach, Roy Raymond, John Henson, Bruce Adams, Anita Bolster, Herbert Strauss, John Dooley, William Ryan, Sanford Tillis, Althea Murphy, John Kling, Trudy Prager, Lyn Stallworth, Robert Light, Russell Oberlin, Katharin Harvey, Johnathan Abel, Marjorie Martin

Foreign Language (American Premier) -S.N. Behrman's dramatization of a W. Somerset Maugham story, directed by Charles Bowden, with Edna Best, John Hoyt, Brenda Forbes, Howard St. John, James Lipton, Lucille Pierlot, Michael Wager, Bert Bertram, Martha Tauchert

A Case of Scotch – adapted by Philip Lewis from a comedy by Aimee Stewart, directed by Jerry Epstein, with Margaret Phillips, John Forsythe, Anita Bolster, Katharine Sergava, Gordon Mills, Cathleen Cordell, Ivan Simpson, Margaret O'Neill, Charles Carshon, Karl Redcoff, John Fiedler, Herbert Strauss, Marrie Attianese, Elen Bailyn, Elaine Limpert, Paul Mochnick, Marian Ross, Geoffrey Ryan, Ronald Wright

Kin Hubbard – by Lawrence Riley, directed by John C. Wilson, with Tom Ewell, Josephine Hull, June Lockhart, John Alexander, Edwin Jerome, Queenie Smith, Fred Irving Lewis, Katharine Raht, William LeMassena, Loraine Grover, Neal Wilder


Pygmalion – by Bernard Shaw, directed by John C. Wilson, with Tom Helmore, Dolores Gray, Bramwell Fletcher, William Jackson, Anita bolster, Viola Roache, Esther Mitchell, Patricia Jenkins, J.P. Wilson, Donald Symington, Queenie Smith, Joyce Haber, Diane Cardelli, Don Spakman, Bernard Mann, Alice Byrne, Nadine Byrne, Helen Stillman, Ben Abadie, Alan Stillman Lady in the Dark – by Moss Hart, a John Merrick Production, music by Kurt Weill, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, directed and choreographed by Elizabeth Gilbert, with Kitty Carlisle, Jackson Young, Lee Bergere, Russel Gold, Leta Bonynge, Addison Powell, Alma Drake, Jeannine Cowles, Joan Keenan, Julie Christy, Charles rydell, Robert Morris, Joanne Nagel, Bea Murray, Sandra Swanton, Ed Block, Norris Brannstrom, Virginia George, Wallace Wagner Idiot's Delight – by Robert E. Sherwood, directed by Mary Hunter, with Scott McKay, Luba Malina, Martin Kosleck, Harry Worth, Walter F. Appler, Gordon Mills, Heywood Hale Broun, Budd Gregg, Leopold Badia, Ben Abadie, Barnet Biro, Sarah Marshall, Lillian Udvardy, Jean Allison, Dulcy Jordan, Marian Schnabel, Don E. Glenn, Zev Putterman, Don Spackman, David Frank Three to One – musical revue by Nancy Hamilton and Morgan Lewis, staged by Gus Schirmer, Jr., choreography and musical number staged by Frank Westbrook, with Kaye Ballard, Alice Pearce, Hugh Thomas, Beverlee Bozeman, Marti Stevens, Edmund Balin, Claude Heater, Ann Olchoff, Marc West Heartbreak House – by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Basil Langton, with Beatrice Straight, Philip Bourneuf, Frances Reid, Peter Cookson, Mary Lou Taylor, Dorrit Kelton, Earl Montgomery, Larry Gates, Robert Fletcher, Paul Ballantyne Ballet – with Mia Slavenska, Frederic Franklin, Alexandra Danilova, Lois Shirley Weaver, Sally Seven, Naomi Boneck, Ronald Colton, Marvin Krauter, Peter Bonura, Nicholas Orloff The Hasty Heart – by John Patrick, directed by John Patrick, with John Forsythe, John Dall, Mary Fickett, John Campbell, Dennis King Jr., Sheldon Wile, Mel Jurdem, William Hairston, William Jackson Right You Are – by Luigi Pirandello, translated & directed by Eric Bentley, with Alfred Drake, Mildred Dunnock, Paula Laurence, Martin Koseck, Bert Freed, Florence Sundstrom, Catharine Doucet, Queenie Smith, Ann Chatin, Leopold Badia, Dwight Marfield, Stephen Garand, Don E. Glenn, Karl Redcoff, Nona Medici Jezebel's Husband – by Robert Nathan, directed by Sherman Marks, with Claude Rains, Claudia Morgan, Judith Parrish, Robert Emhardt, Ruth McDevitt, Carmen Mathews, Ossie Davis, Vinie Burrows, Ben Gazzara, Don E. Glenn, Harry Worth Seagull's Over Sorrento(American Premier) -by Hugh Hastings, staged by Armina Marshall and Charles Bowden, with J. Pat O'Malley, John Randolph, Leslie Neilsen, Guy Spaull, Walter Brooke, Bruce Hall, Rod Steiger, Mortimer Rydell, Bill Daniels Dangerous Corner – by J.B. Priestley, directed by Luther Kennett, with Faye Emerson, Ruth Matteson, Luther Kennett, Margaret Barker, Nancie Lajoie, Richard Poston, Donald Harron Tin Wedding(World Premier) - by Hager Wilde & Judson O'Donnell, with Macdonald Carey, Maureen Stapleton, Jane Hoffman, Florence Sundstrom, Ruth Gates, Ralph Lee Robertson, Jr., Earl Jay Gilbert, Lily Lodge A Program of One-Act Musicals – presented by The American Lyric Theatre, produced by Robert Lenn and William Whiting; "California" music by Gordon Jenkins and Tom Adair, staged by Buff Shurr, with David Vogel, Del Brownlee, Lee Sweetland, Dossie Hollingsworth; "The Old Maid and the Thief" by Gian-Carlo Menotti, staged by Scottie Marshall, with Harriet Franklin, Del Brownlee, Nita Reiter, Robert Lenn; "Hey, You", by Norman Meranus and June Caroll, choreographed by Judy Callaway, with Robert lenn, Del brownlee, David Vogel;   music by Kurt Weill and libretto by Arnold Sungaard, directed by Tony Randall, choreographed by Buff Shurr, with Lee Sweetland, David Vogel, Eva marie Saint, Andrew Marshall, Arch Johnson, Robert Lenn, Nita Reiter, Dossie Hollingsworth, Harriet Franklin  An Evening with Beatrice Lillie - produced and directed by Edward Duryea Dowling, with Beatrice Lillie, Reginald Gardiner, Xenia Bank, Florence Bray


A "New" School for Scandal- an adaptation of the play by Richard Brinsley Sheridan by Richard Baldridge and Albert Marre, directed by Albert Marre, with June Havoc, Hurd Hatfield, Bertha Belmore, Melville Cooper, Fred Sadoff, Cavada Humphrey, Barbara Joyce, Earl Montgomery, Thayer David, William Jackson, Neil Fitzgerald, Frederick Rolf, Richard Venture Second Fiddle –  (Premier) - by Mary Drayton, adapted from Ardyth Kennelly's novel "The Peaceable Kingdom," directed by Elmer Rice, with Betty Field, Herbert Rudley, Paula Laurence, Dorothy Donahue, Amy Douglass, Paula Hahn, Judy Rice, Ginger MacManus, William A. Lee, Paul Ballantyne, Peter Turgeon, Marcie Hubert, Helen Cordes One Thing After Another – sketches and lyrics by Elizabeth Berryhill, music by Gordon Connell, directed by Elizabeth Berryhill, musical numbers staged by Jeannde Taylor Herst, featuring the "Original California Strawhatters": Louis Bennett, Elizabeth Berry hill, Carol Brumm, Betty Cole, Jane Connell, Gordon Connell, Robert Cowell, Mary Madigan, William Rush, John Tomaschke, Peter Turgeon  Sailor's Delight – based on Peter Blackmore's play "Miranda," adapted for USA by Lawrence Langner, directed by Harry Ellerbe, with Eva Gabor, Tom Helmore, Natalie Schafer, Katherine Meskill, Chester Stratton, Philippa Bevans, Shirley Standlee, John Vivyan What About Maisie? – by Ruth and Francis Bellamy, based on Henry James' novel "What Maisie Knew," directed by John C. Wilson with Claudia Morgan, Beatrice Pearson, Isobel Elson, Scott Forbes, Robert Duke, Marguerite Namara, Roni Dengel, Marjorie Eaton, Evan Thomas, Beulah Garrick, Robert Duke, Christopher Plummer The Play's the Thing – by Ferenc Molnar, adapted by P.G. Wodehouse, directed by Ezra Stone, with Ezio Pinza, Frances Compton, Philip Loeb, Alexander Clark, Vilma Kurer, Michael Wager, Ty Perry Once Married, Twice Shy(Premier) - by Lawrence Langner, directed by Charles Bowden, with Elaine Stritch, Scott McKay, Clarence Derwent, Otto Hulett, Elizabeth Eustis, Catherine Doucet, Alice Buchanan, John Shay, Butterfly McQueen, Stephen Cheng, Martin Greene Three Men on a Horse – by John Cecil Holm and George Abbott, directed by John Cecil Holm, with Wally Cox, Walter Matthau, Teddy Hart, Peter Turgeon, Jill Kraft, Richard Grayson, Nicholas Zanides, Andrew Sabilia, Fred Gwynne, Kate Harkin, Milton J. Williams, Ann Whiteside, Sheldon Wile, Helen Cordes, Edwin Jerome The Road to Rome – by Robert E. Sherwood, directed by Charles Bowden, with Arlene Francis, John Baragrey, Ann Shoemaker, Ralph Sumpter, Tige Andrews, Michael Tolan, Evan Thomas, Henry Silver, Philip Abbott, Patricia Carr, Jacques Andre, Helen Cordes, Sheldon Wile, Edgar Kent, E.E. Clive, Jr., Robert Wunsch, Neil Laurence, Ray Daley, Jerry Kohn, Richard Grayson, Stanley Walden The Starcross Story – by Diana Morgan, directed by Luther Kennett, with Eva LeGallienne, Faye Emerson, Glenn Anders, Ona Munson, Scott Forbes, Anita Bolster, Philippa Bevans, Elizabeth Dillon, Leslie Penhallow, Cherry Hardy Day of Grace – by Alexander Fedoroff, directed by Norris Houghton, with MacDonald Carey, Ben Gazzara, John Alexander, Katherine Squire, Charles McDaniel, Edgar Grower, Robert Stevenson, John Glennon, James Holland, Albert Salmi, John Connell, Jacques Andre, Ray Daley, Loraine Grover Comin' Thro' the Rye – by Warren P. Munsell, Jr., revised by Stephen deBaun, songs by Robert Burns, directed by Ezra Stone, with David Brooks, Anna Lee, Luella Gear, Irwin Corey, Kaye Connor, Marjorie Redmond, Robert Wallace, Sheldon Wile, Barry Macollum, Lady Deborah, David Leland, Robert Harris, Ray Daley, Ned Wertimer, Stanley Walden, Jock McGraw, bernard Lenrow, Lucille Patton, Gerald Lee, Nicholas Zanides, Barry Macollum, John Stephen, Helen Cordes, Anne pearson, Page Johnson, Roy Graves, William Lennard, Garry Walberg, Aza Bard, Kate Friedlich, Marcia Hubert, Roberta Levey, Virginia Robinson, Carol Rossen The Trip to Bountiful – by Horton Foote, directed by Vincent Donehue, with Lillian Gish, Eva Marie Saint, John Beal, and Jo Van Fleet, Frank Overton, Will Hare, John C. Becher, Wyrley Birch, Jean Stapleton, Neil Laurence, Sarah Cahill, Patricia McDonald, Jacques Andre, Sheldon Wile, Robert Wunsch, Nick Zanides


The Lady Chooses – by William McCleery, directed by Luther Kennett, with Walter Abel, Faye Emerson, Hugh Reilly, Jean Stapleton, Lilly Lodge, Arny Freeman, Beulah Garrick, Ellen Demming, Jeff Harris, Dennis Mahoney, Pat Mahoney, Ina Bradley, Claire Emory The Apollo of Bellac – by Jean Giraudoux, adapted by Maurice Valency, directed by Joseph Anthony, with Zachary Scott, Ruth Ford, Gaby Rodgers, Logan Ramsey, Norman MacKaye, Lou Gilbert, Jon Richards, Steve Pearlman, Richard Hamilton, Alexander Clark, Paula Laurence  The Shewing-Up of Blanco Posnet, by Bernard Shaw, directed by Joseph Anthony with Gaby Rodgers, Jean Stapleton, Logan Ramsey, Norman MacKaye, Alexander Clark, Paula Laurence, Lou Gilbert, John Richards, Lily Lodge, Ellen Demming, Richard Hamilton, Zachary Scott, Ruth Ford, Ben Abadie, Bob Helming, Steve Pearlman, Robert Solo, Alan Stillman, Eleanor Edie, Bernice Friedson, Nancy hart, Dora Linenthal Happy Birthday – by Anita Loos, directed by Daniel Levin, with Imogene Coca, William Prince, Daniel Reed, Jack Diamond, Norman MacKaye, Lucille Benson, Fay Sappington, Josephine Heathman, Hart Sprager, Bernice McLaughlin, Patricia Carlisle, Eleanor Edie, Eileen Letchworth, David Whorf, Jon Richards, Steve Pearlman, Mary Mace, Patrick Welch, Vivian Joyce, Len Berge, Charles Carshon Court Olympus – by Richard Reardon, directed by John C. Wilson, with Rita Gam, Lee Grant, Josephine Brown, Nicholas Joy, Steven Hill, Tom Tyron Candle-Light – by P.G. Wodehouse, directed by Charles Bowden, with Eva Gabor, Richard Kiley, Paula Laurence, John Baragrey, Monica Boyar, Gordon Nelson, Richard Whorf, Bernice McLaughlin Reunion 54 – by Justin Sturm, directed by Lee Bowman, with Lee Bowman, Haila Stoddard, Tom Helmore, George Mathews, Carl White, Parker McCormick, James Hagerman, Drummond Erskine, William Hail, Wayne McIntyre, Ted Clark, Ana Clark, Frank Tramutola, Daniel Selznick, Bob Solo, Hart Sprager Libel – by Edward Wooll, directed by Lexford Richards, with Peter Cookson, June Duprez, Frederic Tozere, John Emery, Kenny Delmar, Don McHenry, Francis Bethencourt, Tammy Lee Grimes, Frank Tramutola, Robert Solo, Kenneth Mays The Little Hut – by Nancy Mitford, from the French of Andre Roussin, directed by Windsor Lewis, with Barbara Bel Geddes, Hiram Sherman, Howard Morton, John Granger, Kenneth Mays Darling, Darling – by Anita Loos from a play by Pierre Barillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy, directed by John C. Wilson, with Gypsy Rose Lee, Richard Deer, Florence Sunstrom, Jill Kraft, Tom Tryon, James Nolan My Aunt Daisy – by Albert Halper and Joseph Schrank, directed by Robert Ellenstein, with Jo Van Fleet, Leslie Nielsen, Rusty Lane, Winifred Cushing, Arthur Storch, Bern Hoffman, Betty Lou Keim, Larry Newton, John Connell Home is the Hero – by Walter Macken, a Theatre Guild – Worthington Minor Production, directed by Worthington Miner, with Peggy Ann Garner, Glenda Farrell, J. Pat O'Malley, Art Smith, Francis Fuller, Ann Thomas, Walter Macken, Christopher Plummer, Richard Lupino, Loretta Leversee "Magic and Music" –Cheryl Crawford's Musical Production of "Trouble in Tahiti", music by Leonard Bernstein, directed by David Brooks, with Alice Ghostley, Richard Eastham, Constance Brigham, Clive Dill, David Williams; and "The Thirteen Clocks" – by James Thurber, stage adaptation by Fred Sadoff, by Mark Bucci, lyrics by James Thurber and Mark Bucci, directed by Fred Sadoff, with Constance Brigham, Fred Sadoff, Martin Balsam, Alice Ghostley, Gene Saks, Janice Mars, Clive Dill, David Williams, Eleanor Edie, Patricia Panero, Ruth Shapiro


Brief Moment – by S.N. Behrman, directed by Peter Turgeon, with Betty Furness, Murray Matheson, Mark Roberts, Marc Lawrence, Robert Gallagher, Jan DeRuth, Hope Newell, Angus Cairns Mother Was a Bachelor – by Irving W. Phillips, based on a story by Myna Lockwood, directed by Frank Carrington and Agnes Morgan, with Billie Burke, Tommy Halloran, Virginia Gerry, Suzanne Jackson, Barry Della Fiora, George McIver, Robert Baines, Terry DuHaime, Susan Seaforth, Donald McClelland, Edwin Cooper, Angus Cairns Detective Story – by Signey Kingsley, directed by Windor Lewis, with John Forsythe, Maria Riva, Kathy Nolan, Frank Campanella, Henry Silva, Henry Garrard, Jack Klugman, Anthony Haarstick, Frank J. Perry, Mary Diveny, Edward Chiaro, Justin McDonough, Hampton Crain, Garry Wallberg, Tom Carlin, Joseph Campanella, Richard Mc Murray, Carrol Murray, Vince Gardenia, Howard Morton, Marie DeLoreto, Alfred Hopson, Herb Voss, Sally Jessy, Pauline Distillator, Robert Grover, James Hughes, Marvin Reiss, Will Davis, Thomas Lawrence, Jill Miller Star Light, Star Bright – by S.K. Lauren and Gladys Lehman, directed by John C. Wilson, with Terry Moore, Frank Albertson, Effie Afton, Cherry Hardy, Berry Kroeger, Jean Carson, John Vivyan, Howard Morton, Eileen Merry, Ralph Stantley, Eulabelle Moore, Mary Diveny Wedding Breakfast – by Theodore Reeves, directed by Frank Corsaro, with Shelley Winters, Anthony Franciosa, Virginia Vincent, Martin Balsam Blue Denim – by James Leo Herlihy and William Noble, directed by Arthur Penn, with Katherine Squire, Burt Brinckerhoff, Brandon Peters, Patricia Bosworth, Mark Rydell, Betty Lou Robinson Heaven Can Wait – by Harry Segall, director Windsor Lewis, with Richard Kiley, Mercer McLeod, Howard Morton, Brook Byron, Stephen Gray, Jack Klugman, John Horrigan, Carroll Murray, Patricia Distilator, Edward Chiaro, Margery McGuckin, Barry Della Fiora, Margaret Simmons, Thomas Lawrence, Robert Carraway, Arthur Duel, Tony Haarstick, Alexandra Bosca, Herbert Voss, Hampton Crain, Jill Miller, Pamela Simpson, Shirley Rickards, James Hughes, Frank Campanella, Leslie Barrett, Stanley Vaughan, Robinson Grover, Justin McDonough The Rainmaker – by N. Richard Nash, directed by Jeffrey Hayden, with Eva Marie Saint, Sidney Armus, Will Geer, Mark Richman, Arthur Storch, Jack Mullaney, Truman Smith Gigi – from the novel by Colette, adapted by Anita Loos, directed by Lawrence Langner, Armina Marshall, and John C. Wilson, with Estelle Winwood, Cathy O'Donnell, Josephine Brown, Bethell Long, Marion Morris, Ludmilla Toretzka, Angus Cairns Hide and Seek – by Aurand Harris, directed by Windsor Lewis, with Jessie Royce Landis, Mark Roberts, Kathy Nolan, Tom Carlin, Deneen Gabler, Munro Gabler, Harry Stanton The Empress – by Elaine Carrington, directed by William Bulter, with Geraldine Page, Paul Stevens, Michael Galloway, Leslie Barrett, Sally Jessy, Rod McLennan, Joseph Campanella, Judith Ives Lowry, Raymond St. Jacques, Leslie Barrett, Beulah Garrick, Patricia Distillator, Earl Jones, Louise Stowe, Buck Kartalian, Joseph Campanella, Bill Cunningham, Marie Di Loreto, Robinson Grover, Justin McDonough, Eddward Chiaro, Arthur Duel, Anthony Haarstick Oh, Men! Oh, Women! – by Edward Chodorov, directed by Franchot Tone, with Franchot Tone, Betsy von Furstenberg, Patrick O'Neal, Lorette Leversee, Dana Elcar, Henry Sharp, June Hunt, Angus Cairns, Marshall Yokelson The Great Waltz – book by Moss Hart, music by Yohann Strauss, lyric by Desmond Carter with Mia Slavenska Scandal at Montfort – by Hugh Mills, directed by Windsor Lewis with Arlene Francis A Palm Tree In A Rose Garden – by Meade Roberts, directed by Jose Quintero with Alice Ghostely, Barbara Baxley, Betty Lou Holland, Herbert Evers, Belle Flower, Ron Harper, George Voskovec


The Chalk Garden – by Enid Bagnold, directed by Charles Bowden, with Lillian Gish, Dorothy Gish, Neil Fitzgerald, Frances Ingalls, Charron Follett, O.Z.Whitehead, Amy Douglass, Elizabeth Kerr, Katherine Lurker Ballet Theatre – Musical direction by Joseph Levine, with Nora Kaye, John Kriza, Lupe Serrano, Scott Douglas, Ruth Ann Koesun, Catherine Horn, Christine Mayer, Enrique Martinez, June Stern, Ivan Allen, Leo Duggan, Audre Deckmann Posket's Family Skeleton – by Arthur Wing Pinero, adapted by Peter Turgeon, directed by Peter Turgeon, with Bramwell Fletcher, Betty Sinclair, Ralph Sumpter, Frances Tannehill, Spencer Teakle, Alexander Clark, Charles Eggleston, Ellen Christopher, Charles Penman, Lily Lodge, Gorden Russell, Amy Douglass, Richard Lederer, Sanford Beckhart, Hal Gerson, Lynn Willis 27 Wagons Full of Cotton – by Tennessee Williams, directed by Peter Kass, with Maureen Stapleton, Jules Munshin, John Cassavetes A Marriage Proposal by Anton Chekov, directed by Peter Kass, with Ed Heffernan, Jules Munshin, Maureen Stapleton Welcome Darlings – a revue, music direction by Peter Howard and Ted Graham, with Tallulah Bankhead, James Kirkwood, Sheila Smith, Don Crichton, Turnell Dietsch, Bob Bakanic, The Martins, Timothy Gray, Don McKay, Gwen Harmon The Gimmick – by Joseph Julian, directed by David Pressman, with Larry Blyden, Patricia Smith, Tammy Grimes, Gene Saks, Haywood Hale Broun, Amy Douglass, Robert Carricart, Ralph Bell, Hal Gerson, William Zuckert, Dina Max, Sheila Scranton, Raymond Burgin, Clark Warren The Doctor in Spite of Himself - by Moliere, in a new adaptation by James Lipton, directed by James Lipton, with Jules Munshin, Betsy Palmer, Lawrence Fletcher, Marilyn Clark, Hal Holbrook, James Ambandos, Joe Campanella, Kenneth Mays, Hal Gerson, and Gemze de Lappe, Peter deManio, Dina Max, Larry Davis, Leora Lunders, David Speck Beasop's Fables – a revue produced and directed by John Philip, with Beatrice Lillie, Fred Keating, John Philip, Shannon Dean, Eadie and Rack at the pianos, Bruce Laffey Anastasia – by Marcelle Maurette, English adaptation by Guy Bolton, directed by Boris Tumarin, with Dolores Del Rio, Lili Darvas, Stephen Elliott, Boris Tumarin, Allan Shayne, Frank Marth, Clarice Blackburn, George Eberling, Paul Stevens, Ellen Cohn, Clark Warren, Hal Gerson, Sylvia Davis Knickerbocker Holiday – by Maxwell Anderson and Kurt Weill, directed by Frank Perry with Will Geer, Susan Cabot, Biff McGuire, Clarence Hoffman, Rudolph Weiss, Marion Tanner, Dan Lincoln, Bob Burland, Hal Gerson, David Leland, Bill Bramley, Bryon Mitchell, Jock Casasus, Joan-Ellen Caine, Jacqlina Maria, Lynn Willia, Clark Warren, Peter deManio, Larry Davis Anniversary Waltz – by Jerome Chodorov and Joseph Fields, directed by Dan Levin with Imogene Coca, Jules Munshin, Amy Douglass, Marilyn Clark, Peter Turgeon, Paul Lipson, Mary Lee Dearring, Rosetta Le Noire, Robert Galli, Hal Gerson, Raymond Burgin, Ralph Hoffman Jr. The Rhom Affair – by Larry Ward and Gordon Russell, directed by John Marley with Robert Pastene, Martin Brooks, Rudy Bond, Jack Weston, Thomas Carlin, Lois Nettleton, George Mitchell, David White, Ralph Longley, Raymond Burgin, Clark Warren, Charles Penman, Sheppard Kerman, Larry Davis, Lynn Willis, Peter deManio, David Johnston, Kenneth Mays


Witness for the Prosecution – by Agatha Christie, directed by Michael McAloney, with Faye Emerson, Ronald Long, Will Hare, Neil Fitzgerald, Eva Leonard-Boyne, Michael Clark Laurence, Lily Lodge, Bryan Herbert, Peter Pagan, John Aronson, Allen Hayman, Curt Gibson, michael Clarke Laurence, Dick Cutbill, Charles Kaljian, Spark Donoghue, Peter Adamo, Robert Hewes, Robert Moran, Dana Gatlin, Carroll O'Conner, Richard Lederer, Nancy Nugent The Desk Set – by William Marchand, directed Harry Ellerbe, with Nancy Walker, Evelyn Russell, Wayne Carson, Wesley Lau, Joyce Davis, Martha Randall, Charles Gilbert, Mary Love, Dick Cutbill, Teddy Landess, Dana Gatlin, Ruth Estler, jane Farney, Barbara Berner, Saba McWilliams, Judy Lynne, Henry Jaglom, Charles Kalgian, Peter Adamo, Willie Elmlark, Emily Ruhber, Stanley Kroiz, Robert Hewes The Reluctant Debutante – by William Douglas Home, directed by Walt Witcover, with Arthur Treacher, Sandy Dennis, Ruth Chatterton, Ralph Purdum, Harriet MacGibbon, Sandy Dennis, Peter Craig, Helen-Jean Arthur, Ruth Estler Mrs. Patterson – by Charles Sebree and Greer Johnson, directed by Mortimer Halpern, songs and incidental music by James Shelton, with Eartha Kitt, Nadia Westman, Terry Carter, Eric Burroughs, Ruth Attaway,Vinie Borrows, Estelle Hemsley, Rhoda Boggs, Emory Richardson, Barbara Traubee, Ailene Thomas, Diane Ladd With Respect to Joey – by Ernest Pendrell, directed by Darren McGavin with Martin Balsam, Bertha Gersten, Jacob Ben-Ami, Frank Silvera, Zohra Alton, Milton Selzer, Robert Heller, Greda Holloway, Sam Javis, Richard Ward, Peter Benzoni, Sheila Copelan, Dana Gatlin, Ruth Estler, Christina Crawford, Bea Minkus, Marie Sterback, Charles Kaljian, Peter Adamo, Bob Moran The Man in the Dog Suit – by William H. Wright and Albert Beich, from a novel by Edwin Corle, directed by Melvyn Douglas, with Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Isobel Elsom, Tom Carlin, Mary Cooper, Betty Garde, John Griggs, Arthur Hughes, John McGovern, Elliott Reid Janus – by Carolyn Green, directed by Donald Cook, with Joan Bennett, Donald Cook, George Voskover, John C. Becher, Amy Douglass Fever for Life – by Orin Borsten, directed by Henry T. Weinstein, with Fay Bainter, Rip Torn, Barbara Baxley, Ruby Goodwin, Jane Rose, John Randolph, Barbara Barrie, Jonelle Allen, Ann Wedgeworth, Fay Bainter, Helen Martin, Noah Keen Showtime – a musical revue directed and composed by Ben Oakland, with George Jessel, Tony Carroll, Susanne and the Escorts, Susanne Cansino, Dusty McCaffery, Michael Madill, Clara Imas Back to Methuselah – by George Bernard Shaw adapted by Arnold Moss, directed by Philip Burton, with Celeste Holm, James Daley, Arnold Moss, Valerie Bettis, Michael Tolan, Felix Deebank, John Granger, Dorothy Whitney Minotaur – by Robert Thom, directed by Sidney Lumet, with Gloria Vanderbilt, Janice Rule, Philip Bourneuf, Betty Furness, Stefan Girasch, Gene Lyons, George Peppard, Madeline Sherwood, Spivy, Ruth White, Judy Lynne, Kenneth Mays The Saturday Night Kid – by Jack Dunphy, directed by George Keathley, with Shelley Winters, Alex Nicol, and Joseph Wiseman


Picnic – by William Inge, directed by Scott Jackson, with Hugh O'Brian, Leora Dana, Susan Oliver, Yale Wexler, Virginia Payne, John C. Becher, Sylvia Stone, Lucille Benson, Anne Hennesy, Daryl Grimes, Joseph Dedda Fallen Angels – by Noel Coward, directed by Bill Penn with Hermione Gingold, Carol Bruce, Louise Hoff, Gordon Mills, G. Wood, Richard Blackmarr Tonight at 8:30 – by Noel Coward, directed by Christopher Hewitt, with Faye Emerson, Murray Matheson, Peter Pagan, Rita Vale, Jean Cameron, Charles Campbell, Judy Tucker, Edard Hastings, Keith Herrington The Remarkable Mr. Pennypacker – by Liam O'Brien, directed by Frederick de Wilde, with Burgess Meredith, John McGiver, Iris Whitney, Wayne Wilson, Vera Lockwood, Arthur Lockwood, Jada Rowland, Terrence McGiver, Johnny Conrath, Brigit McGiver, Juleen Compton, Tom Wheatley, Barrie Delafiora, John Vickers He Who Gets Slapped – by Leonid Andreyev, translated by Gregory Zilboorg, directed by Robert Emhardt, with Alfred Drake, Boris Tumarin, Susan Kohner, Fredric Tozere, Marilyn Clark, Ben Yaffee, Karl Redcroff, Nicholas Pryor, Wolfgang Roth, Nelle Fisher, Paula Dooley Time for Elizabeth – by Norman Krasna and Groucho Marx, directed by Robert Dwan, with Groucho Marx, Harry Bannister, Kathryn Eames, Phoebe Bannister, Ed Wagner, Spencer Davis, Ruth Manning, Roland Wood, Elizabeth Tilton, Wyatt Cooper, J. Frank Lucas, Jim Kelly, Aileen Poe, Eden Hartford Dulcy – by George S. Kaufman and Marc Connelly, directed by Robert S. Finkel, with Dody Goodman, Gene Lyons, Lawrence Fletcher, Perry Fiske, Gloria Barret, Howard Mann, Justice Watson, Brooks Rogers, Betty Rollin, Leo Bloom, Sanford McCauley Triple Play, (three short plays and a monologue), Bedtime Story – by Sean O'Casey, with Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Biff McGuire; The Island of Cipango, by Benn Levy, with Jessica Tandy, Biff McGuire, Bryan Herbert, Frances Sternhagen; Harmful Effects of Tobacco, by Anton Chekov, with Hume Cronyn; A Pound on Demand, by Sean O'Casey, with Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Biff McGuire, Francis Sternhagen, Bryan Herbert Visit to a Small Planet – by Gore Vidal, directed by Pat Chandler, with Bert Lahr, Kenny Delmar, Stanley Tackney, Kathern Shaw, Stratton Walling, Josephine Nichols, Jeff Davis, Grenadier Saadi, Curt Gibson, Bill Moise, Leonard Dalsemer Jr. An Inspector Calls – by J.B. Priestley, directed by Howard Stone, with Sir Cedric Hardwicke, Melville Cooper, Mary Scott, Howard Morton, James Valentine, Renee Gadd, Joyce Miko Third Best Sport – by Eleanor and Leo Bayer, directed by Michael Howard, with Celeste Holm, Jane Hoffman, Andrew Duggan, Russell Gaige, Joseph Boland, Sally Gracie, James Karen, Tony Kraber, Irene Cowan, Stan Place, Milo Boulton Sweet and Sour – by Florence Lowe and Caroline Francke, directed by Don Richardson, with Melvyn Douglas, Connie Sawyer, Ina Balin, Gerald Hiken, Martha Greenhouse, Leslie Woods, Theo Goetz, Alice Yourman, Daniel Reed, Alfred Leberfeld, John Zee Holiday for Lovers – by Ronald Alexander, with Don Ameche, Irene Manning, Joan Chambers, Jack Hartley, Emily Horsley, Alan Furlan, Joan Shea, Charles Robinson, Jr., Abbie Scott


Once More with Feeling – by Harry Kurnitz, with Arlene Francis Arms and the Man – by George Bernard Shaw, directed by Romney Brent, with Tony Randall, Joan Copeland, Edith Meiser, Alex Clarke, Sylvia Dante, Martin Brooks, Johnny Albin, Telly Savalas A Piece of Blue Sky – by Frank Corsaro, with Shelley Winters, Albert Morgenstern, Gerald O'Loughlin, Rebecca Darke, Mary Laslo, Sudie Bond, Richard Carafa, Marion Sweet Caesar and Cleopatra – by George Bernard Shaw, directed by John Stix, with Franchot Tone, Susan Strasberg Red Letter Day – by Andrew Rosenthal, with Gloria Swanson, Buddy Rogers, Lois Wilson Nina – by Andre Roussin, adapted by Samuel Taylor, with Shirley Booth, Douglas Watson, Leo Lucker, Ted Wilkins The Glass Menagerie – by Tennessee Williams, with Jo Van Fleet, Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson What a Day – sketches by Max Wilk and Manya Starr, directed by John Fearnley, lyrics by Paul Rosner, music by Claibe Richardson, with Celeste Holm, Ronny Graham, Warde Donovan, James Karen Bells Are Ringing – book and lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, music by Jules Styne, with Imogene Coca, King Donovan A Party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green – with Betty Comdem and Adolph Green Marcus in the High Grass – by William Gunn, with David Wayne and Ben Piazza Epitaph for George Dillion – by John Osborne and Anthony Creighton, with Ben Gazzara Hilary – by Gerald Savory, with Joan Fontaine


Amphitryon 38 – by Jean Giraudaux, adapted from the French by S.N. Behrman, directed by Martin Gabel, with Arlene Francis, Kent Smith, George Grizzard, Whitfield Connor, Ralph Bunker, Dick O'Neill, Frank Groseclose, Betsy Brodie, Betty Lou Leonardo, Mary Spelvin, Mary Cooper Two for the Seesaw – by William Gibson, directed by Frank Corsaro, with Shelley Winters, Morgan Sterne Make a Million – by Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore, with Sam Levene No Concern of Mine – by Jeremy Kingston, directed by Andreas Voutsinas, with Jane Fonda, Geoffrey Horne, Ben Piazza, Hilda Brawner, Tom Hatcher, Pete Masterson, Hope Cameron Not in the Book, by Arthur Watkyn, directed by Charles Olsen, with Hans Conried, Brook Byron, Francis Compton, Anthony Kemble Cooper, Arny Freeman, James Balentine, Norman Barrs, Carl Esser Roar Like a Dove – by Lesley Storm, directed by Robert Ellis Miller, with Betsy Palmer, Brook Byron, Carl Esser, James Valentine, Norman Barrs, Hans Confried, Arny Freeman, Francis Compton, and Anthony Kemble Cooper, Paul McGrath, Patrick Horgan, Luella Gear, Christopher Hewett, Tucker Ashworth, Bryan Herbert Royal Enclosure – by Kieran Tunney, with Celeste Holm and Cathleen Nesbitt The Late Christopher Bean – by Sidney Howard, with Shirley Booth Burnt Flower Bed – by Ugo Betti, with Signe Hasso, Gloria Vanderbilt, Eric Portman and Alexander Scourby Susan and God – by Rachel Crothers, directed by John Larson, with Joan Fontaine, Lauren Gilbert, William Traylor, Dorothy Laming, Arthur marlowe, John Milligan, Lily Lodge, Gil Tilbury, Helena de Crespo, Jeff Mack, Fran Vieta The Captains and the Kings – by Leo Lieberman, directed by John Gerstad, with Zachary Scott, John Alexander, Walter Brooke, Sally Brophy, Donald McKee, Alexander Clark, Howard Freeman, John Boruff, Ben Yaffee, Phil Bruns, Charles McDaniel and Edmon Ryan Tambourines to Glory – by Langston Hughes, directed Herbert Machiz, music by Jobe Huntley, with Hazel Scott, Nipsy Russell, Ben Yaffee, Sally Brophy, Walter Brooke, Phil Bruns, Zachary Scott, John Alexander An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May – with Mike Nichols and Elaine May


The Pleasure of His Company – written by Samuel Taylor with Cornelia Otis Skinner, directed by Charles Olsen, with Cornelia Otis Skinner, Hans Conreid, Henry Sharp, Hilda Brawner, James Olsen, Guy Arbury, Bernard Wu Once Upon a Mattress – book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller, music by Mary Rodgers, lyrics by Marshall Barer, musical director Albert Fiorillo, Jr., choreographed by Joe Layton, directed by Jack Sydow, with Pat Carroll, Joseph Bova, Kelly Brown, Irene Dean, Mort Marshall, Dan Resin, Harry Snow, Willy Switkes, Jane White, Tom Thornton, Myrna Galle, Gloria Stevens, Cheryl Killgren, Jean Palmerton, Bobbi Franklin, Ann Marisse, Richard Lyle, Lou Richards, Joe MacGrath, Renee Slade, John Feltovich, Tony La Russo, Pat Greenwood, Jerone Michel, Don Price, Rhett Dennis A New York Repertory Theatre Production: directed by Tad Danielewski - The Zoo Story – by Edward Albee, with Ben Piazza, William Daniels; Miss Julie, by August Strindberg, adapted by George Tabori, with Viveca Lindfors, Morgan Sterne, Betty Field I Am a Camera, by John Van Druten, directed by Michael Howard, with Viveca Lindfors, Ben Piazza, William Daniels, Betty Field, Rita Gam, Morgan Sterne, Nydia Westman Period of Adjustment – by Tennessee Williams, directed by John Lehne, with Dane Clark, Rosemary Murphy, Ann Wedgeworth, Adam Kennedy, Lester Mack, Ruth Hammond, Robert Wangler, Rosemary Murphy, Eleanor Andrews, and Dutchess the Dog Between Seasons – by Malcolm Wells, directed by Bill Penn, with Gloria Swanson, Charles Baxter, Ray Fulmer, Aileen Poe A Majority of One – by Leonard Spigelgass, directed by Jacob Kalish, with Molly Picon, Martyn Green, James Karen, Zina Jasper, Esta Mann, Alvin Lum, Roger Morris, Gladys Kalani, Liza Prince, Anne Merkelback, Mike Taylor, Len Kuris, Bonnie Boland, Wendy Shepard, Wendy Wood, Dan Elliott, and Roger Morris Invitation to a March – by Arthur Laurents, directed by Arthur Laurents, with Celeste Holm, Winifred Ainslee, Wesley Addy, Louise Latham. Nicholas Pryor, Claudette Nevins, Rees Vaughan, Jeffrey Rowland Under the Yum Yum Tree – by Lawrence Roman, directed by James Monos, with Margaret O'Brien, Hugh Marlowe, James MacArthur, Monica Keating, Dan Elliot, Robert Wangler The Marriage-Go-Round – by Leslie Stevens, directed by Wynn Handman, with Myrna Loy, Claude Dauphin, Siri, and Moultrie Patten Venus at Large – by Henry Denker, directed Shepherd Traube, with Jan Sterling, Lionel Stander, William Prince, Martin Wolfson, Boris Tumarin, Larry Haines, Tom Carlin, Elsa Freed, Arnold Soboloff and Louise Allbritton Journey to the Day – by Roger O. Hirson, directed by Boris Sagal, with Paul Hartman, William Redfield, Joan Hackett, Katherine Squire, Robert Simon, Nancy Marchand, Mario Alcalde, Charles Saari, Casey Allen, Dick Via, Michael Vale, Carol Teitel, Eileen Letchworth, Donald Hyland, Allen Frank, Fran Lee, Marian Sweet, Elia Braca Ding Dong Bell – by Gurney Campbell and Daphne Athas, with Albert Dekker


Complaisant Lover – by Grahame Greene, directed by Del Hughes, with Walter Pidgeon, Martha Scott, Whitfield Connor, Mary Mercier, Nicholas Hammond, Murial Williams, Lawrence Fletcher, Rudolph Weiss, Gene Wilder Maggie – music and lyrics by William Roy, book by Hugh Thomas, based on "What Every Woman Knows," by J.M. Barrie, directed by Word Baker, with Betsy Palmer, Stuart Damon, John Griggs, Roger Hamilton, Lovelady Powell, Jamie Ross, Bryan Herbert, Claudia Morgan, Lois Saunders, Gretchen Cryer, Jay Gerber, Caroline Parks, Benita James, Lang Des Jardins, Esther Landi, James Lavery, Alan Sanderson, Harry Theyard, Julian Patrick, Pat Cooper, Yvonne Carroll, Mitchell Nutick, Jim Challender, Latham Sanford Rhinoceros – By Eugene Ionesco, directed by Joseph Bernard, with Walter Slezak, Philip Bruns, David Hurst, Clifford Carpenter, Conrad Bain, Mary Carver, James Tolkan, Jean Barker, Miriam Phillips, Erica Slezak, Gary Dietz, Steve Benoff, Rosalind Rogoff, Lorie Friedman, Donna Englander, Kevin Kelly, Bruce Weitz, Ed Logelin Miracle Worker – by William Gibson, directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Eileen Brennan, Joseph Warren, Helen Marie Taylor, Alex Wipf, Michael Vale, Alice Yourman, Donna Zimmermann, Paul Haney, Perry Greene, Javotte Sutton Greene, Stanley Greene Critic's Choice – by Ira Levin, directed by Charles Olsen, with Hans Conried, Ludi Claire, Michaele Myers, Robert Fields, Joanna Roos, Richard Thomas, Kathy Fediw Old Acquaintance – by John Van Druten, directed by Martin Gabel, with Arlene Francis, Mary Cooper, Linda Robinson, Bill Berger, Eulabelle Moore, Roger Barrett, Genevieve Frizzell There Must be a Pony – by Jim Kirkwood, directed by John Stix, with Myrna Loy, Donald Woods, Peter Helmn, G. Wood, Jan Miner, Mary Patton, Adelaide Klein, Sam Greene, Barbara Mostel, Ted Tesser, Harlan Tuckman, Edward Terry Sunday in New York – by Norman Krasna, directed by Joe Brownstone and Russell McCaig, with Margaret O'Brien, Tommy Sands, Richard Roat, Gene Roche, Arthur Anderson, Patricia Fay Cradle and All (Never Too Late) - by Summer Arthur Long, with Paul Ford and Maureen O'Sullivan The Happiest Man Alive – by Jerome Chodorov, directed by Darren McGavin, with Darren McGavin, Eva Gabor, Beulah Garrick, Louise Latham, Alfred Hinckley, Carol Rossen, Jack Ryland, Karen Howitt, Charles Gerald, Steve Benoff, Bernard Pollock Here Today – by George Oppenheimer, directed by Jack Sydow, with Tallulah Bankhead, Estelle Winwood, Richard Kendrick, Bill Story, Jill Kraft, Donald Symington, Fran Bennett, Peter Hobbs Desperate Hours – by Joseph Hayes, directed by Lloyd Richards, with Sammy Davis, Jr.


Come Blow Your Horn – by Neil Simon, with Menasha Skulnik "H.M.S. Pinafore" – by Sir William Gilbert; and The Mikado or, The Town of Titipu - by Sir Arthur Sullivan, both directed by Martyn Green, with Martyn Green, Carol Bayard, Yvonne Chaveau, Paul Flores, Eugene Green, John Parella, Charlotte Povia, James Morgan Stuart, Phillis Lear, Lorraine Bergstrom, Bette Warren, Muriel Minot, Jean Taynton, Mildred Petrowski, Peter Johl, Anitra Lynch, Edward Watts, Frank Maynard, Phil Rash, Richard Kahn, Robert Carle Mackeral Plaza – by William McCleery, based on the novel by Peter DeVries, with Hal Holbrook, Loring Smith Tchin-Tchin – by Sidney Michaels, based on the play by Francois Billetdoux, directed by Joseph Brownstone, with Teresa Wright, Dane Clark, Charles Grodin, Roger Dressler  The Millionairess – by George Bernard Shaw, with Carol Channing Lord Pengo – by S.N. Behrman, directed by Burt Metcalfe, with Walter Pidgeon, Philip Bourneuf, Frances Reid, Louise Hoff, Gordon B. Clarke, John Malcolm, Margaret Brewster, Russell Baker, Chet London, Richard Bengal, Burt Metcalfe God Bless Our Bank – by Mac Benoff, staged by Ezra Stone, with Ann Sothern, Roland Winters, Jeff Corey, George Ives, Donald Marye, Wallace Acton, George Cotton, Dan Ferrone, Susan Reiselt, J. Frank Lucas, Charles Welsh, Fay Sappington, Laurie Beth Spitz, Otton Grun, Bob Westbrook, Jamie Gruber, Geraldine Palmer, Bonnie Steinbeck, Beatrice Winner Take Her, She's Mine - by Phoebe and Henry Ephron, directed by George Abbott, with Hans Conried, Irene Hervey, Anthony Roberts, Heidi Murray, Nancy Douglas, William Ade, Dall Forsythe, Donald Marlatt, Bill Steele, Guy Arbury, Tanya Everett, Laurie Beth Spitz, Robert Westbrook, Peter Donaldson, Otto Grun, Jr. A Shot in the Dark – adapted by Harry Kurnitz, from the play "L'Idiote" by Marcel Archard, directed by Malcolm Black, with Eva Gabor, Murray Matheson, Paul Sparer, Joan Wetmore, Harry Mehaffey, Millette Alexander, Murray Roman, Noel Monk The Indoor Sport – by Jack Perry, directed by Gerald Hiken, with Darren McGavin, Shari Lewis, Patrick McVey, Kenneth Harvey, Louise Latham, Alice Beardsley Seidman and Son – by Elick Moll, a Thetatre Guild production, directed by Sam Levene, with Sam Levene, Darren McGavin, Patrick McVey, Shari Lewis, Kenneth Harvey, Louise Latham

Fall of 1963

Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung you in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad – by Arthur Kopit, with Hermione Gingold The Innocents – by William Archibald, based on "The Turn of the Screw," by Henry James with Betsy Palmer, John Megna, Sindee Ann Richards, Elena Karam, Peter Jahn, Carla Schearer The Wind of Heaven – by Emlyn Williams, with Michael Evans, Nancy Coleman, Romney Brent The Moments of Love – by David Rogers, directed by Herbert Machiz, with Ann Harding, Joanna Pettet, Nicholas Pryor, Leo Lucker, Roy Shuman, Dorothy Sands The Strangers – by Andrew Rosenthal, with Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jane Wyatt, Constance Cummings, Peggy Conklin The Threepenny Opera – book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht, music by Kurt Weill, English adaptation by Marc Blitzstein, directed by Joseph Leberman, with Scott Merrill, Christiane Felsmann, Robert Penn, Avon Long, Alfred Spindelman, Sharlie Shull, Barbara Louis, Nancy Andrews, Tony Ballen, Edward K. Holmes, James Dukas, Miriam Phillips, Carl Esser, Frank Savino, Fredric Good, Maurice Shrog, Eileen Mullen, Carla Shearer, Sandra Kiersky, Rusty Rhodes Calculated Risk – by Joseph Hayes, directed by Howard Erskine, with Dana Andrews, Mary Todd, Jack Ramage, Philp Kenneally, Donald Hylan, Dana Hardwick, Harry Gresham, Charles Gaines, Allan Frank, Hal Burdick, Patricia Gilbert, Bert Thorn, Kay Walkden, George Speluin


My Fair Lady – book and lyrics by Alan J. Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe, directed by William Francisco, with George Gaines, Allyn Ann McLerie, R. E. Sinclair, Arthur Anderson, Wilson Robey, Hazel Jones, Jean Muir, Kathy Doherty, Bill Brandon, Barbara Crouch, Philip Rice, Luis de Ybarrondo, Jim McKoy, Scott Ray, Bill Dance, Mary Hurt, Patricia Ruley, Gracia Littauer, Rosalie Stewart Days of the Dancing – by James Bridges, directed and choreographed by Timmy Everett, with Shelley Winters, Robert Walker, Logan Ramsey, Vincent Beck, Louis Guss, Henry Madden, Bruce Roman, Bob Ennis, Anne Ramsey, Norma Donaldson, K.C. Townsend, Molly Scott, Bruce Scott, Sally Kirkland, Frank Cavestani, Karen Smith, Marsha Strassman, Albert D'Annibale, William Cudlipp, Sabin Epstein A Thousand Clowns – by Herb Gardner, directed by Malcolm Black, with Van Johnson, Nancy Douglas, Doug Chapin, Robert Alvin, Richard Benjami, Iggie Wolfington The Fantastiks – book and lyrics by Tom Jones, music by Harvey Schmidt, directed by Word Baker, with Liza Minnelli, Elliot Gould, Charles Wallrich, Jay Hampton, William Larson, David Margulies, Jake Dengel, Michael Mann A Girl Could Get Lucky – by Don Appell, directed by Don Appell, with Betty Garrett, Pat Hingle Kind Sir – by Norman Krasna, directed by William Francisco, with Arlene Francis, Peter Adams, Mary Cooper, Frank Milan, Ethel Everett, Charles White The Wayward Stork – by Harry Tugend, directed by Jerome L. Epstein, with Hal March, Marjorie Lord, Valerie French, Howard Schell, Richard Armbruster, David Doyle Heart's Delight – by Charles Robinson, directed by Brian Shaw, with Michael Rennie, Hiram Sherman, Nan Martin, Parker McCormick, Stuart Germain, Gilbert Gardner, E. J. Peaker Stop the World, I Want to Get Off – by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley, with Joel Grey, Lovelady Powell Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf – by Edward Albee, with Henderson Forsythe, Haila Stoddard, Kendall Clark, Vicki Cummings Thursday is a Good Night – by Abe Einhorn and Donald Segall, with Tom Ewell, Sheree North Dear Me the Sky is Falling – by Leonard Spiegelgass, directed by Herman Shumlin, with Gertrude Berg, Roger DeKoven, Michael Baseleon, Mary-Robin Redd, Jonathan Moore, Estelle Omens, Paul Vincent, Berta Gersten, Mimi Randoph, Mary Engel, Dorothy Levine, Sanford Seeger The White House – by A.E. Hotchner, directed by Henry Kaplan, with Helen Hayes, James Daly, Sorrell Booke, Eric Berry, Gene Wilder, Thomas Coley, Michael O'Sullivan, Bette Henritze, Eugene Roche, Elly Stone

Spring of 1965

Shaw Repertory Festival: Major Barbara - by George Bernard Shaw, directed by William Francisco, with Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Bramwell Fletcher Pygmalion - by George Bernard Shaw, directed by William Francisco, with Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Bramwell Fletcher, Philippa bevans, Margaret Brewster, Denis Cooney, Jan De Vries, Herbert Foster, Patricia Guinan, Hazel Jones, Don Liberto, G. Wood Misalliance – by George Bewrnard Shaw, directed by Jack Sydow, with Dina Merrill, Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Phiippa Bevans, Dennis Cooney, Herbert Foster, Don Liberto, James Valentine, G. Wood 


The Trojan Women – by Euripides, translated by Edith Hamilton, directed by Michael Cacoyannis, with Caroline Coates, Shrley Cox, Elaine Kerr, Dimitra Steris, Philip Sterling, George Morgan, Gretchen Kanne, Michael Walker, Tamara Daniel, Lucy Martin, Lorraine Serabian, Laura Stewart, Joanna Walton, Ann Tarlov, Christopher Wynkoop, George Spelvin Gigi – by Anita Loos, lyrics and musical adaptation by Jonathan Anderson, directed by William Francisco, with George Hamilton, Susan Watson, Anna Russell, Jan McArt, Dorothy Sands, Janet Fox, Jon Richards Absence of a Cello – by Ira Wallach, directed by Charles Olsen, with Hans Conried, Ruth McDevitt, Michaele Myers, Fran Carlon, Robert Rovin, Pamela Dunlap, James Karen Enter Laughing – by Joseph Stein, based on the novel by Carl Reiner, directed by Martin Freed, with Menasha Skulnik, Martin Huston, Richard Waring, Fayne Blackburn, Joe Young, Bonnie Bedelia, Jan LaPrade, David Rosenbaum, Rick Grayson, Burr Edson, Mimi-Garth Taub, Roger Madden, Paul Grimes, Anna Roman The Private Ear – by Peter Shaffer, directed by Leo Garen, with Tammy Grimes, Tom Martin, James Douglas; and The Public Eye - by Peter Shaffer, directed by Leo Garen, with Tammy Grimes, Stefan Gierasch, Eric Berry Family Things ETC. – by William Inge, directed by Morton Da Costa, executed by Paul Bertelsen with Hiram Sherman, Dorothy Stickney, June Harding, Beau Bridges, Yolanda Bavan, Mary Farrell, Al Freeman Jr. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart, directed by Danny Dayton, music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, musical director Robert Milrad, assistant musical director J. Leondard Oxley, choreographed by Diana Eden with Danny Dayton, Eddie Phillips, Avril Gentles, Irving Harmon, Ed Preble, Edmund Gaynes, Linda Donovan, Evan Thompson, Jerry Lycee, Mark Stone, Douglas Norwick, Don Deleo, Martha Cutrufello, Bernadette Brookes, Joan Shepard, Ileen Kemp, Sharon Sutton Unexpected Guest – by Agatha Christie, directed by Michael Kahn, with Joan Fontaine, Dennis Patrick, James Coco, Myra Carter, Guy Spaull, Eleanor Phelps, Stephen Scott, Herbert Foster, Ian Wilder, David Hawkinson A Remedy for Winter – by Leonard Spigelgass, directed by Charles Forsythe, with Dana Andrews, Susan Oliver, Polly Rowles, Michael Baseleon, Lon Clark Madame Mousse – by Jean Pierre Aumont, adapted by Erich Segal, directed by Word Baker, advanced director Elizabeth Caldwell, costumes by Albert Wolsky with Molly Picon, Jean Pierre Aumont, Estelle Winwood, Pierre Olaf, Marcia Rodd, Tony Musante Nobody Loves an Albatross – by Ronald Alexander, directed by Perry Bruskin with Dane Clark, Sherry Britton, Katherine Justice, James Dukas, Joy Stark, Isabelle Sanford, William Shust, Leonard Ross, Edmund Williams, Michael Enserro, Ina Miller, Norman Makaye, Evelyn Russell So Much of Earth, So Much of Heaven – by Henry Denker, adapted from Ugo Betti's play, directed by Edward Parone, with Claude Rains, Leueen MacGrath, Larry Gates, Lester Rawlins, Joanna Miles, Harris Yulin, Howard Honig Mrs. Dally Has a Lover – by William Hanley, directed by Joseph Anthony, with Arlene Francis, Ralph Meeker, Robert Forster

Spring of 1966

American Conservatory Theatre in Repertory -- William Ball, Director Six Characters in Search of an Author – by Luigi Pirandello, English adaptation by Paul Avila Mayer, directed by Byron Ringland, with Scott Hylands, Austin Pendleton, Jacqueline Coslow, Charlene Polite, Harry Frazier, Tom Dement, Judith Mihalyi, Clarence Morley, Robin Gammell, Richard A. Dysart, Joan Croydon, Al Alu, Janis Young, Kevin McKenzie, Karen Holstein, Ana Edler, Carol Teitel, Ted Sorel, Deann Mears, Richard Wendy, Lori Leadner, Josephine Nichols Tiny Alice – by Edward Albee, directed by Mark Megin, with Harry Frazier, Ray Reinhardt, Paul Shenar, Al Alu, Deann Mears Beyond the Fringe – by Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Allen Bennett, directed by Rene Auberjonois, with Rene Auberjonois, Robin Gammell, Austin Pendleton, Charles Siebert Death of a Salesman – by Arthur Miller, directed by Allen Fletcher, with Richard A. Dysart, Carol Teitel, Scott Hylands, Ted Sorel, Austin Pendleton, Janis Young, Harry Frazier, G. Wood, Paul Shenar, Judith Mihalyi, Thomas Dement, Al Alu, Jacqueline Coslow, Carlene Polite Under the Milk Wood – by Dylan Thomas, original conception by William Ball, directed by Byron Ringland, with Ray Reinhardt, Robin Gammell, Paul Shenar, Theodore Sorel, Richard A. Dysart, Carol Teitel, Deann Mears, Joan Croydon, Judith Milhalyi, Janice Young, Rene Auberjonois, Jay Doyle, Scott Hylans Uncle Vanya – by Anton Chekhov, directed by Allen Fletcher, with Joan Croydon, Ray Reinhardt, Richard A. Dysart, G. Wood, Carol Teitel, Harry Frazier, Janice Young, Ramon Bieri, Jay Doyle, Jacqueline Coslow, Deann Mears, Josephine Nichols, Clarence Morley


The Owl and the Pussycat – by Bill Manhoff, directed by Alan Alda, with Alan Alda, Cicely Tyson Life with Father - by Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse, based on Clarence Day's book "Life With Father", directed by John Drew Devereaux, with Tom Ewell, Ludi Claire, Holly Hill, John McGovern, Adelle Rasey, Bonnie Boland, Kevin Conlon, Alan Cabal, Shawn McGill John Madden, Karl Nielsen, Kitty Barling, Margaret Raphael, Marlene Ash, Laurie Crews, Harry Packwood The Midnight Ride of Alvin Blum – by Donald Honig and Leon Arden, with Christina Crawford, Tony Roberts, Fred Clark, Francine Beers, Martin Huston The Thimking Man – by John Tobias, directed by Richard Altman, with George Grizzard, Rita Gam, Roy Poole, Barbara Mattes, John Braden, Jerry Mickey, Lance Cunard Mary, Mary – by Jean Kerr, directed by Scott McKay, with Betsy Palmer, Scott McKay, Paul McGrath, Richard Clarke, Judy Lewis Riverwind – by John Jennings, directed by James Hammerstein, with Lisa Kirk, Robert Alda, Ned Wertimer, Myra De Groot, Bernadette Peters, Joseph Corby, Irene Byatt The Subject Was Roses – by Frank D. Gilroy, directed by Paul Leaf, with Maureen O'Sullivan, Chester Morris, Walter McGinn The Coffee Lover – by Stefan Kanfer and Jess Korman, directed by Morton daCosta, with Alexis Smith, Gabriel Dell, Vincent Gardenia, Truman Gaige, Gene Wood, Tony Lo Bianco, Linda Eskenas, Tracy Newman, Sandie Lessin, Saeed Jaffrey Send Us Your Boy – by Jack Douglas, directed by Peter Turgeon, with Paul Ford, Doris Roberts, Frank Campanella, Joy Nichols, Louis Guss, Donald Buka, John Kendrick, Scott Bloom, Paul Dwyer, Merle Albertson, Guy Lockwood, Angus Cairns, Mildred Faboomba, Essie Jane Coryell, Al Leberfeld The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of Marquis De Sade– by Peter Weiss, directed by Ben Janney and Nell Nugent, with Peter Bromilow, Ralph Clanton, Harvey Jason, Jack Ramage, Tom Rosqui, Stephen Scott, Brabara Stanton, Dorothy Tristan, Cherry Davis, Josip Elic, Peter Johl, James Sullivan, Lee Kissman, Richard Lundin, Yvonne Vincic, George Pollock, Don Bozick, Michele Collison, Stephen Everett, Ruth Newton, Ted August, Gail Ryan The Best of Burlesque – by Jack Vaughn, directed by Jack Vaughn and Irv Harmon, with Sherry Britton, Irv Harmon, Jackie Henkins, Alan North, Paula Chin, Cathy Carnevale, Sarah Coleman, Jayne Schiff, Pat Blackwood, Jackie Miller Help Stamp Out Marriage – by Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall, directed by George Abbott A.C.T – directed by William Ball, conservatory directors William Ball, Michael Howard, Allen Fletcher, Byron Ringland, William Young–Tiny Alice – by Edward Albee, directed by William Ball, Beyond the Fringe - by Allen Bennett, Peter Cook, Jonathan Miller, Dudley Moore, directed by Rene Auberjonois, Death of a Salesman - by Arthur Miller, directed by Allen Fletcher, music composed by Arthur Rubinstein –Under Milk Wood – by Dylan Thomas, original conception by William Ball, repertory production by Byron Ringland, with Al Alu, Ana Elder, Austin Pendelton, Rene Auberjonois, Harry Frazier, Charlene Polite, Ramon Bieri, Robin Gammell, Paul Shenar, Jacqueline Coslow, Scott Hylands, Theodore Sorel, Joan Croydon, DeAnn Mears, Carol Teitel, Jay Doyle, Judith Mihalyi, Cicely Tyscon, Richard A. Dysart, Josephine Nichols, G. Wood, Janis Young, Richard Wendy, Kevin McKenzie, Lori Leadner


Generation – by William Goodhart, directed by Charles Forsythe, with Hans Conried, Tom Ligon, Nancy Donohue, Eric James, David Rosenbaum, Jerry Hausner Spider's Web – by Agatha Christie, directed by Eric Berry, with Joan Fontaine, Eric Berry, Richard Clarke, Peter Pagan, Michael d'Forrest, Jean Bruno, Herbert Foster, Frank Macintosh, Kathryn Baumann, John Cameron, John Stuart Any Wednesday – by Muriel Resnik, directed by Don Porter, with Don Porter, Rosemary Prinz, Peggy Converse, Ryan MacDonald What Did We Do Wrong? – written and directed by Henry Denker, with Paul Ford, Flora Campbell, Bruce Hyde, Gregory Rozakis, Caroline Kemp, Roy Providence, John Buckwalter The Impossible Years – by Bob Fisher and Arthur Marx, directed by Charles Forsythe, with Tom Ewell, Betty Wragge, John Luce, Tina Brooke, Tom Gorman, Tom McDermott, Tom Yourk, Jeanne Bolan, Schorling Schneider, Kevin Dobson, Nanci Addison, Ron Jones, Rita Mergenthaler, Tom Ligon Luv – by Murray Schisgal, directed by Harvey Medlinsky, with Betsy Palmer, Donald Hotton, James Karen A Delicate Balance – by Edward Albee, directed by June Havoc, with June Havoc, William Prince, Jane Hoffman, Wendell K. Phillips, Lucille Patton, Salome Jens Barefoot in the Park – by Neil Simon, directed by Harvey Medlinsky, with Joan Bennett, Charles Korvin, Christina Crawford, Angus Duncan, James Beard, Morris Kalman The Seven Deadly Arts- by Harold J. Kennedy and Robert Koesis, with Cesar Romero, Carole Mathews, Lon Gardner, Elaine Giftos, Robert Koesis, Donna Pearson, Harold J. Kennedy Wait Until Dark – by Frederick Knott, directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Barbara Bel Geddes, James Tolkan, Joseph Mascolo, Leslie Grega, Beeson Carroll, Barry Hoffman, Beau James, Michael Baseleon She Loves Me – book by Joe Masteroff, Music by Jerry Bock, Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, based on a play by Miklos Laszlo, directed by Milton Lyon, with Jeanie Carson, Biff McGuire, Ray Allen, Robert Mesrobian, Ray Fry, Steve Kraft, John Mintun, Tracey Phelps, Tom Shields, Larry Kert A Singular Man – by J.P. Donleavy, directed by Leo Garen, with E.G. Marshall, Sally Kellerman, Dick Schaal, Millie Slavin, Barbara Barrie


The Little Foxes – by Lillian Hellman, original stage production by Mike Nichols, with Geraldin Page, Richard Dysart, Betty Field, John Beal, Jack Manning, Franklin Kiser, Russell Gold, Mary Sullivan, Gertrude Jeanette, Andre Womble Desk Set – by William Marchant, directed by Gus Schirmer, with Shirley Booth, Paul McGrath, Ray Fulmer, Evelyn Page, Yolande Bavan, Alice Spivak, Liz Sheridan, Betty Linton, Peter Shawn, Alan James, Morris Kalman, Beverly Haviland, Rick Frankel, Ann Sargent, James Malloy The Star Spangled Girl – by Neil Simon, directed by Frank Corsaro, with Keir Dullea, Terry Kiser, K.C.Townsend Black Comedy/The White Liars – by Peter Shaffer, directed by Paul Melton, with Dick Shawn, Joan Darling, John Horn; Black Comedy - by Peter Shaffer, directed by Paul Melton, with Dick Shawn, Joan Darling, John Horn, Diana Walker, Paul Benedict, Jerry Terheyden, Florence Tarlow, John O'Leary Don't Drink the Water – by Woody Allen, directed by Ross Bowman, with Hans Conried, Dody Goodman, Joan McCall, Peter Helm, John Hallow, Roy Monsell, Don Draper, Luke Andreas, Joe Endes, J. Frank Lucas, Morris Kalman, Jean Bross, Shelly Susskind, David Cupp, Gary Glanz The Odd Couple – by Neil Simon, directed by Mike Kellin, with George Gobel, Mike Kellin, Nathaniel Frey, Don Simms, Charles Randall, Harry Eno, Lois de Banzie, Diane de Lorian The Lion in Winter – by James Goldman, directed by Larry Arrick, with Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel, Ron Leibman, Micheal Hawkins, Anne Draper, Douglas Travis, Alan Howard Private Lives, by Noel Coward, directed by Richard Barr, with Joan Fontaine, Peter Pagan, Patricia Cutts, Georgia Healsip, Tom Helmore Everybody's Girl – by John Patrick, with Vivian Vance, Cynthia bebout, Roy R. Scheider, Henry Thomas, Robert Dannenberg, David Christmas, Paul Thorne, Chris Ballmer, Peter Elwell, Robert Gaus Cactus Flower – by Abe Burrows, based on a play by Pierre Barrillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy, directed by George Sherman, with Craig Stevens, Alexis Smith, Philip Cusack, Jenny O'Hara, Rudolph Willrich, Marcella Martin, Laura Miller, Errol Selsby, Arn Weiner


You Know I Can't Hear You When the Water's Running – by Robert Anderson, directed by Eddie Bracken, with Eddie Bracken, Michaele Myers, Robert Elston, Susan Bracken, Sherman Lloyd The Show Off – by George Kelly, directed by John McQuiggan, with George Grizzard, Jessie Royce Landis, Joseph Bird, Monica Lovett, Martha Bundy, Drew Snyder, Donald Gantry, Harley Hackett, Robert Paget The Chic Live – by Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher, directed by George Sherman,with James Whitmore , Audra Lindley, Patricia McAneny, Tom Urich, Milo Bolton There's a Girl in my Soup – by Terence Frisby, directed by William Shatner,with William Shatner, Jill Haworth, James Valentine, Anne Murray, Linda Simon, John Eames, Paul Collins Why I Went Crazy – by Charles Dizenzo, a David Merrick production, directed by Joshua Logan, with Imogene Coca, Arnold Stang, Richard Castellano, Candy Azzara, Armand Assante, Mort Marshall Spofford – by Herman Shumlin, based on the novel "Reuben, Reuben" by Peter DeVries, directed by Gordon Hunt, with Hans Conried, Annette Hunt, Mary Cooper, Eileen Letchworth, Hansford Rowe, Martha Miller, Phillip Schopper, Kathleen Morrison, Ralph Drischell, Fred Miller, Linda Parrish, Jerome Dempsey The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie – by Jay Allen, adopted from the novel by Muriel Spark, directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Betsy Palmer, Douglas Watson, Paddy Croft, Remak Ramsay, Jane Hallaran, Robert Blackburn, Janice Mars, Judy Dowd, Maureen Mooney, Swoosie Kurtz, Valerie Beaman, Evie Righter, Celia Watson, Brenda Biddle, Julie Evans, Beth Hughes, Paula Mirk, Elizabeth Smith The Sound of Murder – by William Fairchild, directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Jeannie Carson, Biff McGuire, Hurd Hatfield, Olive Deering, Leon Shaw, John Milligan Janus – by Carolyn Green, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Myrna Loy, Carolin Green, William Roerick, Charles Braswell, Earl Montgomery, Lizabeth Pritchett A Place for Polly – by Lonnie Coleman, directed by Arthur A. Seidelman, with Joan Hacket, Darryl Hickman, Evelyn Russel, Betsy von Furstenburg, Michael Hadge, Leona Maricle, Gordon B. Clarke, Humbert Allen Astredo, Walt Wanderman Butterflies are Free – (World Premiere), by Leonard Gershe,  directed by Milton Katselas, with Keir Dullea, Maureen O'Sullivan, Blythe Danner, Michael Zaslow South Pacific – music by Richard Rodgers, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II, book by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan, adapted from James A. Michener's "Tales of the South Pacific", directed by David Davis, with Cynthia Onrubia, Chandra Sharma, Michael Perrier, Sandra Deel, Paul Ukena, Alyce Webb, Bruce Campbell, Kenneth McMillian, William McCathy, Jack Trussel, Edward Stevlingson, Llewellyn Thomas, James Robinson, Charles Sweigart, Dan Kruger, William Barone, Bill Boss, Larry McMillian, Sara Louise, Irma Rogers, Carol Gelfand, Barbara Cowley, Cely Carrillo, Michael Nelson


Dames At Sea – by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller, Music by Jim Wise, with Julie Newmar, Marian Mercer The Tender Trap – by Max Shulman and Robert Paul Smith, with William Shatner, Marilyn Wayne, Bill Mooney, Judy Jordan, Geraldine Court, Jane Zachary, Matthew Tobin, Richard Kuss The Boys in the Band – by Mart Crowley Best of Friends – by James Elward, directed by Eugene O'Sullivan, with Shirley Booth, Donald Woods, Patrick McVey, Joe Henderson, Jacque Lynn Colton, Tom Brannum, Jennifer Warren, David Rosenbaum, Michaele Myers Boeing-Boeing – by Marc Camoletti, English adaptation by Beverly Cross, with Van Johnson, Dorothy Emmerson, Ruth Kobart, Peter Pagan, Sarah Sanders, Laryssa Lauret The Secretary Bird – (American Premiere), by William Douglas Home, with Edward Mulhare, Inga Swenson, Patty Croft, Jennifer Tilston, John Gabriel Signpost to Murder – by Monty Doyle, directed by Charles Maryan, with David McCallum, Tanny McDonald, Peter Rogan, John Leighton, Shawn McAllister, Jerome Raphael Blithe Spirit – by Noel Coward, directed by Charles Forsythe, with Noel Harrison, Ell Miocene, Angela Thornton, Richard Kendrick, mary Orr, Cavada Humphrey, Elizabeth Hubbard Relatively Speaking – (American Premiere), by Alan Ayckbourn, dierected by Ben Janney, with Joan Fontaine, Ian Martin, Miranda Fellows, Neil Hunt An Evening of Laughter and Music – Norman Geller, musical conductor, with Phil Ford, Mimi Hines Play It Again, Sam – by Woody Allen, directed by Jeremiah Morris, with George Gobel, Anne Linden, Bob Sacchi, Dan Frazer, Laura May Lewis, Samantha Doane, John Abrahams, Enid Edman, Lyssa Higgins, Leigh Carole, Eda Zahl Light Up the Sky – by Moss Hart, directed by Harold J. Kennedy, with Kitty Carlisle, Jan Sterling, Sam Levene, Kay Medford, Mark O'Daniels, Harold J. Kennedy, Michael Goodwin, Peter Adams, Jack Collard, Peggy Winslow, Richard Isaacs, David de Rosa The Price – by Arthur Miller, directed by Joseph Anthony, with Joseph Buloff, Betty Miller, Carle Bensen, Douglass Watson


Plaza Suite – by Neil Simon, directed by Jeremiah Morris, with Barry Nelson, Dorothy Loudon, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Epy Baca, Richard Alleman Forty Carats – by Jay Allen, from a play by Barillet and Grede, directed by Charles Maryan, with Barbara Britton, Robert Darnell, Nancy Cushman, Gil Rogers, Barbara Stanton, Tracy Brooks Swope, Ed Fuller, Robert Dannenberg, Minette Hirsch, Christopher Czukor, Greg Callahan The Mousetrap – by Agatha Christie, directed by Noel Harrison, with Noel Harrison, Paul Collins, Cara Duff-MacCormack, Rudolph Willrich, Daryn Kent, Ivan Smith, Allan Frank, Marie Paxton I Do! I Do! – books and Lyrics by Tom Jones, Music by Harvey Schmidt, based on "The Four Poster" by Jan De Hartog, directed and choreographed by Wade Miller, with Patrice Munsel and Stephen Douglas Marriage & Money – "A Proposal" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Rip Torn, with Geraldine Page, Rip Torn, Muni Seroff; "A Marriage Has Been Arranged" by Alfred Sutro, directed by Rip Torn, with Rip Torn, Geraldine Page; "The Bear" by Anton Chekhov, directed by Rip Torn, with Geraldine Page, Muni Seroff, Rip Torn Promenade, All! – by David V. Robison, directed by William Francisco, with Hume Cronyn, Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Richard Backus And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little – by Paul Zindel, directed by Jerry Adler, with Sandy Dennis, Salome Jens, M'el Dowd, Helen Page Camp, Walt Wanderman, Yvonne Vincic, David Friedman The Right Honourable Gentleman – by Michael Dyne, directed by Roderick Cook, with Edward Mulhare, Beatrice Straight, Carolyn Lagerfelt, John High, DeAnn Mears, Guy Spaull, Edward Holmes, Joan Croydon, Ellen Tovatt, Rex Thompson, George Taylor, Mary Alan Hokanson, Laurinda Barrett The Warm Peninsula – by Joe Masteroff, directed by Jack O'Brien, with Tammy Grimes, Jan Sterling, Geoffrey Scott, Theodore Sorel, Edith Meiser, Michael Prince, James Whittle Norman, Is That You? – by Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick, directed by Charles Olsen, with Hans Conried, Charlotte Rae, Alec Murphy, Peter Simpson, Judith Jordan The Big Coca-Cola Swamp in the Sky – by Jay Broad, directed by Jose Quintero, with Colleen Dewhurst, Chris Sarandon Fiddler on the Roof – book by Joseph Stein, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, music by Jerry Block, directed and choregraphed by Frank Coppola, with Mike Kellin, Susan Willis, Avril Gentles, Fyv Finkel, Lee Horwin, Madeline Miller, Stuart Howard, Christopher Carroll, Elizabeth Hale, John Bentley, Fred Weiss, Dallas Alinder, George Axler, Peter Bosche, Melody Gale, Cynthia Lister, Claude Simon, Coleman White, Dorothy Lister, Leslie Miller, Richard Beneville, Jerry Bell, Larry Landau, Louis Warner, Herb Wilson, Iris Acker, Samuel Bruce, Joe Triplino


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A Song for Cyrano – music and lyrics by Robert Craig Wright and George Forrest, book by J. Vincent Smith, directed by Jose Ferrer, with Jose Ferrer, Willi Burke, Don McKay, Edmund Lyndeck, Keith Kaldenberg, Marshall Borden, Helon Blount, Adam Petroski, Al Desio, Curt Ralston, Joy Chutz, Marie King, Louise Reichlin, Richard Miller, Edward Easton, Genette Lane, James Anthony, Samuel Bruce, Stephen Fenning, Robert Henersen, Richard Miller, Curt Ralston, Burt Rodriquez, Hank Shobe, Clyde P. Walker, Melanie Lerner, Louise Reichlin 6 RMS RIV VW – by Bob Randall, directed by Jerry Adler, with Jerry Orbach, Marcia Rodd, Jennifer Warren, Nancy R. Pollock, Randall Robbins, Alex Colon, Madeleine Fisher, Edmund Day Twigs – by George Furth, staged by Bud Coffey, with Sada Thompson, Herbert Nelson, Jack Murdock, Mark Dawson, James Noble, Macintyre Dixon, Walter Klavun, Ned Farster Suddenly at Home – by Francis Durbridge, directed by Peter Levin, with Jack Cassidy, Scott McKay, Valerie French, Kathryn Walker, Laurinda Barrett, Veleka Gray, Anthony Palmer, Edward Holmes The Jockey Club Stakes – by William Douglas Home, directed by Cyril Ritchard, with Wilfred Hyde-White, Ronald Drake, Dillon Evans, Caroline Lagerfelt, Michael Lewis, Rudolph Willrich, Norman Barrs, Christopher Bernau, Ethel Drew, Chet Carlin, Douglas Norwick, Enid Rodgers, Roy Cooper The Gershwin Years ­– music by George Gershwin, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, directed and choreographed by Bob Herget, with Barbara Cook, Nancy Dussault, Helen Gallagher, Harold Lang, Steve Ross, Edward Morris The Poison Tree – by Ronald Ribman, directed by Arthur Sherman, with Al Freeman, Jr., Ron O'Neal, Moses Gunn, Richard Jordan, Daniel Barton, Charles Bergansky, Gerry Black, Howard Green, Parker McCormick, Don Plumley, Martin Shakar, Arlen Dean Snyder, Dennis Tate, Charles Turner Preservation Hall Jazz Band – presented by arrangement with Stephen Baffrey, with DeDe Pierce (Trumpet), Billie Pierce (Piano), Josiah "Cie" Frazier (Drums), "Big Jim" Robinson (Trombone), Willie Humphrey (Clarinet), Allan Jaffe (Tuba) Summer & Smoke – by Tennessee Williams, directed by Jeffrey Hayden, with Eva Marie Saint, Ronny Cox, Linda Kelsey, Harry Ellerbe, Jon Lormer, Amzie Strickland, Christine Avila, Mark Herron, Ethel Dugan, Howard Brunner, Ben Jones, Darrell Hayden, Sharon Beard, Oswaldo Calvo The New Mount Olive Motel – by Steven Gethers, directed by Burt Brinckerhoff, with James Whitmore, Audra Lindley, Alan Manson, Maureen Silliman, Adam Arkin, William Duell, Josip Elic, Harry Eno, Rene Enriquez, Sam Gray, Robert Kya-hill, Alek Primrose, Shev Rogers Prisoner of 2nd Avenue – by Neil Simon, directed by Tom Porter, with Art Carney, Barbara Carney, Ruth Jaroslow, Jane Courtney, Elsa Raven, Willard Waterman Butley – by Simon Gray, directed by James Hammerstein, original London production by Harold Pinter, with Brian Bedford, Paul Jott, Barbara Lester, Sharon Laughlin, James Hummert, Saylor Creswell, Linda Charet


Sleuth – by Anthony Shaffer, directed by Warren Crane, with Patrick MacNee, Jordan Christopher, Stanley Rushton, Robin Mayfield, Liam McNulty The Sunshine Boys – by Neil Simon, directed by James Bernardi, with Jack Guilford, Lou Jacobi, Jeremy Stevens, Lee Meredith, Rosetta LeNoire, John Newhouse, Mark Rodman Godspell – music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, directed by Larry Whiteley, with Claudine Cassan, Randy Martin, Judy Congess, David Michaels, Bruce Connelly, Melinda Tanner, Barbara Deutsch, Michael Tucci, Michele Mais, James G. Vaughan, Jon Buffington, Marilyn Pasekoff, Barbara Niles, M. J. Quinn  Finishing Touches – by Jean Kerr, directed by Wayne Carson, with Barbara Bel Geddes, Laurence Hugo, Gene Rupert, Carolin Groves, Jeanne Lange, Edward Clinton, Andrew Ian McMillan, Richard Backus Crown Matrimonial – by Royce Ryton, directed by Ben Janney, with Eileen Herlie, David McCallum, Patrick Horgan, Paddy Croft, Marie Paxton, Enid Rodgers, Cynthia Hopkins, Elizabeth Swain, Donald Bishop Born Yesterday ­– by Garson Kanin, directed by Stephen Porter, with Sandy Dennis, Gary Merrill, Peter Brandon, Eugene Stuckmann, Raymond Cole, Guy Spaull, Joan Croydon, James Carnelia, Sally Birckhead, David Buckner, Mark Mallo, Gerry Merrill, Sheila Johnson, Walter Smith That Championship Season – by Jason Miller, directed by John Mahon, with Broderick Crawford, Danny Aiello, Martin Cassidy, Jack Collard, Peter MacLean Oh Coward! – words and music by Noel Coward, devised and directed by Roderick Cook, with Constance Towers, Michael Allinson, Joe Masiell One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest – by Dale Wasserman, from a novel by Ken Kesey, directed by John Mahon, with Pernell Roberts, Manu Tupou, Louisa Horton, James Lonigro, Aleta, John Mahon, Scott Bruno, Patti Miller, Eugene Hobgood, Leonard Parker, Ken Konopka, Shelia Russell, Thomas J. Kubiak, Barry Vigon, John McPeak Shay – by Anne Commire, directed by Edward Hastings, with Sada Thompson, Robert Gerringer, Tresa Hughes, James Sutorius, Barbara Dirickson, Dallas Greer, Edward Fuller, Polly Holliday Absurd Person Singular – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Eric Thompson, with Richard Kiley, Sandy Dennis, Geraldine Page, Larry Blyden, Carole Shelley, Tony Roberts, Marilyn Clark No No Nanette – book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel, music by Vincent Youmans, lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach, director-choreographer Bill Guske, with Helen Gallagher, Jerry Antes, Marsha Bagwell, Kevin Daly, Sara Louise, Jeannine Moore, Carol Swarbrick, Marilyn Seven, Marilynn Scott, Thomas Ruisinger, Debbi Bier, Chris Carlson, Jacqueline Payne, Joy Robertson, Kurt Johnson, Howard Leonard, Michael Lichtefeld, John Melof, Michael Radigan, Joel Rosina Hair – book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado, music by Galt MacDermot, musical director Margaret Harris, with Jeffrey Hillock, Denise Delapenha, Larry Marshall, Shelley Plimpton, Gloria Goldman, Arnold McCuller, Tom Schuyler, Joann Brown-el, Shirley Cunningham, Stephen Fenning, Valentino Harris, Jonathan Johnson, Barbara Nahass, Tracy Rosten, Mary Seymour, Kenny Seymour, Bryan Spencer Tobacco Road – by Jack Kirkland, from the novel by Erskine Caldwell, adapted by Haila Stoddard, music by Don Elliott, lyrics by Haila Stoddard and Joan Wilde, directed by Thomas Gruenewald, with Jeanne Bolan, Ed Bryce, Dorothy Bryce, Edward Donlan, Bert Gibson, Jo Henderson, George Hillman, Gene Lindsey, Joseph Pichette, Jill Rose, Gary Silow, Howard Sims, Diane Stilwell, Bobra Suiter, Joan Wile, Bob Wittenstein, Richard Yarnell, Belinda de Jesus, Jennifer de Jesus, Joey de Jesus, Sari Kaye, Michelle Marceau, Kevin Moore, Harold Safferstein, Judy Wiley, Chip Clemmons, Angela Clemmons, Geraldine Clemmons, Christopher Williams, James Young, Philip Lundy, Cynthia Mintz, Allan Watkins


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Roberta – book and lyrics by Otto Harbach, music by Jerome Kern, choreographed by Leo Muller, directed by Leslie B. Cutler, with Ruth Warrick, Roderick Cook, Vicki Belmonte, Patti Davis, Carol Swarbrick, Bill Hunt, Rick Gardner, Lola Kramer, Danny Carroll, W. M. Hunt, Harry Hilburn, Jayne Turner, John Sloman, Alvin Beam, Elena Giordano, Donald Mark, Pamela Kalt, Carroll Austin Snell, Cynthia Steward, Diana Drew, Terry Gene, Larry Levy, Donald Mark Noel Coward in Two Keys ­– by Noel Coward, directed by Richard Barr, with Richard Kiley, Jan Ferrand, Teresa Wright, Spain Logue The Fatal Weakness ­– by George Kelly, directed by Jeffrey Hayden, with Eva Marie Saint, John McMartin, Charlotte Moore, Mary Ann Chinn, Howard McGillin, Regina David Awake and Sing – by Clifford Odets, directed by Henry T. Weinstein, with Howard da Silva, Tresa Hughes, Lynn Milgrim,George Axler, Bruce Adler, Tom Capps, Carl Don, William Jaeger, Mitchell Jason Zorba – book by Joseph Stein, music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, directed by Jay Harnick, choreography by George Bunt, adapted from "Zorba The greek" by Nikos Kazantzakis, with Theodore Bikel, Taina Elg, Marsha Tamaroff, Jana Robbins, Dennis Birchall, Arne Gundersen, Gary Middleton, Sal Provenza, Robie Braun, Steven Rivellino, Marsha Davis, Mary Lou Westerfield, Phil Gottlieb, Tony Padron, Theodore Bikel, Noreen Bartolomeo The House of Blue Leaves – music and lyrics by John Guare, directed by Brian Murray, with Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Nancy Franklin, Ted Beniades, Margaret Whitton, Jacob Milligan, Elsa Raven, Laurie Copeland, K.T. Baumann, Paul Mathiesen, Marty Henne Checking Out – by Allen Swift, directed by Jerry Adler, with Allen Swift, Joan Copeland, Michael Gorrin, Hy Anzel, Larry Bryggman, Jonathan Moore, William Jaeger, Norman Barrs, Tazewell Thompson, Kurt Garfield, Mason Adams


A Party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green – executed by John Fitzpatrick, with Betty Comden, Adolph Green  Absent Friends – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Eric Thompson, with Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Lee Richardson, Meg Wynn Owen, Jacob Brooke, Dale Hodges The Master Builder – by Henrick Ibsen, directed by Edwin Sherin, with Jane Alexander, Richard Kiley, Teresa Wright, Thomas Toner, Joel Stedman, Mary Catherine Wright, Shepperd Strudwick Bubbling Brown Sugar – book by Loften Mitchell, concept by Rosetta Le Noire, directed by Ron Abbott, with Richard Brown, Mable Lee, Ned Wright, Marjorie Barnes, Jan Birse, Terri Lindsey, Francine Claudia Moore, Glover Parham, Jai Oscar St. John, Thomas Tofel, Lynn Allen, Bryant Baker, Ralph Glenmore, Veda Jackson, Garry Q. Lewis, Bernard Marhs, Greg Minahan, Jalia Murry, Katherine Singleton The Royal Family – by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Sandy Dennis, Gale Sondergaard, Curt Dawson, Ellen Fiske, Maurice Copeland, Edward Earle, Peggy Cosgrave, Gene Rupert, Terry Layman, Urylee Leonardos, Nicholas Martin, Mark Fleischman, Kathleen Costello, Val Roy Gerisher, Tom Capps, Jerry Rodgers, Impyrial Coquelin California Suite ­– by Neil Simon, directed by John Clark, with Lynn Redgrave, Joe Silver, Paul Shyre, Chevi Colton, Pat Trott Tricks of the Trade – by Sidney Michaels, directed by Morton Da Costa, with William Shatner, Yvette Mimieux An Almost Perfect Person – by Judith Ross, directed by Zoe Caldwell, with Colleen Dewhurst, Rex Robbins, George Hearn King of Hearts ­– book by Steve Tesich, music by Peter Link, lyrics by Jacob Brackman, choreographed by Miguel Godreau, directed by A. J. Antoon, with Robby Benson, John Braden, Abigail Haness, Kurt Knudson, Tony Kraber, Michael McCarty, Allison McKay, Judith Anna Roberts, Elliott Savage, Gordon Weiss, Martin Zagon, Dennis Ferden, Don Swanson, Deborah Phelan, Bryan Nichols, Jerry Yoder, Rodney Mac, Fred C. Mann, Pamela Pilkenton, Joella Breedlove, Spence Ford, Marlilee Magnuson, Peter Marinos, Terri Treas, Laura Waterbury


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The Crucifier of Blood – by Paul Giovanni, directed by Paxton Whitehead, with Paxton Whitehead, Christopher Curry, Timothy Landfield, Tuck Milligan, Cynthia Carle, Robin Chadwick, Joel Colodner, Philip LeStrange, Melvin Lum, Marc Mayo Diversions & Delights – by John Gay, directed by Joseph Hardy, with Vincent Price as Oscar Wilde The Magic Show – book by Bob Randall, lyrics and music by Stephen Schwartz, directed by Jay Fox, with Joseph Abaldo, Tudi Roach, Donna Lee Marshall, Cindy Cobitt, Robin Wesley, Ron Schwinn, Christopher Lucas, Les Johnson, Ben Felix, Tom Mardirosian Have a Nice Day – by Cy Howard, directed by Martin Fried, with Darren McGavin, Christine Estabrook, Audre Johnston, Ellen Maxted, Stephen Pearlman, Harold Stuart Present Laughter – by Noel Coward, directed by Milton Moss, with Louis Jourdan, Lois Markle, Carol Mayo-Jenkins, Lois Diane Hicks, Mark Fleischman, Jamie Ross, Donald Warfield, Laurie Franks, Susan Greenhill, Kermit Brown The Circle ­– by W. Somerset Maugham, a co-production with the A.C.T. Company, directed by Stephen Porter, Daniel Kern, Thomas Oglesby, DeAnn Mears, Barbara Dirickson, Randall Smith, William Paterson, Gerald Lancaster, Marriann Walters, Sydney Walker The Voice of the Turtle – by John Van Druten, directed by Henry T. Weinstein, with David Cassidy, Kay Lenz, Ann Sachs Camelot – book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe, direction and musical staging by Richard Natkowski, with David Holliday, Jeanne Lehman, Michael J. Stone, Irwin Pearl, Patrick Beatey, Gary Barker, Robert Frisch, Gail Titunik, Gary Drane, John Barone, Jane Ann Sargia, Larry French, Michael Calkins, Paul Richmont, Dobie Long, Thomas M. Goust, Mary Gaebler, Dale Kristien, Kathy-Jo Hubner, Eugene Moose, Paul Richmont  Slightly Delayed – a new play by James Prideaux, directed by George Schaefer, with Geraldine Page, Anne Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Higgins, George Bamford Once a Catholic – by Mary O'Malley, directed by Michael Ockrent, with Rachel Roberts, Peggy Cass, Roy Poole, Joseph Leon, Pat Falkenhain, Charlie Lang, Terry Calloway, Bill Buell, Virginia Hut, Bonnie Hellman, Joyce Cohen, Christine MItchell, Loretta Scott, Mia Dillon On Golden Pond – by Ernest Thompson, directed by Craig Anderson, with Frances Sternhagen, Tom Aldredge, Ronn Carroll, Barbara Andres, Stan Lachow, Mark Bendo


The Streets of New York – by Dion Boucicault, directed by Tony Tanner, with Orson Bean, Farley Granger, Katharine Houghton, Mark Capri, Charles Ryan, Sel Vitella, Lance Davis, June Squibb, Rose Roffman, Jack Schmidt, Paul Hoover, Kathleen Gaffney Chapter Two – by Neil Simon, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Anita Gillette, David Hedison, Susan Browning, Sal Viscuso Man of La Mancha – book by Dale Wasserman, music by Mitch Leigh, lyrics by Joe Darion, directed by Gregory Allen Hirsch, with David Atkinson, Gerrianne Raphael, Jack Dabdoub, Walter Blocher, Ted Pejovich, Frances Roth, Marceline Decker, Doug Moore, Ted Forlow, Bob Miressi, Jeff Newbury, Victor Vargas, Wendy Zaro, Mark Holliday, David Dannehl, Theresa Rakov, Robin Polseno, Arthur Wooten, Alan Skolnick, Noelle Allan, Paul Orentlich Children – by A.R.Gurney, Jr., suggested by a story by John Cheever, directed by John Going, with Sada Thompson, Daren Kelly , Monica Merryman, Gisela Caldwell, Steve Eugene Klotz Whose Life is it Anyway – by Brian Clark, directed by Martin Herzer, with Richard Thomas, Catherine Burns, James Higgins, Edmond Genest, Catherine Gaffigan, John Straub, John Berstrom, Mary Boucher, Suzanna Hay, Emil Herrera, Christopher Nelson, Bruce Sterman My Fair Lady – adapted from George Bernard Shaw's play, and Gabriel Pascal's motion picture "Pygmalion", book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe, directed by Bob Herget, with Susan Watson, Michael Allinson, Gary Gage, James Hawthorne, Ada Brown Mather, Eleanor Phelps, Richard White, Susan Frazer, Richard White, Dwight Arno, Edgar Mastin, Tee Scatuorchio, Joseph Romagnoli, Kelly Carrol, Elaine Freedman, Sheila Wormer, Karen Ziemba, David McCracken  Horowitz and Mrs. Washington – by Henry Denker, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Sam Levene, Claudia McNeil, Denise Lor, David Rosenbaum, Bernie Passeltiner, Christopher Blount Tribute – by Bernard Slade, directed by Warren Crane, with Van Johnson, John Carpenter, Annette Hunt, Anita Keal, Laura Beattie, Peggy Cosgrave, Timothy Askew "Da" – by Hugh Leonard, directed by J. Ranelli, with Jack Aranson, Ian Stuart, Virginia Mattis, Kevin O'Leary, George Feeney, Cynthia Carle, Mavis Ray, Curtis J. Armstrong An April Song – based on Jean Anouilh's "Leocadia" , adapted and staged by Albert Marre, music by Mitch Leigh, lyrics by Sammy Cahn, with Glynis Johns, Sam Tsoutsouvas, Julie Boyd, Ruben Singer, Ronald Bishop, Ian Sullivan, Carl Don, Tom Champion, Daniel Marcus, Adam Alexander


Tintypes – a new musical created by Mary Kyte, Mel Marvin, and Gary Pearle, production staged and directed by Wayne Byron, with Nedra Dixon, Timothy Jerome, Marie King, Mary Catherine Wright, Jerry Zaks Play it Again, Sam – by Woody Allen, directed by with Robert Morse, with Robert Morse, Elaine Ritter, Pamela Sousa, Patrick Tovatt, Lynnda Ferguson, Mark Shapiro Battle of Angels – by Tennessee Williams, directed by Rob Shipp, with John Ritter, Nancy Morgan, Jill O'Hara, Virginia Gibson, Ellen Fiske, Richard Young, Harris Shore, Earl Christopher Williams, Jack Koenig, Rob Shipp, Jenny Sullivan Talley's Folly – by Lanford Wilson, directed by Burry Fredrik, with David Birney and Meredith Baxter Birney I Ought to be in Pictures – by Neil Simon, directed by Frank Marino, with Lawrence Pressman, Deborah Offner, Mimi Cozzens Romantic Comedy – by Bernard Slade, directed by Tom Troupe, with David McCallum, Dawn Wells, Peggy Cosgrave, Laura Beattie, Aida Berlyn, Tom Troupe Images – conceived by David O. Frazier and Joseph J. Garry, music by Serge Lama, Alice Dona, YvesGilbert, Nachum Heiman, Jean Morlier, Jacques Datin, Emil Stern, English lyrics by David O. Frazier, directed and choreographed by Bill Guske, with Joe Masiell, Charles Repole, Jana Robbins, Don Hare, Jarrod Lund, Anne Parks Sand Castles – by Carol Sheldon, directed by Frederick Rolf, with Betsy Palmer, Peter Bergman, Forrest Compton, Elizabeth Hess, Anthony Weaver Merry Widow – book by Victor Leon and Leo Stein, music by Franz Lehar, lyrics by Adrian Ross, directed by Robert Baker, choreography by Richard Natkowski, with Nancy Shade, Mark Jacoby, Carol Wilcox, Harry Danner, Woody Romoff, Richard Kinter, Terry Kirwin, Herndon Lackey, Sel Vitella, Gail Titunik, Keith Austin Brown, Connie Coit, Janet Bliss, Karen Bogan, Deborah Bendixen, Cissy Rebich, Tom Garrett, Wade Hardy, Randolph Riscol, Stephen Whitlock  Educating Rita – by Willy Russell, directed by Mike Ockrent, with Lucie Arnaz, Laurence Luckinbill To Grandmother's House We Go – by Joanna M. Glass, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Eva La Gallienne, Lori March, John Beal, Ruth Neslon, Leslie Denniston, Harriet Harris, Alex Wipf, Caroline Lagerfelt


Mornings at Seven – by Paul Osborn, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Shepperd Strudwick, Patricia Morison, Barbara Berjer, Maurice Copeland, Mimi Cozzens, Patricia Englund, Carl Low, Frances Peter, Robert Moberly The Supporting Cast – by George Furth, directed by Tom Troupe, with Sandy Dennis, Barbara Rush, Peggy Cosgrave, June Dayton, Tom Troupe The Elephant Man – by Bernard Pomerance, directed by Kevin Conway, with Bruce Davison, Mila Burnette, Stephen D. Newman, William Carden, Edward Gallardo, James Greene, George Guidall, Marilyn Rockafellow, Hansford Rowe They're Playing our Song – book by Neil Simon, music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Carole Bayer Sager, choreographer Andrea Green, directed by Peter B. Mumford, with Timothy Bottoms, Marsha Skaggs, David Cahn, Michael Howell Deane, Roy Miller, Betty K. Bynum, Ann Heinricher, Michele Pigliavento Gertrude Stein – written by Marty Martin, directed by Milton Moss, with Pat Carroll Ain't Misbehavin' – the new "Fats" Waller musical show, musical numbers staged by Arthur Faria, conceived and directed by Richard Maltby, Jr., with Debra Byrd, Adriane Lenox, Ken Prymus, Eric Riley, Roz Ryan The Subject was Roses – by Frank D. Gilroy, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Shaun Cassidy, John McMartin, Betsy Palmer Lunch Hour – by Jean Kerr, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Cybill Shepherd, James MacArthur, Lynn Milgrim, Patrick Tovatt, Michael Lipton What I Did Last Summer – by A.R. Gurney Jr., directed by Melvin Bernhardt, with Barbara Feldon, Eileen Heckart, Mark Arnott, Eve Bennett-Gordon, Ellen Parker, Todd Waring Mass Appeal ­– by Bill C. Davis, directed by Geraldine Fitzgerald, with Gavin MacCleod, Charley Lang Children of a Lesser God – by Mark Medoff, directed by Gordon Davidson, with Rico Peterson, Freda Norman, Mary Beth Barber, Mimi Bensinger, Herbert Duval, Joe Farwell, Charles Jones


Deathtrap – by Ira Levin, directed by John Cullum, with Frank Gorshin, Steve Bassett, Austin Colyer, Emily Frankel Cullum, Doris Belack Twice Around the Park – by Murray Schisgal, directed by John Vivian,with Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Paulson Mathews Clara's Play – by John Olive, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Jean Stapleton, Jon DeVires, Dave Florek, Paul Perri I'm Getting My Act Together and Taking it on the Road – music by Nancy Ford, book and lyrics by Gretchen Cryer, choreographed and directed by Word Baker, with Nancy Dussault, Howard Platt, Betty Aberlin, Alan Axelrod, Martin Axelrod, Mark Buchan, Robin Cryer, Dewey Dellay, Gerard Mule, Boonie Strickman Beyond Therapy – by Christopher Durang, directed by Jerry Zaks, with Fred Grandy, Melanie Chartoff, Jeff Brooks, Jeffrey Hayenga, Melodie Somers, Ian Blackman Crimes of the Heart – by Beth Henley, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Lauren Tewes, Marsha Skaggs, Don Howard, Timothy Askew, Amy McKenzie, Janet Newberry 84 Charing Cross Road – by Helene Hanff, adapted by James Roose-Evans, directed by Edward Hastings, with Shelley Winters, Donal Donnelly, Fran Barnes, Richard Lederer, Thomas Nahrwold, Susan Pellegrino, Richard K. Johnson The Housekeeper– by James Prideaux, directed by Jo Tillinger, with Cloris Leachman, Noel Harrison Annie – book by Thomas Meehan, lyrics by Martin Charnin, music by Charles Strouse, choreographed and directed by Robert Fitch, with June Havoc, Alyson Kirk, Tom Avero, Robert Fitch, Judith Bro, James Todkill, Dorothy Stanley, Edmond Dante, Dana Dewes, Sherri Lynn Leidy, Monica Miller, Maura Erin Sullivan, Kimi Parks, Gary Drane, Larry Cahn, Bill Nolte, Gene Sager, CHeryl Hodges, Gail Pearson, Suzanne Bedford, Adrienne Dussault The Dining Room – by A.R. Gurney Jr., directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Bernie Kopell, Reed Birney, Heather MacRae, Stephen Bradbury, Peggy Cosgrave, Mimi Cozzens The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas – book by Larry L. King and Peter Masterson, music and lyrics by Carol Hall, choreographer Patti D. Beck, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Edie Adams, Douglas Easley, Mary Yarbrough, Jennifer Butt, Steven Earl-Edwards, Susann Fletcher, Patrick Hamilton, Denise Kellen, Sam Kressen, Vincent Vogt, Sally Stotts, Diana Myron, Karen Sutherland, Katy Winters, Robert Stromberg, Georgina C. Spelvin, Alan Bruun, Peter Heuchling, Steven Williford, Stacia Goad, Beau Allen, Anne Connors, Steven Leatherwood, Anita Ross


Foxfire – by Susan Cooper and Hume Cronyn, music composed by Jonathan Holtzman, directed by Clinton J. Atkinson, with Phyllis Thaxter, Mason Adams, Jeff Conaway, George Cavey, Thomas D. Mahard, Nan Wade Agnes of God – by John Pielmeier, directed by Frank Marino, with Geraldine Page, Sandy Dennis, Deirdre O'Connell The Middle Ages – by A.R. Gurney Jr., directed by Ron Lagomarsino, with Joseph Bottoms, Maeve McGuire, Valerie Mahaffey, Carl Bensen A 'Luv' Musical – book by Jeffrey Sweet, based on the play "LUV", by Murray Schisgal, music by Howard Marren, lyrics by Susan Birkenhead, choreographed by Jerry Yoder, directed by Jack V. Booch, with Gary Sandy, Marcia Rodd, Stephen Vinovich Snacks – by Leonard Gershe, directed by Robert Drivas, with Linda Purl, Thomas Calabro, Andrew Bloch, Ray Virta Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber, choreographed and directed by Tony Tanner, with Davis Gaines, Liz Larsen, David Ardao, Dennis Courtney, Timmy Fauvell, John Ganzer, Stephen Hope, Robb Hyman, Bryant Lanier, Lorene Palacios, Gordon Stanley, Tom Carder, Paul Cira, Peter Kapetan, Kenneth Bryan, Philip Carrubba, Bob Amore, Lorraine Barrett, Karen Bogan, Elizabeth Cade, Jodi Marzorati, Carrie Waller Breakfast with Les and Bess – by Lee Kalcheim, directed by William Woodman, with Betsy Palmer, Keith Charles, Mark Henderson, John Leonard, Lori Lowe, Frank Maraden Alone Together – by Lawrence Roman, directed by Arnold Mittelman, with Janis Paige, Kevin McCarthy, Dennis Drake, Alexandra Gersten, Don Howard, Kevin O'Rourke Not for Keeps –(World Premier) - by David Rogers, directed Burry Fredrik, with Frank Gorshin, Carole Shelley, Sarah Chodoff Pump Boys and Dinettes – conceived and written by John Foley, Mark Hardwick, Debra Monk, Cass Morgan, John Schimmel and Jim Wann, choreographed and directed by Peter Glazer, with John Foley, Mary Gutzi, Jim Lauderdale, Fern Radov, William Swindler, John Schimmel The American Dance Machine – by Lee Theodore, entire production under the supervision of Lee Theodore, musical direction and conducting by James Raitt, with Tinka Gutrick, Aja Kane, Harold Cromer, Harrison Beal, Newton Cole, Jennifer Dempster, Dan Fletcher, Luba Gregus, Kenneth Hughes, Eric Kaufman, Kelby Kirk, Kenji Nakao, Kim Norr, Mimi Quillian, Ralph Rodriguez, Camille Ross, Claudia Shell, Donna Smythe, Peter Wandel, Donald Young


One for the Tango – adapted by Mawby Green and Ed Feilbert, from a comedy by Maria Pacone, directed by Pierre Epstein, with Leslie Caron, Joseph Adams, Tresa Hughes, Lezlie Dalton, Marc Epstein Harvey – by Mary Chase, directed by Dennis Erdman,with Joel Higgins, Mary Jo Catlett, Jane Galloway, Richard McKenzie, Elizabeth Berridge, Ethan Phillips, Harvey Vernon, David Keith A Place to Stay – by Richard Culliton, directed by Rob Shipp,with Lucie Arnaz, John Ritter Evita – lyrics by Tim Rice, music by Andrew Lloyd Webber, choreographed by Sam Viverito, directed by Frank Marino, with Donna Marie Elio, James Sbano, David Brummel, Hal Maxwell, Amy Niles, Ron Rusthoven, Wilfredo Suarez, James Horvath, Vince Trani, Robert Jensen, David Cale Johnson, Alex Santoriello, Laurie Crochet, James Horvath, Kerry Finn, Anna Bruno, Cissy Rebich, Pamela Khoury, Richard Bitsko, Judine Hawkins, Rick Meadows, Lisa Poser, Robert Torres, Lynn Utzinger, Kathy Vestuto, Mark Villa Upper Broadway – by James Prideaux, directed by Porter Van Zandt, with Nanette Fabray, Woody Romoff, Haviland Morris, James Schilling, Kate Wilkinson Handy Dandy – by William Gibson, directed by Arthur Storch, with James Whitmore, Audra Lindley Run for your Wife – by Ray Cooney, directed by Tony Tanner, with David McCallum, Stephen Temperley, Sybil Lines, Elaine Rinehart, Tom Flagg, I. M. Hobson, Philip Hillery, Tony Tanner On the Level – by Ben Starr, directed by Joseph Bernard, with Shelly Berman, Danielle Brisebois The Foreigner – by Larry Shue, directed by David Saint, with Bob Denver, Jane Connell, Victor Slezak, Leah Doyle, Granville Ames, Sam Stoneburner, Rick Lawless Bob Fosse's Dancin' – a Tom Mallow and James Janek production, Broadway production directed and choreographed by Bob Fosse, music and lyrics by Ralph Burns, George M. Cohan, Neil Diamond, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller, Bob Haggart, Ray Bauduc, Gil Rodin, Bob Crosby, Johnny Mercer, Harry Warren, Louis Prima, John Phillip Sousa, Barry Mann, Cynthia Weil, Felix Powell, George Asaf, Sigmund Romberg, Oscar Hammerstien II, Cat Stevens, Jerry Jeff Walker, choreography recreated by Linda Smith-Polvere, musical director Thomas Sivak, with Celeste Carlucci, Linda Cholodenko, Vincent Cole, Kenneth Comstock, Jim Corti, John Crutchman, Dominique Decaudain, Tina DeLeone, Diana Laurenson, Andrew Lupp, Gordon McClure, Marc Robin, Gregory Robinson, Julie Rosenbluth, Frank Ruez, Mary Terese, Jani K. Walsh, Sherry Zunker

Fall of 1985

Night Mother – by Marsha Norman, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Eileen Heckart, Sandy Dennis A Bill of Divorcement – by Clemence Dane, directed by Roderick Cook, with Christopher Walken, Katharine Houghton, Lori March, Richard Council, Kate Hopkins, Marvin Greene, Frank Savino, Ken Parker, Mary Dunn The News – by Paul Schierhorn, music and lyrics by Paul Schierhorn, choreography by Wesley Fata, directed by David Rotenberg, with Jeff Conaway, Anthony Crivello, Cheryl Alexander, Frank Baier, Michael Duff, Jonathan Gerber, Anthony Hoylen, Patrick Jude, Lisa Michaelis, Charles Pistone, John Rineheimer, Peter Valentine, Billy Ward


Oh Coward – words and music by Noel Coward, devised and directed by Roderick Cook, with Carole Shelley, Roderick Cook, Patrick Quinn The Odd Couple – by Neil Simon, directed by John Going, with Rosemary Prinz, Fannie Flagg, Mimi Cozzens, Diane J. Findlay, Michael Fiorella, Rita Gardner, Estelle Kemler, Kirk Thornton Pirates of Penzance (or, The Slave of Duty) – an American Stage Festival Production, by W.S.Gilbert and Sir Arthur Sullivan, choreographed by Jayne Luke, directed by Larry Carpenter, starring George Ede, Jeff McCarthy, Polly Pen, Max Robinson, Cheryl Ann Rossi, Sal Viviano, Kathleen Seymour, Jan Smith, Jaye Maynard, Patti Olsen, Lucille DeCristofaro, Bob Cuccioli, Barry Finkel, Roger Keiper, Victor Morris, Josef Reiter, JOhn Tichenor, Stephen Wertz, Kevin Winkler  Real Estate – by Louise Page, directed by Andre Ernotte, with Colleen Dewhurst, Peter Michael Goetz, Maureen Anderman, Frank Converse Pack of Lies – by Hugh Whitemore, directed by Burry Fredrik, with Michael Learned, Eileen Heckart, Charles Cioffi, Edmond Genest, George Taylor, Juli Cooper, Geraldine Court, Elaine Rinehart Country Cops – by Robert Lord, directed by Tony Tanner, with Conrad Bain, Dennis Bailey, David Harum, Allen Kennedy, Holly Barron A Woman of Independent Means – by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, directed by Norman Cohen, with Barbara Rush And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little – by Paul Zindel, directed by Larry Arrick, with Sandy Dennis, Anne Meara, DeAnn Mears, Frank Savino, Rosalyn Farinella, Richard K. Johnson, April Shawhan Brighton Beach Memoirs – by Neil Simon, directed by John Going, with Barbara Andres, Barbara Caruso, Rudy Goldschmidt, Robert Sean Leonard, Alan Mixon, Joyce O'Brien, Sherry Stregack Never Too Late – by Sumner Arthur Long, directed by Tony Tanner, with Gavin MacLeod, Marion Ross, Michael Countryman, Cynthia Dozier, Patti MacLeod, Jan Peters, Richard Voigts, Doug Bora, Fred Kendall El Grande De Coca Cola – musical revue by Ron House, Diz White, Alan Shearman, John Neville-Andrews, directed by and starring Ron House, Diz White, and Alan Shearman, with Roger Bumpass, Cecilia Arana


Biloxi Blues – by Neil Simon, directed by Nancy Simon, with Robert Cain, Kevin Hardesty, Steve Sherwin, Becky Gelke, Jeri Leer, Brian Tarantina, Marvin Greene, Rob Morrow, Richard Ziman All My Sons – by Arthur Miller, directed by Jose Ferrer, with Lee Richardson, Frances Sternhagen, Dan Butler, Dawn Didawick, Tracy Griswold, Felicity La Fortune, Liann Pattison, Guy Paul, Stephen Root, Alex Ruchelman Doubles ­– by David Wiltse, directed by Peter Flint, with David Groh, George Maharis, Donald Most, Jack Arron, Gavin Troster, Jill Jones Little Ham – based on the play by Langston Hughes, book by Daniel Owens, music by Judd Woldin, lyrics by Richard Engquist and Judd Woldin, choreography by John Parks, directed by Billie Allen, with Obba Babatunda, Edye Byrde, Pi Douglass, Ann Duquesnay, Ellia English, Cary Gant, John Lagioia, Michael Leslie, Michael Mulheren, Natalie Oliver, Dick Sabol, Melodee Savage, Jeffrey V. Thompson, John-Ann Washington Wife Begins at 40 – by Arne Sultan, Earl Barret and Ray Cooney, directed by Leslie Lawton, with Charles Keating, Louise Sorel, Ian Stuart, Alexandra O'Karma, Dennis Kennedy, William Russo The Perfect Party – by A.R. Gurney Jr., directed by Burry Fredrik, with George Grizzard, Karen Valentine, Debra Mooney, June L. Walker, David Rogers


Return Engagements – by Bernard Slade, directed by Tom Troupe, with Reed Birney, Mia Dillon, David Hedison, Jill Larson, Ben Middleman, Louise Sorel, Tom Troupe, Marsha Waterbury Beehive – created by Larry Gallagher, originally directed and conceived by Larry Gallagher, recreated by Leslie Dockery, with Deborah Davis, Vicki Hubly, Molly McGee, Jessie Janet Richards, Letha V. Walker, Cookie Watkins, Elena Ferrante, Val Scott  I'm Not Rappaport – by Herb Gardner, directed by John Going, with Paul Soles, Samuel E. Wright, Daren Kelly, Liann Pattison, John Connelly, Ken Forman, Anne Gartlan My One and Only– book by Peter Stone and Timothy S. Mayer, lyrics by Ira Gershwin, music by George Gershwin, choreographed by Patti T'Beck, directed by Richard Casper, with George Dvorsky, Tia Riebling, Jan Mickens, Jan Neuberger, Bob Arnold, David A. White, Garry Q. Lewis, Roderick Cloud, Wendy Perelman, Deanna Dys, Pixely Lewis, Andrea Leigh-Smith, Nicole Flender, Keith Bernardo, William Boyd, Jr., Dexter Jones, Rick Qualls, Troy Rintala Social Security – by Andrew Bergman, directed by Peter Lawrence, with Arlene Francis, David Birney, Christine Healy, Jack Aaron, Laurie Heineman, Paul Lipson A Walk in the Woods – by Lee Blessing, directed by Maureen F. Gibson, with Lawrence Pressman, Michael Constantine


Broadway Bound – by Neil Simon, directed by Dick Latessa, with Barbara Caruso, Rudy Goldschmidt, Salem Ludwig, Bernice Massi, Alan Mixom, Marc Riffon, Marilyn Cooper, MacIntyre Dixon, Ed Herlihy Ain't Misbehavin' - the Fats Waller Musical Show, based on an idea by Murray Horwitz and Richard Maltby, Jr., conceived and directed by Richard Maltby, Jr., with Terri White, Eric Riley, Peggy Alston, Evan Vell, Rosemarie Jackson All the Queen's Men – by John Nassivera, directed by Edgar Lansbury, with Elizabeth Ashley, Robert Burr, David Lansbury, Michael Graves, Cathy Reinheimer, Nicholas Sadler Woman in Mind ­– by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Larry Hecht, with Sally Kirkland, Richard Butterfield, Rick Hamilton, Lawrence Hecht, Ed Hodson, Fredi Olster, Ray Reinhardt, Jennifer Roblin Margaret Sanger: Unfinished Business- by jerome Kilty, directed by Margaret Booker, with Eileen Heckart Speed the Plow – by David Mamet, directed Burry Fredrik, with Wayne Rogers, Charles Cioffi, Mia Dillon Words And Music – by special arrangement with Paul Blake and Marvin Cole, music and lyrics by Sammy Cahn, musical director Harper MacKay, directed by Paul Blake, with Sammy Cahn, Kevin Anderson, Alisa Gyse, Anne Tofflemire


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Camping with Henry and Tom – by Mark St.Germain, directed by Allan Miller, with Frank Converse, Nicolas Coster, David Huddleston, Tom Harris A Chorus Line – book by James Kirkwood and Nicholas Dante, music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban, originally directed and choreographed by Michael Bennett, directed and choreographed by Sam Viverito, with Denise Ashlynd, James Beaumont, Marty Benn, Stephanie Bishop, Kenneth Boyd, Jarrod Cafaro, Kelly Cole, Paul Cole, Andy Ferrara, Barbara Folts, Tim Foster, Matthew Johnson, Anne Kulakowski, Paul Liberti, Shannon McGough, Tricia Mitchell, Kari Nicolaisen, Gavan Pamer, Mark Allen Pfeiffer, Nick Rafello, Rob Reynolds, Arleen Sugano, Sarah Timms, Peggy Trecker, Kelly Wade The Supporting Cast – by George Furth, directed by Pat Carroll, with Rosemary Prinz, Marcia Wallace, Alexandra O'Karma, Laura Esterman, Ralston Hill, Anthony Ortega The Cemetery Club – by Ivan Menchell, directed by Margaret Booker, with Eileen Heckart, Estelle Harris, DeAnne Mears, Frank Savino, Betty Jinnette A Cheever Evening – by A. R. Gurney, based on the stories of John Cheever, directed by Nicholas Martin, with Karen Valentine, Laurence Luckinbill, Dana Ivey, Jack Gilpin, Jennifer Van Dyck, Jonathan Walker Lyndon – by James Prideaux, with Laurence Luckinbill The Woman in Black – adapted by Stephen Mallatratt, from a novel by Susan Hill, directed by Robin Herford, with Roy Dotrice, Maxwell Caulfield, Aubrey Zappolo An Elegant Holiday Celebration (Fundraiser)– Script by David Rogers, directed by Laurence Luckinbill, with Maureen Anderman, Lucie Arnaz, Maxwell Caufield, Stephen Chapin, Frank Converse, Hume Cronyn, Charles Keating, Laurence Luckinbill, E. G. Marshall, Marin Mazzie, Juliet Mills, Karen Valentine, Julie Wilson


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Lawyers – by Henry G. Miller, directed by John Berry, with Kevin Conway, Ford Austin, Lauree Dash, Sam Freed, Tom Ligon, Henry G. Miller Wendell & Ben – by W.M. Whitehead and Warren Press, directed by Richard Zavaglia, with Dan Lauria, Fred Savage La Cage Aux Folles – based on the play "La Cage Aux Folles" by Jean Poiret, book by Harvey Fierstein, music and lyrics by Jerry Herman, choreographed and directed by Tony Parise, with Walter Charles, Harvey Evans, Kenneth H. Waller, Linda Poser, Susan Cella, James Patterson, Tracy Generalovich, Michael J. Farina, Tim Johnson, Sandi DeGeorge, Thomas Miller, Fred Pinto, Mary Jane Robbins, Andy Eddins, Nick Rafello, Barry McNabb, Christina Fotenbaugh, Adriene Thorne, Tom Hildebrand  Perfect Wedding – by Robin Hawdon, directed by John Going, with Diedrich Bader, Frank Ferrante, Melissa King, Amanda Rogers, David Rogers, Dulcy Rogers, June L. Walker Something's Afoot – book, music and lyrics by James McDonald, David Vos and Robert Gerlach, additional music by Ed Linderman, choreographed and directed by Pamela Hunt, with Liz Sheridan, Tony Aylward, Maureen Brennan, Joy Franz, Gary Gage, Bill Kocis, John Sloman, Jay Stuart, Steve Wilson, Pamela Winslow Eleanor – Her Secret Journey – a Theatre Guild production by Rhoda Lerman, directed by John Tillinger, with Jean Stapleton


James Naughton: Street of Dreams –conceived by James Naughton, produced by Mike Nichols, with James Naughton A Bench in the Sun – by Ron Clark, directed by John Tillinger, with Tim Conway, Betsy Palmer, Paxton Whitehead Chasing Monsters – by Kevin Rehac, directed by Sabin Epstein, with Michael Learned, Ralph Waite, Victor Slezak, Jenna Stern Far East– by A.R. Gurney, directed by David Saint, with Stephanie Zimbalist, Geoff Pierson, Tim Williams, Sonnie Brown, Momoe Nakamura, Angelika Sielaff, Barnaby Carpenter The Last Night of Ballyhoo – by Alfred Uhry, directed by Isa Thomas, with Carolyn Michel, Sharon Spelman, Bradford Wallace, Rebecca Baldwin, Stacy Barnhisel, Matthew Tavianini, Erik R. Uppling Groucho – A Life In Revue – written by Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher, directed by Frank Ferrante, with Frank Ferrante, Roy Abramsohn, Marguerite Lowell, Scott Greer


Love Letters (Fundraiser)– by A. R. Gurney, with Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward The Constant Wife – by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by Joanne Woodward, with Mikel Sara Lambert, Donald Corren, Sharron Bower, Denise Lute, Jessie Cantrell, Allison Mackie, Kali Rocha, Daniel Gerroll, Armand Schultz, John Rothman Orson's Shadow – by Austin Pendleton, conceived Judith Auberjonois, directed by David Cromer, with David Warren, Dominic Conti, Jeff Still, John Judd, Sarah Wellington, Lee Roy Rogers Ancestral Voices – (A Family Story) - by A.R. Gurney, directed by David Saint, Company A 7.10 – 7.15, 2000, Neil Patrick Harris, Jane Curtin, Frank Converse, Elizabeth Wilson, Fritz Weaver, Company B, 7.17-7.22, 2000 – Paul Rudd, Swoosie Kurtz, James Naughton, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman Triangles for Two – by David Wiltse, directed by Joe Grifasi, with Jayne Atkinson, Jeffrey Jones Morphic Resonance – by Katherine Burger, directed by James Naughton, with John Cunningham, Claire Lautier, Keira Naughton, Stephen Barker Turner, Tony Ward Nicolette & Aucassin – book and lyrics by Peter Kellogg, music by David Friedman, directed by Seth Barrish, with Bronson Pinchot, Jennifer Allen, Darlesia Cearcy, James Judy, Jeremy Webb, Bill Buell, Richard White, Nancy K. Anderson, Chuck Cooper, Michael Wiggins


Whoopi- One Night Only!(Fundraiser) - with Whoopi Goldberg Princess Turandot – inspired by Carlo Gozzi and The Arabian Nights, written & directed by Darko Tresnjak, with Anna Belknap, Jeffrey Binder, Wes Day, Jack Ferver, Matthew Gasper, Roxanna Hope, Christopher K. Morgan, Darrell Grand Moultrie, Ron Nahass, Gregor Pasalawsky, Caroline Pasquantonio, Josh Radnor, Maria Elena Ramirez, Mark Shunock, Dan Snook, James Stanley Don't Make Me Laugh directed by Gene Saks, "The Music Cure" by George Bernard Shaw, with Bill Buell, David Costabile, "Caught with His Trance Down" by Georges Feydeau, adapted by Norman R. Shapiro, with Gene Wilder, David Costabile, Bill Buell, Bob Dishy, Carol Kane, Vivienne Benesch, "The Proposal" by Anton Chekhov, adapted by Gene Wilder, with Gene Wilder, Carol Kane, Bob Dishy, and "The Dangers of Tobacco" by Anton Chekhov, adapted by Gene Wilder,  with Gene Wilder Three Days of Rain – by Richard Greenberg, directed by Joanne Woodward, with Alyssa Bresnahan, David Conrad, Alex Draper Heaven Can Wait – by Harry Seagall, directed by Joe Grifasi, with Leslie Uggams, Ray Weiderhold, William A. Barry, Jessie Lynn Cantrell, Tristina Duarte, Sharde Edwards, Jerry Finnegan, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Virginia Lity, Andrea Magenheimer, John Tiscia, Keith Reddin, Peter Rini, Dean Nolen, Phoebe Jonas, Mary Fogarty, Mia Barron, Bruce Weitz, John Bowman Temporary Help –by David Wiltse, directed by Gordon Edelstein, with Jeffrey DeMunn, Karen Allen, Sam Freed, Chad Allen A Word Or Two, Before You Go (Fundraiser) - With Christopher Plummer For The Children (Fundraiser)a benefit to aid the families most affected by the devastation of 9/11/01, directed by James Naughton, with Robin Batteau, Adam Battelstein, Kristin Chenoweth, Chris Coogan, James Naughton, Paul Newman, Christopher Plummer, Gene Wilder, Joanne Woodward


Ancestral Voices (Fundraiser) – by A. R. Gurney, directed by Arvin Brown, with Matthew Broderick, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Joanne Woodward, Paul Newman Our Town – by Thornton Wilder, directed by James Naughton, with Paul Newman, Jayne Atkinson, Frank Converse, Jane Curtin, Jeffrey DeMunn, Jake Robards, Andy Friedland, Kristen Hahn, Harry Cooper, Maggie Lacey, Ben Fox, John Braden, Cynthia Wallace, Susan DeVaney, Jim Lones, Stephen Spinella, Mia Dillon, Robert Burian, Walter Kosner, Chris Wood, Danny Williams, Carter Jackson, Bill Barry The Voice of the Turtle – by John Van Druten, directed by Connie Grappo, with Katie MacNichol, Sarah Zimmerman, Stephen Barker Turner Master Harold ... and the boys – by Athol Fugard, directed by Walter Dallas, with Ray Anthony Thomas, Leon Addison Brown, Joshua Park Outward Bound – by Sutton Vane, directed by Doug Hughes, with Tari Signor, Dennis Holmes, Garret Dillahunt, Jefferson Mays, Pamela Payton-Wright, T. Scott Cunningham, Patricia Conolly, Henry Strozier, Edward Hibbert A Saint She Ain't – co-produced with Berkshire Theatre Festival, book and lyrics by Dick Vosburgh, music by Denis King, directed by Eric Hill, with P. J. Benjamin, Joel Blum, Allison Briner, Lovett George, Jason Gillman, Christina Marie Norrup, Roland Rusinek, Jay Russell, Caroline Saxe, John Gray, Devon Higby, Kathleen Mooney, Eric Thorne


Hay Fever - by Noel Coward, directed by Darko Tresnjak, with Sarah Hudnut, Austin Lysy, Denny Dillon , Amy Van Nostrand, Jack Gilpin, Timothy Carter, Tessa Auberjonois, Robert Stanton, Arden Myrin The Good German - by David Wiltse, directed by James Naughton, with Kathleen McNenny, Victor Slezak, Boyd Gaines, Casey Biggs The Old Settler - by John Henry Redwood, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Brenda Thomas, Tina Fabrique, Edward O'Blenis, Cherise Boothe All My Sons - by Arthur Miller, directed by Doug Hughes, with Richard Dreyfuss, Jill Clayburgh, Tom Hammond, David Costabile, Katie MacNichol, Caroline Baeumler, Sam Trammell, Conor Donovan, Jenny Bacon, David Aaron Baker The Streets of New York – written by Dion Boucicault, adaptation, songs and direction by Charlotte Moore, with David Staller, John Keating, Ciaran O'Reilly, John Bolton, Donald Corren, Greg Stone, Margaret Hall, Joshua Park, Nancy Anderson, Rebecca Bellingham, Terry Donnelly, Danielle Ferland Breaking New Ground (Fundraiser) – Hosted by Sean Hayes, with Carole King, James Naughton, Paul Newman, Christopher Plummer, Robin Williams


Someone Who'll Watch Over Me – by Frank McGuiness, directed by Ethan McSweeny, with Sterling K. Brown, Michael Emerson, Ciaran O'Reilly Trumbo – by Christopher Trumbo, directed by Peter Askin, with Gordon MacDonald, Paul Newman The School for Husbands - by Moliere, translated by Richard Wilbur, directed by Doug Hughes, with Mia Barron, Paul Blankenship, Joe Delafield, Danielle Ferland, Wayne Kasserman, Maggie Lacey, Louis Rosen, Henry Strozier, Andrew Weems Film Series: Young Frankenstein- moderated by Jane Maslin, with Gene Wilder, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - moderated by Robert Osborne, with Jane Powell, Rachel, Rachel - with Stewart Stern, Joanne Woodward, 2001: A Space Odyssey - moderated by Susan Granger, with Keir Dullea Building the Future (Fundraiser) - Hosted by Brian Williams, with Harry Connick, Jr. and Orchestra, James Naughton, Paul Newman, Robert Redford


A Word or Two, Before You Go (Fundraiser) – 75th Anniversary Season Re-opening Gala, with Christopher Plummer Finian's Rainbow – music by Burton Lane, book by E. Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy, lyrics by E. Y. Harburg, book revised in concert form by Charlotte Moore, directed by Charlotte Moore, with David Staller, Kimberly Dawn Neumann, A. J. Irvin, Jonathan Hadley, Joacquin Stevens, Milo O'Shea, Melissa Errico, Stephen R. Buntrock, Malcolm Gets, John Sloman, Eric Jackson, Andi Hopkins, Wendi Bergamini, Barry McNabb Dear Brutus – by J. M. Barrie, directed by Gregory Boyd, with Beth Fowler, Meg Gibson, Emma Roberts, Allison Mackie, Cheryl Lynn Bowers, Simon Jones, Noble Shropshire, Patrick Horgan, Christopher Evan Welch, Curzon Dobell, Corinne Chandler The Member of the Wedding – by Carson McCullers, directed by Joanne Woodward, with LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Liz Morton, Jack Metzger, Brian Letscher, Dana Powers Acheson, Reed Birney, Carolyn Baeumler, Emma Wiseman, Samantha Kindler, Aleta Mitchell, Michael W. Howell, Edward O'Blenis, Brett Aresco Journey's End – by R. C. Sherfiff, directed by Gregory Boyd, with Daniel Freedom Stewart, James Black, Noble Shropshire, Kieran Campion, Mark Shanahan, Andrew Weems, Tommy Schrider, George Taylor, Trevor Vaughn, Jayce Henderson, Andrew Kirsch Celebrate Joanne Woodward (Fundraiser) – with Joshua Bell, Tony Bennett, Glenn Close, Audra McDonald, James Naughton A Marriage Minuet (Playreading) – by David Wiltse, directed by Charlotte Moore, with James Naughton, Cherise Boothe, Mark Blum, Patricia Kalember, Kathleen McNenny Film Series: The Verdict - moderated by Sidney Lumet, with Paul Newman, Milo O'Shea, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds - with Nell Newman, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Mr. and Mrs. Bridge - moderated by James Ivory, with Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward The Immigrant – book by Mark Harelik, lyrics by Sarah Knapp, music by Steven M. Alper, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Tally Sessions, Beth Fowler, Dale Hensley, Kyra Miller Big Important Issues (Playreading) – by Deborah Grace Winer, directed by Mark Waldrop, with Beau Gravitte, Karen Ziemba, Jason Antoon David Copperfield - by Charles Dickens, adapted by Giles Havergal, directed by Anne Keefe and Joanne Woodward, with Mark Shanahan, Kieran Campion, Molly Regan, Beth Fowler, Samantha Soule, Sean Cullen, John Keating, Bill Buell, Nicole Lowrance, Saxon Palmer, Simon Jones, Allison Mackie, Tom Beckett, Patrick Horgan, Winslow Corbett, Siena D'Addario, Brendan Geiling, Adam Riegler, Josh King, Betsy Selman


On the Verge (or The Geography of Yearning) – by Eric Overmyer, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Laiona Michelle, Molly Wright Stuart, Susan Bennett, Tom Beckett A Strange and Separate People (Playreading) – by Jon Marans, directed by Chad Rabinovitz, with Neal Huff, Jennifer Mudge, Doug Rees Thurgood – by George Stevens, Jr., directed by Leonard Foglia, with James Earl Jones Jam & Spice: The Music of Kurt Weill – musical arrangement and supervision by Dianne Adams McDowell, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Carey Brown, Jason Ma, Mary Testa, Christianne Tisdale, J. D. Webster, Kurt Zischke The Drawer Boy – by Michael Healey, directed by John Tillinger, with Michael Countryman, Carson Elrod, John Bedford Lloyd Constant Star – written and directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Janeece Aisha Freeman, Gail Grate, Gracey Conyer Lee, Laiona Michelle, Gayle Turner A Marriage Minuet – by David Wiltse, directed by Tracy Brigden, with Doub Stender, Suli Holum, Douglas Rees, Patricia Kalember, Deirdre Madigan The Archbishop's Ceiling – by Arthur Miller, directed by Gregory Mosher, with Bruce McCarty, Sara Surrey, David Rasche, Heather Kenzie, Thomas G. Waites The Ladies Who Sing Sondheim (Fundraiser) – A salute to Stephen Sondheim, with Laura Benanti, Kristin Chenoweth, Barbara Cook, Patti LuPone Old Wicked Songs – by Jon Marans, directed by Loy Arcenas, with Michael Cristofer, Joe Paulik Sedition (Playreading) – by David Wiltse, directed by James Glossman, with Mark Shanahan, Boyd Gaines, Anthony Blaha, Maggie Lacey, Larry Bryggman, Jeffrey DeMunn A Christmas Carol – by Charles Dickens, adapted and directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Wynn Harmon, Nick Cordileone, Robert Adelman Hancock, Michael Deleget, Richard Weidlich, Ayla Guttman, Emma Ruchefsky, Mary Jo Mecca, Howard Kaye, Forrest McClendon, Christopher Hamlin, Brandon Rakowski, Steven Stein-Grainger, Christianne Tisdale, Allen E. Read, Michelle Dawson, Kitty Robertson, Laura Lehman, Ash Natarajan, Claire Hilton, Siena D'Addario, Luke Sauer, Adam Riegler, Kirsten Therese Leslie, Shannon Bolcer, Caroline Chanin, Noah Witke, Lisa Dempsey, Kyrian Friedenberg, Collin Shay


The Last Journey(Playreading) – by Tricia Walsh-Smith, directed by Carolyn Cantor, with Peter Strauss, Laila Robins, Marin Ireland, Debargo Sanyal, Danielle Skraastad Come Be My Love...Love Spoken Here (Fundraiser) – Conceived and directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Joanna Gleason, Charles Grodin, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eartha Kitt, Paul Newman, Chris Sarandon, Joanne Woodward All About Us – Book by Joseph Stein, music and lyrics by John Kander and Fred Ebb, based on Thornton Wilder's The Skin of Our Teeth, directed by Gabriel Barre, with Tony Freeman, Cady Huffman, Yvette Freeman, David Standish, Carlo Alban, Samantha Futerman, Shuler Hensley, Eric Michael Gillett, Drew Taylor, Daniel Marcus, Michael Thomas Holmes, Frank Vlastnik, Michael James Leslie, Eartha Kitt, J. Elaine Marcos, Sally Ann Tumas, Rachelle Rak Souvenir – by Stephen Temperley, directed by Vivian Matalon, with Donald Corren, Judy Kaye Mary's Wedding – by Stephen Massicotte, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Lee Aaron Rosen, Hannah Cabell Relatively Speaking – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by John Tillinger, with Geneva Carr, Cecilia Hart, James Waterston, Paxton Whitehead Sedition – by David Wiltse, directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Chris Sarandon, Mark Shanahan, Bryant Martini, Hannah Cabell, Colin McPhillamy, Jeffrey Demunn Being Alive! – Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, conceived and directed by Billy Porter, additional text by William Shakespeare, with Natalie Venetia Belcon, Chuck Cooper, Joshua Henry, N'Kenge, Leslie Odom, Jr., Ken Robinson, Rema Webb Everybody Loves a Winner – A Tribute to John Kander (Fundraiser) – Directed by Peter Flynn; musical direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, with Shuler Hensley, Eartha Kitt, Debra Monk, James Naughton, Bebe Neuwirth, David Hyde Pierce, Ben Vereen, Karen Ziemba The Turn of the Screw – Adapted by Jeffrey Hatcher, from the story by Henry James, directed by Loy Arcenas, with Charlotte Parry, Tom Beckett A Christmas Carol - by Charles Dickens, adapted and directed by Tazewell Thompson, with Wynn Harmon, Nick Cordileone, Ayla Guttman, Emma Ruchefsky, Mary Jo Mecca, Howard Kaye, Forrest McClendon, Brandon Rakowski, Steven Stein-Grainger, Christianne Tisdale, Claire Hilton, Luke Sauer, Caroline Chanin, Noah Witke, Jazhary James, Marcy McGuigan, Bryant Martin, Nicholas Galbraith, Rebecca Strimaitis, Will Ray, Carey Brown, Jonathan C. Kaplan, Jordan Bloom, Martin Menz, Peter Sauer, Camden Archambeau, Emma Langdon, Juliette Nicoloro, Leigha Nicoloro, Meaghan Elliot


Vigil – by Morris Panych, directed by Stephen DiMenna, with Timothy Busfield, Helen Stenborg Time of My Life – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by John Tillinger, with Jason Antoon, Geneva Carr, Carson Elrod, Cecilia Hart, Seana Kofoed, James Waterston, Paxton Whitehead The Real Tabasco (Playreading) – by Deborah Grace Winer, directed by Kaitlin Hopkins, with Sandy Duncan, Karen Ziemba, Amir Arison, Daniel Jenkins The Pavilion – by Craig Wright, directed by Chad Rabinovitz, with Michael Laurence, Tracy Middendorf, Michael Milligan Hot 'n Cole: A Cole Porter Celebration! – Words and music by Cole Porter, devised by David Armstrong, Mark Waldrop and Bruce W. Coyle, musical arrangements by Bruce W. Coyle, directed by James Naughton, with Whitney Bashor, Donna Lynne Champlin, Lewis Cleale, Andrea Dora, Peter Reardon, Shonn Wiley Fallen Angels (Playreading) – by Noel Coward, directed by John Tillinger, with Jane Curtin, Jack Gilpin, Joanna Gleason, Kristine Nielsen, Chris Sarandon, Michael Countryman A Conversation with Kathleen Turner and Edward Albee Scramble! - by David Wiltse, directed by Tracy Brigden, with Tom Beckett, Candy Buckley, Rebecca Harris, Colin McPhillamy, Jennifer Mudge, Matthew Rauch Arsenic and Old Lace (Playreading) – by Joseph Kesselring, directed by John Tillinger, with Joanne Woodward, Anne Keefe, Christopher Walken, Noble Shropshire, Mark Shanahan, Jennifer Waldman, Doug Stender, Tim Donoghue, Bill Buell, Ciaran O'Reilly, Donald Corren   Tryst – by Karoline Leach, directed by Joe Brancato, with Andrea Maulealla, Mark Shanahan Golden Boy (Playreading) – by Clifford Odets, directed by Joanne Woodward, with Marisa Tomei, Kieran Campion, Ned Eisenberg, Andrew Weems, John Mainieri, Brian J. Carter, Dick Latessa, Andrea Maulella, Jake Robards, Richard Masur, Bruce MacVittie Footlights and Film: A Celebration of the Great Musicals from Stage and Screen (Fundraiser) – Directed by Joe Calarco, musical direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, hosted by Julia Roberts, with Laura Benanti, Tituss Burgess, Kerry Butler, Raul Esparza, Gavin Lee, Nedra McClyde, Julia Murney, Steven Pasquale, Q. Smith, Aurelia Williams, with a special tribute to Angela Lansbury presented by Bernadette Peters. Honoring Suzanne & Bob Wright. Of Mice and Men – by John Steinbeck, directed by Mark Lamos, with Mateo Goméz, Kene Holliday, Brian Hutchison, Mark Mineart, Matthew Montelongo, Betsy Morgan, Tommy Nohilly, Sean Patrick Reilly, Rafael Sardina, Edward Seamon The Whore and Mrs. Moore (Playreading) – by Michael Cristofer, with Michael Cristofer, Marsha Mason, Cassie Beck They Knew What They Wanted (Playreading) – by Sidney Howard, directed by Joanne Woodward, with Shuler Hensley, Brian Hutchison, Andrea Maulella, Keir Dullea, Ross Bickell, Bill Phillips A Holiday Garland – devised by Eileen Atkins and John Tillinger, directed by John Tillinger, with Blythe Danner, Daniel Gerroll, Jack Gilpin, Joanna Gleason, Edward Herrmann, Anne Keefe, James Naughton, Q. Smith, Joanne Woodward, Aurelia Williams (rotating cast)


Kristin Chenoweth (Fundraiser) Around the World in 80 Days - by Mark Brown, based on the novel by Jules Verne, directed by Michael Evan Haney, with Jeff Biehl, Andrew Grusetskie, Lauren Elise McCord, Mark Shanahan, Evan Zes. Children – by A. R. Gurney, directed by John Tillinger, with Mary Bacon, Katie Finneran, Judith Light, James Waterston tick, tick...BOOM! – book, music and lyrics by Jonathan Larson, directed by Scott Schwartz, with Wilson Cruz, Colin Hanlon, Pearl Sun How the Other Half Loves – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by John Tillinger, with Geneva Carr, Carson Elrod, Cecilia Hart, Darren Pettie, Karen Walsh, Paxton Whitehead That Championship Season - by Jason Miller, directed by Mark Lamos, with Robert Clohessy, John Doman, Lou Liberatore, Tom Nelis, Skipp Sudduth The Breath of Life - by David Hare, directed by Mark Lamos, with Jane Alexander, Stockard Channing An Enchanted Evening - (Fundraiser) - directed by Christopher Gatelli, musical direction by Mary-Mitchell Campbell, with Malcolm Gets, Judy Kuhn, James Naughton, Kelli O'Hara, Steven Pasquale, Loretta Ables Sayre, Karen Ziemba.  Ensemble: Charlie Brady, Christian Carter, Christian Delcroix, Robert Lenzi, Peter Lockyer, Nick Mayo This Wonderful Life - by Steve Murray, conceived by Mark Setlock, adapted from the screenplay It's a Wonderful Life by Francis Goodrich, Albert Hackett, Frank Capra & Jo Swerling, with Mark Setlock.


And Then There Were None (Playreading) – by Agatha Christie, directed by Anne Keefe, with Geneva Carr, Keir Dullea, Beth Fowler, Charlotte Moore, Ciarán O'Reilly, Joe Paulik, Jay O. Sanders, Mark Shanahan, Mark Silence, Doug Stender, Paxton Whitehead Harvey (Playreading) – by Mary Chase, directed by Anne Keefe, with Jayne Atkinson, Reed Birney, Mary Louise Burke, Bill Buell, Brian Carter, Donald Corren, Maggie Lacey, Andrea Maulella, Sarah Peterson, Chris Sarandon, Mark Shanahan She Loves Me – Book by Joe Masteroff, music by Jerry Bock, lyrics by Sheldon Harnick, directed by Mark Lamos, with Nancy Anderson, David Bonanno, Alison Cimmet, Aaron Galligan-Stierle, Jessica Grové, Jeremy Peter Johnson, Jenny Latimer, Robin Lounsbury, Michael McCormick, Sam Pinkleton, Christopher Shin, Douglas Sills, Lenny Wolpe, Cy Wood, Devin Bokaer Dinner with Friends – by Donald Margulies, directed by David Kennedy, with Mary Bacon, David Aaron Baker, Steven Skybell, Jenna Stern Butterflies Are Free – by Leonard Gershe, directed by Mark Shanahan, with Blythe Danner, Betty Gilpin, Jonathan Groff, Andrew Grusetskie, hosted by Keir Dullea Happy Days – by Samuel Beckett, directed by Mark Lamos, with Dana Ivey, Jack Wetherall I Do! I Do! – Book and lyrics by Tom Jones, music by Harvey Schmidt, directed by Susan Schulman, with Kate Baldwin, Lewis Cleale

The Diary of Anne Frank – by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, adapted by Wendy Kesselman, directed by Gerald Freedman, with Ari Brand, Lauren Culpepper, Molly Ephraim, Philip Gardiner, Mitch Greenberg, Felicity Jones, Jack Kesy, Lou Liberatore, Mimi Lieber, Allen McCullough, Steve Vinovich, Monica West, Nicholas Wilder The Magical Music of Stephen Schwartz - (Fundraiser) – with Kate Baldwin, Darius de Haas, Andrew Lippa, Julia Murney, Christiane Noll, Carole Shelley, Max Von Essen, Ben Vereen Bedroom Farce - (Playreading) – by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by Anne Keefe, with Geneva Carr, Carson Elrod, Cecilia Hart, Nina Hellman, Mark Shanahan, Karen Walsh, James Waterston, Paxton Whitehead A Song at Twilight - (Playreading) – by Noël Coward, directed by Anne Keefe, with Kieran Campion, Kathleen Chalfant, Mia Dillon, Edward Herrmann The Greatest Gift - (Playreading) - by David Wiltse, music by Denis King, directed by Mark Shanahan, with Stacie Lewis, Howard McGillin, Jeremy Peter Johnson, Orly Salik, Luke Sauer, Denis King on piano


Chapter Two - (playreading) - by Neil Simon, directed  by Anne Keefe, with Reed Birney, Geneva Carr, Kiera Naughton, Sean Patrick Reilly Angel Street - (playreading) - by Patrick Hamilton, directed by Anne Keefe, with Mia Dillon, Andrea Maulella, Brian Murray, Mark Shanahan, Jen Waldman Beyond Therapy - by Christopher Durang, directed by David Kennedy, with Trent Dawson, Nick Gehlfuss, Jeremy Peter Johnson, Nicole Lowrance, Kathleen McNenny          The Circle - by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by Nicholas Martin, with Gretchen Hall, John Horton, Marsha Mason, James Joseph O'Neil, Bryce Pinkham, Christina Rouner, Marc Vietor, Paxton Whitehead Lips Together, Teeth Apart - by Terrance McNally, directed by Mark Lamos, with Chris Henry Coffey, John Ellison Conlee, Jenn Gambatese, Maggie Lacey Suddenly Last Summer - by Tennessee Williams, directed by David Kennedy, with Susan Bennett, Ryan Garbayo, Annalee Jefferies, Charlotte Maier, Liv Rooth, Lee Aaron Rosen, Tina Stafford

Playing Our Songs - Celebrating 80 Years of Musical Theatre - (fundraiser) - with a tribute to Bernadette Peters, directed by Josh Rhodes, with Tituss Burgess, Melissa Errico, Raul Esparza, Shuler Hensley, Dirk Lumbard, Neil McCaffrey, James Naughton, Jessica Lea Patty, Andrew Rannells, Max von Essen, Karen Ziemba, Lisa Gajda, Shannon Lewis, Matthew Loehr, Patrick McCollum, Kevin McCollum, Kevin Munhall, Kat Nejat, Sarah O'Gleby, Anthony Wayne Twelfth Night, or What You Will - by William Shakespeare, directed by Mark Lamos, with David Adkins, Jordan Coughtry, Darius de Haas, Rick Ford, Donnetta Lavinia Grays, Lucas Hall, Mahira Kakkar, Justin Kruger, Chris Ryan, Rachid Sabitri, David Schramm, Paul Anthony Stewart, Susan Kelechi Watson, Myron Lee, Chris Ryan, Nakeisha Daniel, Kimberly Maresca Dial 'M' for Murder - (playreading) - by Frederick Knott, directed by Anne Keefe, with Keiran Campion, Sean Patrick Reilly, Jake Robards, Liv Rooth, Mark Shanahan, Paxton Whitehead Holiday - (playreading) - by Philip Barry, directed by Anne Keefe, with Rebecca Brooksher, Keiran Campion, Brian J. Carter, Jordan Coughtry, Betty Gilpin, Jack Gilpin, Bill Heck, Chad Kinsman, Maggie Lacey, Jodi Stevens


 Morning's at Seven - (playreading) -  by Paul Osborn, directed by Anne Keefe, with Geneva Carr, Frank Converse, Mia Dillon, Keir Dullea, Beth Fowler, Edward Herrmann, Lizbeth Mackay, Maria Tucci, Stephen Wallem Stage Struck - (playreading) - by Simon Gray, directed by Anne Keefe, with Jefferson Mays, Jayne Atkinson, Michel Gill, Doug Stender Into the Woods - by James Lapine and Stephen Sondheim, directed by Mark Lamos, with Lauren Kennedy, Danielle Ferland, Erik Liberman, Dana Steingold, Jeffry Denman,  Justin Scott Brown, Jenny Latimer, Cheryl Stern, Alma Cuervo, Nikka Lanzarone, Eleni Delopoulos, Jeremy Lawrence, Nik Walker, Robert Lenzi, Britney Coleman The Year of Magical Thinking - by Joan Didion, directed by Nicholas Martin, with Maureen Anderman The Breadwinner - (playreading) - by W. Somerset Maugham, directed by Anne Keefe, with Betty Gilpin, Emily Kunkel, Maria Tucci, Patricia Kalember, Doug Stender, Ryan Garbayo, Justin Scott Brown, Gregg Edelman Tartuffe - by Moliere, translated by Richard Wilbur, directed by David Kennedy, with Marc Kudisch, Nadia Bowers, Mark Nelson, Patricia Conolly, Justin Adams, Jeremy Lawrence, Chrissy Albanese, Charise Castro Smith, Matthew Amendt, Tyrone Mitchell Henderson, Jeanine Serralles, William Peden Harbor - (world premiere) - by Chad Beguelin, directed by Mark Lamos, with Alexis Molnar, Kate Nowlin, Bobby Steggert, Paul Anthony Stewart The Full McNally, A Celebration of the writing and works of Terrence McNally - (fundraiser) - directed by Josh Rhodes, with Tyne Daly, Richard Thomas, Santino Fontana, Malcolm Gets, John Glover, Marin Mazzie, Lindsay Mendea, Sean Palmer, Emily Skinner, Camille Zamora, Kristine Bendul, Ally Bonino, Brandon Contreras, Richard Crandle, Cicily Daniels, Kurt Froman, Stephanie Gibson, Danette Holden, Adam Jepsen, Aaron Libby, Maggie McNeil, Ariel Reid, T. Oliver Reid, Luke Sauer, Cody Williams A Raisin in the Sun - by Lorraine Hansberry, directed by Phylicia Rashad, with Gabriel Brown, Alvin Crawford, Lynda Gravatt, John Hemphill, Edena L. Hines, Billy Eugene Jones, Luka Kain, Ade Otukoya, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Donnell E. Smith, Susan Kelechi Watson Over the River and Through the Woods - (playreading) -by Joe DiPietro, directed by Anne Keefe, with Matthew Amendt, Nicole Lowrance, David Margulies, Frances Sternhagen, Lenny Wolpe The Philadelphia Story - (playreading) - by Philip Barry, directed by Anne Keefe, with Jordan Coughtry, Blythe Danner, Greg Naughton, James Naughton, Keira Naughton, Kelli O'Hara, Jake Robards, John Rothman, Mark Shanahan


Intimate Apparel - (playreading) - by Lynn Nottage, directed by Anne Keefe, with Donetta Lavinia Grays, Lynda Gravatt, Nadia Bowers, Paul Anthony Stewart, Susan Kelechi Watson, Billy Eugene Jones  Beau Jest - (playreading) -by James Sherman, directed by Anne Keefe, with Dana Steingold, Brian Carter, Cheryl Stern, Lenny Wolpe, Erik Liberman, Jordan Coughtry The Dining Room - by A. R. Gurney, directed by Mark Lamos, with Heidi Armbruster, Chris Henry Coffey, Keira Naughton, Jake Robards, Charles Socarides, Jennifer Van Dyke The Show-Off - by George Kelly, directed by Nicholas Martin, with Clea Alsip, Mia Barron, Nat DeWolf, Robert Eli, Jayne Houdyshell, Adam Lefevre, Karl Baker Olson, Will Rogers, Marc Vietor Loot - by Joe Orton, directed by David Kennedy, with John Horton, David Manis, Devin Norik, William Peden, Liv Rooth, Zach Wegner Any Wednesday - (playreading) - by Muriel Resnik, directed by Anne Keefe, with Brian Carter, Joanna Gleason, Melissa Joan Hart, Chris Sarandon Oblivion - (World Premier) - by Carly Mensch, directed by Mark Brokaw, with Katie Broad, Johanna Day, Aidan Kunze, Reg Rogers Sophisticated Lady, A Gala Evening Honoring Phylicia Rashad - (fundraiser) - directed by Josh Rhodes, with Christine Andreas, Rebecca Covington, Lynda Gravatt, Darius De Haas, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Desmond Richardson, Susan Kelechi Watson, Mykal Kilgore, Jesse Nager, Donald Webber and Noah Racey's PULSE: Con O'Shea-Creal, Aaron Gandy, Danny Gardner, Anthony Russo, Melinda Sullivan, Kevin Worley, Jason Yudoff Room Service - by John Murray and Allen Boretz, directed by Mark Lamos, with David Beach, Jim Bracchitta, Eric Bryant, Donald Corren, Michael McCormick, Richard Ruiz, Ben Steinfeld, Hayley Treider, Frank Vlastnik, Peter Von Berg, Zoë Winters Mister Roberts - (playreading) - by Thomas Heggen & Joshua Logan, directed by Anne Keefe, with Mike Boland, Mark Shanahan, Kevin O'Rourke, Michael McCormick, Jim Bracchitta, Sean Patrick Reilly, Robert Eli, William Peden, Jake Robards, Eric Bryant, Brian J. Carter, Ammie Renée Kinsman, Chad Kinsman Crossing Delancy - (playreading) - by Susan Sandler, directed by Anne Keefe, with Ari Brand, Kieran Campion, Lynn Cohen, Ron Cohen, Dana Steingold, Cheryl Stern


 Mary, Mary - (playreading) - by Jean Kerr, directed by Anne Keefe, with Clea Alsip, Ross Bickell, Geneva Carr, Patch Darragh, Robert Eli Pack of Lies - (playreading) - by Hugh Whitemore, directed by Anne Keefe, with Jayne Atkinson, Boyd Gaines, Michel Gill, Aimee Renee Kinsman, Kathleen McNenny, Alexis Molnar, Mark Shanahan, Zoë Winters A Song at Twilight - by Noel Coward, directed by Mark Lamos, with Mia Dillon, Brian Murray, Gordana Rashovich, Nicholas Carriere, Bryan Kopp, Joseph Merlo Sing for Your Shakespeare - Conceived by Wayne Barker, Mark Lamos & Deborah Grace Winer, directed by Mark Lamos, with Karen Akers, Britney Coleman, Darius De Haas, Stephen DeRosa, Constantine Germanacos, Laurie Wells Other People's Money - (playreading) - by Jerry Sterner, directed by Anne Keefe, with Chris Henry Coffey, Victor Garber, Beth Fowler, Shuler Hensley, Jennifer Mudge Nora - Ingmar Bergman's adaptation of Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House, translated by Frederick J. Marker & Lise-Lone Market, directed by David Kennedy, with Shawn Fagan, Lucas Hall, Stephanie Janssen, LeRoy McClain, Liv Rooth Things We Do For Love - by Alan Ayckborn, directed by John Tillinger, with Geneva Carr, Matthew Greer, Sarah Manton, Michael Mastro A Perfect Party, A Gala Evening Honoring A.R. Gurney - (Fundraiser) - directed by Mark Lamos, with Sigourney Weaver, Jim Simpson, Alan Alda, Maureen Anderman, Heidi Armbruster, Chris Henry Coffey, Jill Eikenberry, Keira Naughton, Jake Robards, Charles Socarides, Bobby Steggert, KT Sullivan, Richard Thomas, Jennifer Van Dyck, Mari Davi, KC Fredericks, Tyler Hanes, Brittany Marcin, Tony Neidenbach, Jessica Lea Patty, Michaeljohn Slinger Intimate Apparel - by Lynn Nottage, directed by Mary B. Robinson, with Leighton Bryan, Isaiah Johnson, Aleta Mitchell, Tommy Schrider, Heather Alicia Simms, Nikki E. Walker Trying - (playreading) - by Joanna McClelland Glass, directed by Anne Keefe, with Helen Cespedes, Edward Herrmann Mousetrap - (playreading) - by Agatha Christie, directed by Anne Keefe, with Matthew Amendt, Heidi Armbruster, Tom Beckett, Geneva Carr, Robert Eli, Ann McDonough, Mark Shanahan, Charles Socarides


 Flyin' West - (playreading) - by Pearl Cleage, directed by Anne Keefe, with Leon Addison Brown, Britney Coleman, Lynda Gravatt,m Rey Lucas, Linda Powell, Nikki E. Walker

Painting Churches - (playreading) - by Tina Howe, directed by Anne Keefe, with Betty Gilpin, Jack Gilpin, Ann McDonough

The Liar - by David Ives, adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille, directed by Penny Metropulos, with Monique Barbee, Philippe Bowgen, Rebekah Brockman, Aaron Krohn, Kate MacCluggage, Brian Reddy, Rusty Ross, Jay Russell

And a Nightingale Sang - by C.P. Taylor, directed by David Kennedy, with Sean Cullen, Matthew Greer, Richard Kline, Jenny Leona, Deirdre Madigan, Brenda Meaney, John Skelly

The Country Club - (playreading) - by Douglas Carter Beane, directed by Anne Keefe, with Kate MacCluggage, Monique Barbee, Rebekah Brockman, Jake Robards, Matthew Amendt, Robert Eli, Amelia Pedlow

Love and Money - (World Premier) - by A.R. Gurney, directed by Mark Lamos, with Maureen Anderman, Gabriel Brown, Pamela Dunlap, Kahyun Kim, Joe Paulik

Bedroom Farce - by Alan Ayckbourn, directed by John Tillinger, with Scott Drummon, Carson Elrod, Matthew Greer, Cecilia Hart, Claire Karpen, Nicole Lowrance, Sarah Manton, Paxton Whitehead

Something Wonderful - A Gala Evening Celebrating Kelli O'Hara - (fundraiser) - directed by Josh Rhodes, with Matthew Morrison, Jose Llana, Jake Lukas, Greg Naughton, James Naughton, Michael Callahan, Richard Gatta, Adam Rogers, Cody Williams

Broken Glass - by Arthur Miller, directed by Mark Lamos, with John Hiullner, Merritt Janson, Felicity Jones, Angela Reed, Stephen Schnetzer, Steven Skybell