Paul Bogaev

PAUL BOGAEV es un multi award-winning music director, arranger, conductor, and composer. He received his first GRAMMY for Elton John and Tim Rice’s AIDA, for which he produced, orchestrated and conducted the TONY award- winning score. He was also music director on Broadway for TARZAN, BOMBAY DREAMS (TONY nomination for best orchestrations), SUNSET BOULEVARD, ASPECTS OF LOVE, CHESS, LES MISERABLES, STARLIGHT EXPRESS, CATS and THE MUSIC OF ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER with Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman. In addition, he was brought in to “doctor” U2’s SPIDER MAN. Bogaev’s second GRAMMY was as Executive Producer of the soundtrack of the Oscar- winning film musical, CHICAGO. His other film musicals include NINE, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE, DREAMGIRLS, CONNIE & CARLA, and the animated LION KING, TARZAN, MULAN, and EMPEROR’S NEW GROOVE. Bogaev also served as music director of the ABC-TV film musicals RODGERS AND HAMMERSTEIN’S CINDERELLA, ANNIE (EMMY AWARD) and SOUTH PACIFIC. He lives in Fairfield, CT.

Kayleigh Marie Brennan

Kayleigh Marie Brennan is a Boston born singer/actor/Swiftie currently living in New York City. When not on stage or auditioning, you can catch her at Ellen’s Stardust Diner slinging burgers and singing show tunes. Instagram/tiktok @misskayleighmarie 

Christy Coco

Christy Coco is a New York City based singer-songwriter and actress. Growing up, Christy was deeply inspired by Taylor Swift, recording her first EP at the age of thirteen in her guitar teacher’s recording studio. She recently released a new single, ‘silverlake’ and is working on an EP of original folk/pop music. Some of Christy’s favorite acting credits include the off-Broadway revival of Fiorello!, The Purge: Election Year (Universal Pictures) and Woe is Mary (New York Film Festival Audience Choice Award). 

Los hermanos tocino

THE BACON BROTHERS, Balada de los hermanos

Para The Bacon Brothers, music is all about exploration.

Han pasado la mayor parte de tres décadas explorando su propia mezcla de música folk, rock, soul y country. A ese sonido diverso lo llaman “forosoco” y los ha llevado por todo el mundo, desde conciertos como cabezas de cartel en Japón hasta presentaciones estadounidenses en lugares emblemáticos como el Carnegie Hall, el Grand Ole Opry y el Gruene Hall.

La exploración continúa con el duodécimo lanzamiento de la banda, Balada de los hermanos. Es un disco que resalta no sólo las similitudes entre Kevin Bacon (conocido mundialmente como un actor de primera categoría de Hollywood) y Michael Bacon (celebrado como compositor ganador de un Emmy), sino también las diferencias. Los dos hermanos pueden estar unidos por la sangre y un amor mutuo por la música de raíces estadounidenses, pero se han convertido en compositores agudos y narradores cinematográficos con sus propios enfoques distintos. Balada de los hermanos makes room for both of those approaches, offering a mix of edgy alt-rock (“Take Off This Tattoo”), Motown-inspired soul (“Put Your Hand Up”), fingerpicked folk (“Let That Be Enough”), and everything in between.

“We’re two musicians who write songs very differently, and we’ve grown to really appreciate those differences,” says Michael. “Whenever I go see a band play live, I’d much rather see them do a thousand things than just one thing. We take a similar approach to our albums.”

While writing new material for Balada de los hermanos, the Bacons made several trips to Tennessee, where they teamed up with Nashville-area songwriters like Casey Beathard, Brett Tyler, and Kimberly Kelly. They continued to travel once it came time to record the album, too. “Live With The Lie” was tracked in New Jersey, where the band abandoned the use of a click track in favor of capturing a raw, real performance with their touring band. “Put Your Hand Up,” a brassy soul song that splits the difference between Memphis grit and Motown groove, was recorded in Philadelphia. “Take Off This Tattoo” was produced in Los Angeles by Kevin’s son, Travis Bacon. “It sounded like a country song when we wrote it,” Michael remembers, “but once we decided to give it to Trav, who has more of a rock and electronic sensibility, it became something new.” The band even added a fiddle solo to “Take Off This Tattoo” — an unexpected choice for a rock song, perhaps, but one that emphasizes the Bacon Brothers’ willingness to break new ground. “We worked with fiddle player Brian Fitzgerald on that song,” explains Kevin, “and the direction we gave him was: ‘Imagine that you’re playing an electric guitar, but it just looks like a fiddle.’ He absolutely crushed it.”

Like much of the Bacon Brothers’ work, Balada de los hermanos offers a mix of autobiography and richly-detailed fiction. The tongue-in-cheek “Old Bronco” finds Kevin turning a song about his 1969 Bronco truck into a metaphor for aging. “Airport Bar,” one of the most gorgeous tracks in the Bacons’ catalog, compares a doomed relationship to a sports bar in an airport terminal. On the album’s title track (inspired by Gruene Hall, the historic dancehall where Willie Nelson played some of his most memorable shows), the brothers deliver a Wild West narrative about two East Coast city slickers who take a road trip to Texas. Whether by fate or by Faust, they find themselves onstage at a Texas honky-tonk, blessed with musical talent they didn’t know they had. “I wanted to write a Faustian story set in one of my favorite states ever,” says Michael. “It’s sort of like Texas’ own version of Charlie Daniels’ ‘The Devil Went Down to Georgia.'”

For Michael and Kevin Bacon, Balada de los hermanos marks the continuation of a musical partnership that began long ago in Philadelphia, where the two siblings were raised on a soundtrack of 1970s singer/songwriters, Philly soul bands, and classic rock acts. They’re creating their own soundtrack now, and like many artistic endeavors, the work is never truly done.

“We’re still exploring the sound we began making all those years ago; we’ve just gotten a lot better at it,” Michael says. “Music is a life’s work. It’s a universe of things yet to know. We’re still making new discoveries.”

judy collins

judy collins ha inspirado al público con voces sublimes, composiciones audazmente vulnerables, triunfos en la vida personal y un firme compromiso con el activismo social. En la década de 1960, evocó tanto el idealismo como la férrea determinación de una generación unida contra las injusticias sociales y ambientales. Cinco décadas después, su presencia luminiscente brilla intensamente mientras las nuevas generaciones disfrutan del brillo de su icónico trabajo de 50 álbumes y prestan atención a la inspiración de su disciplina espiritual para prosperar en la industria de la música durante medio siglo.

La galardonada cantautora es apreciada por sus interpretaciones imaginativas de estándares folclóricos tradicionales y contemporáneos y sus propias composiciones originales poéticamente conmovedoras. Su impresionante interpretación de “Both Sides Now” de Joni Mitchell de su histórico álbum de 1967, flores silvestres, ha sido ingresado al Salón de la Fama de los Grammy. La versión soñadora y dulcemente íntima de Judy de “Send in the Clowns”, una balada escrita por Stephen Sondheim para el musical de Broadway. Un poco de música nocturna, ganó la “Canción del año” en los premios Grammy de 1975. Ha obtenido varios álbumes de oro y platino con éxitos entre los diez primeros. Recientemente, artistas contemporáneos y clásicos como Rufus Wainwright, Shawn Colvin, Dolly Parton, Joan Baez y Leonard Cohen honraron su legado con el álbum. Nacido para la raza: un tributo a Judy Collins.

Judy began her impressive music career at 13 as a piano prodigy dazzling audiences performing Mozart’s “Concerto for Two Pianos,” but the hardluck tales and rugged sensitivity of folk revival music by artists such as Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger seduced her away from a life as a concert pianist. Her path pointed to a lifelong love affair with the guitar and pursuit of emotional truth in lyrics. The focus and regimented practice of classical music, however, would be a source of strength to her inner core as she navigated the highs and lows of the music business.

In 1961, she released her masterful debut, A Maid of Constant Sorrow, which featured interpretative works of social poets of the time such as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, and Tom Paxton. This began a wonderfully fertile thirty-five year creative relationship with Jac Holzman and Elektra Records. Around this time Judy became a tastemaker within the thriving Greenwich Village folk community, and brought other singer-songwriters to a wider audience, including poet/musician Leonard Cohen – and musicians Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman. Throughout the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and up to the present, she has remained a vital artist, enriching her catalog with critically acclaimed albums while balancing a robust touring schedule.

Prolific as ever, Judy recorded a DVD special Judy Collins: A Love Letter To Stephen Sondheim, in her hometown of Denver, CO. Along with the Greely Philharmonic Orchestra, Judy dazzled the audience with Sondheim’s beautiful songs and her lovely, radiant voice. DVD and CD companion will be released in early 2017. Judy also released a collaborative album in June 2016, Silver Skies Blue, with writing partner, Ari Hest. Silver Skies Blue has been GRAMMY nominated for BEST FOLK ALBUM in 2017, this is the first GRAMMY nomination for Collins in over 40 years.

On September 18, 2015, Judy released Strangers Again. She invited a cast of icons and young talents to sing with her on this fresh collection, from Willie Nelson, Jackson Browne and Jeff Bridges to Glen Hansard, Ari Hest and Bhi Bhiman. Judy delicately soars over a revitalized “Send In The Clowns” and breathes new JUDY COLLINS BIOGRAPHY life into “Hallelujah.” She puts her indelible touch on songs by Leonard Bernstein, Randy Newman, James Taylor and more.

In 2012, she released the CD/DVD Judy Collins Live At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art which aired on PBS. This special television program was nominated for a New York Emmy and won a Bronze Medal at the 2013 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards. Based on it’s success, in 2014 she filmed another spectacular show in Ireland at Dromoland Castle. Live In Ireland was released in 2014. This program also won a Bronze Medal at the 2014 New York Festival International Television & Film Awards and the program will broadcast on PBS in 2014 and 2015.

Judy has also authored several books, including the powerful and inspiring, Sanity & Grace and her extraordinary memoir, Sweet Judy Blue Eyes: My Life in Music. For her most recent title to be released in 2017, Cravings, she provides a no-holds barred account of her harrowing struggle with compulsive overeating, and the journey that led her to a solution. Alternating between chapters on her life and those of the many diet gurus she has encountered along the way (Atkins, Jean Nidtech of Weight Watchers, Andrew Weil, to name a few), Cravings is the culmination of Judy’s genuine desire to share what she’s learned—so that no one has follow her heart-rending path to recovery.

In addition, she remains a social activist, representing UNICEF and numerous other causes. She is the director (along with Jill Godmillow) of an Academy Award-nominated film about Antonia Brico – PORTRAIT OF A WOMAN, the first woman to conduct major symphonies around the world–and Judy’s classical piano teacher when she was young

Judy Collins, ahora de 77 años, es tan creativamente vigorosa como siempre, escribe, realiza giras por todo el mundo y fomenta nuevos talentos. Es una mujer del Renacimiento moderno que también es una consumada pintora, cineasta, directora de un sello discográfico, mentora musical y una oradora principal muy solicitada sobre salud mental y prevención del suicidio. Continúa creando música de esperanza y sanación que ilumina el mundo y le habla al corazón.

Tayler Harris

Tayler recently finished playing Grizabella on the CATS national for the last 2 years. Other credits include Off Broadway: Much Ado (Public Theater/Shakes In The Park), 50in50 (Billie Holiday Theater). Regional: Hechizo de Dios (Prima), Sister Act (Milllbrook Playhouse). Instagram: @sheistayler