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"A bodice-ripper with a brain."

Is the person you're lying with in bed lying to you online?

Ethan, a young blogger-turned bestselling author, meets Olivia, a struggling thirty-something novelist, in this funny and thought-provoking drama. Sex With Strangers explores the complicated new world in which every past relationship lives forever on the web, providing an entertaining, up-to-date take on love in the digital age.


"(Mark Lamos) is among the finest
Shakespearean directors in the world."



The greatest love story ever told
Can love survive all? Shakespeare’s most famous play transcends time and generations with the story of two star-crossed teenagers who fight to love each other in a violent world. Their families are at war, but their love cannot be torn apart. Experience this classic anew in the sure hands of Mark Lamos and find fresh truths no matter your age.


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