The Streets of New York 
Transfer to NY, 48th Street Theater
By Dion Boucicault
Music arranged by Dr. Sigmund Spaeth
Cast: A.P. Kaye, Moffat Johnston, Romney Brent, Rollo Peters, Sam Wren, Frank Conlan, Mervin Williams, Philip S. Graham, Anton Bundsmann, Robert Turney, Winifred Johnston, Jessie Busley, Fania Marinoff, Dorothy Gish, Jane Alden, Russell Rhodes, Ronald Jones, John Baker, Godfrey MacDonald,
Harold Ades, Jack Munro, Louis Massin, Jr., Barbara Childs, Ann Tewskbury, Elizabeth Howard, Cecelia Lenihan 

Streets of New York - Dorothy Gish and Rollo Peters

The Comic Artist
By Susan Glaspell and Norman Matson
Directed by Moffat Johnston
Cast: Fania Marinoff, Armina Marshall, Moffat Johnston, Rollo Peters, Dorothy Gish,
Frank Conlan, Mervin Williams, Cecilia Lenihan

Come What May
y Robert de Flers and G.A. de Caillaret
Translated by Ruth Langner
Directed by Vassili Kouchita
Cast: A.P. Kaye, Moffat Johnston, Russell Rhodes, Mervin Williams, Frank Conlan, Romney Brent, Sam Wren,
Anton Bundsmann, Jessie Busley, Armina Marshall, Dorothy Gish 

The Bride the Sun Shines On
Transfer to NY - Fulton Theatre
By Will Cotton 
Directed by Philip Loeb 
Cast: Dorothy Gish, Virginia Volland, Mervin Williams

The Cradle Song 

By Martinez Sierra 
Translated by John Garrett Underhill 
Cast: Peggy Wood, Kathleen Comegys

As You Like It
By William Shakespeare 
Directed by Charles Jehlinger 
Cast: Armina Marshall, Rollo Peters, Romney Brent, Dorothy Gish, Winifred Lenihan, Moffat Johnston, Fania Marinoff, 
Frank Conlan, Edgar Stehli, Manart Kippen, Harold Redding, Robert Lowe, G. Albert Smith 

As You Like It

The Pillars of Society 
Transfer to NY - 48th Street Theatre
By Henrik Ibsen
Directed by Winifred Lenihan
Cast: Moffat Johnson, Armina Marshall, Dorothy Gish, Rollo Peters, Romney Brent, Fania Marinoff, Cecilia Lenihan, Nancy McNight, Barbara Child, Jessie Busley, Robert Lowe, Leslie Bingham, Edgar Stehli, Frank Conlan, John Harmon, Sam Wren, Dudley Hawley, Manart Kippen, Jeanne Wardley, Ann Tewksbury, Russell Rhodes, Anton Bundsmann, Robert Turney, Mervin Williams, Ronald Jones, Jock Monro, Virginia Volland


Transfer to NY- Martin Beck Theatre
World Premier

By Rose Albert Porter


Dear Mistress
By Kathryn McClure

For Husbands Only
World Premier
By Basil Lawrence (pseudonym for Lawrence Langner) 

School for Lovers
* ** 
Transfer to NY as School for Husbands - Empire Theater
World Premier 
Adapted by Arthur Guiterman and Lawrence Langner from Moliere's L'Ecole des Maris 

The Man with a Load of Mischief
By Ashley Dukes 
Directed by Lawrence Langner 
Cast: Jane Cowl, John Buckler, Hugh Buckler, Marion Evensen, Albert G. Andrews, Alice Belmore Cliffe, James Jolley 

By S.K. Lauren, 
Directed by Jose Ruben 
Cast: Laurette Taylor, Marcella Swanson, Lillian Tonge, Richie Ling, Alvin Barrett, Alice John, Kathleen Comegys,
Geoffrey Wardwell, 
George Coulouris, Eleanor Eckstein, George Kinsey, Jock Munro, Russell Thayer, Elizabeth Robbins, Walter Osborne

The Other One
Transfer to NY - Biltmore Theatre
By Henry Myers 
Staged by Harold Winston 
Cast: Helen Ford, George Baxter, Florence Vroom, Lida MacMillan, 
George Nash, Fuller Mellish, Frank Andrews

By Doty Hobart 
Directed by Theresa Helburn 
Cast: Hugh Buckler, James Jolley, Osgood Perkins, Elizabeth Risdon, Blaine Cordner, Armina Marshall,
Kathleen Comegys, June Walker, Jane Wyatt, Cecil Holm, J. Augustus Keogh 



Present Laughter 
By Charles Brackett 
Directed by Antoinette Perry 
Cast: Roger Pryor, Rose Hobart

The Nobel Prize
By Hjalmar Bergman
Cast: Otis Skinner, Owen Davis, Jr., Arthur Hughes, Armina Marshall, Elizabeth Love, Leona Roberts, Hunter Gardner 

Understanding Women 
By Frank Mandel 
Staged by Philip Loeb 
Cast: Dorothy Gish, Glenn Anders, Roger Pryor, Jesse Royce Landis, Harold DeBecker, Harold Vermilyea 

The Yellow Jacket 
By George Hazelton & Benrimo
Cast: Charles Coburn, Iva Wills, Louise Groody, Rex O'Malley, Mary Hutchinson, Schuyler Ladd, Kathleen Comegys

The Pursuit of Happiness
Transfer to NY- Avon Theater
By Alan Child and Isabelle Loudon
Cast: Tonio Selwart, Peggy Conklin, Walter Slezak, Charles Waldron

The Pursuit of Happiness

Lady Godiva
World Premier
By Lawrence Langner 
Directed by Lawrence Langner and Jose Ruben 
Cast: Violet Heming, Kathleen Comegys, Alexander Clark, John Daly Murphy, Montagu Love,
Peggy Conklin, Herbert Rawlison, Charles Bryant

By Edward Childs Carpenter
Directed by Julius Evans
Cast: Rex O'Malley, Elena Miramova, Charles Wagenheim, David Vivian, Robert Salter, Frances Diamond,
William Mercer, Jane Hamilton, Gavin Muir, James MacColl, Edouard La Roche, Harriet Eells, René Roberti, Phyllis Adair,
Ralph Locke, Victor Morley, Edward Trevor, John Thomas

How's Your Code?
By Gene Lockhart
Cast: Mitzi, Gene Lockhart, Kathleen Lockhart, Vandy Cape, Woods Miller, Rita Gould,
Asya Kaz, George Rasely, Mabel Miller Downs, Thalia Zanou 

Heat Lightning
Transfer to NY - Booth Theater
y Leon Abrams & George Abbott
Cast: Jean Dixon, Robert Gleckler, Emily Lowry, Robert Sloane, Rosamund Pinchot, Coburn Goodwin

Lady Godiva

Gaily I Sin
By Guido Nadzo
Directed by Antoinette Perry
Cast: Helen Menken 

Die Fledermaus - Champagne Sec
World Premier
Transfer to NY - Morosco Theatre
dapted from Johann Strauss' Die Fledermaus
Book adapted by Lawrence Langner
Lyrics adapted by Robert A. Simon
Staged by Monty Woolley
Cast: Peggy Wood, Helen Ford, George Meader, Jack Hazzard, Myron Duncan, Edward Lay,
William J. McCarthy, Kitty Carlisle, Howard Philips, Olive Jones



The Chimes of Corneville
usic by Robert Planquette in rhymed version by Arthur Guiterman
Directed by Lina Arabanell
Cast: Helen Ford, George Meader, Lucy Monroe, A.P. Kaye, James Jolley, John Cherry

The Bride of Torozko
By Otto Indig
Adapted by Ruth Langner
Directed by Herman Shumlin
Cast: Jean Arthur, Sam Jaffe, Francis Pierlot, Joseph Spurin-Calleia, J. Brainard Daniels, Eric Kalkhurst,
Van Heflin, Rose Keane, Harry M. Cook, John Thomas, Phyllis Langer, Connie Ernst 

Tight Britches
Transfer to NY - Avon Theatre
y John Taintor Foote and Hubert Hayes
Directed by Miriam Doyle
Cast: Jean Dixon, Kathleen Comegys, Joanna Roos, John Miltern, Shepperd Strudwick,
Pierre de Ramey, Arthur Hughes, William Ingersoll, Mary Orr 

Love on an Island
y Helen Deutsch
Directed by Alfred de Laigre Jr.
Cast: James Rennie, Samuel Zolotow, Betty Starbuck, Ellen Lowe, Millard Mitchell, Ross Forrester,
Rachel Hartzell, Walter N. Greaza, Raymond Bramley, Honera Wilson, Janet Fox, Daisy Belmore, Phyllis Langer,
Mark Schweid, Louis Sorin, St. Clair Bayfield, Jack Donaldson, Edward Collins, John Thomas, Wyman Cane,
Gerard Lewis, John Lebor, Alan MacCracken, Lee Baker, Edward Darby, Martin Gabel, Philip Remer, John Swan,
Sid Bernhart, Drina Hill, Aleeta Livingston, Norma Taylor

Dream Child
Transfer to NY - Vanderbilt Theatre
y J.C. Nugent
Cast: J.C Nugent, Ruth Nugent, Alan Bunce

Sheep grazing in front of WCP in the 1930s

Hide and Seek 
By Richard Macaulay & Lawrence Schwab
Staged by Robert Sinclair
Cast: Burgess Meredith, Harold Flick, Barton MacLane, Helen Buck, June Martel, Jane Seymour, Dudley Clements, Dorothy Vernon, Frank Conlan, Edward Acuff, Robert Williams, Jack Stone, Millard Mitchell, Thomas Coffin Cooke, Damian O'Flynn, Clyde Franklin, Lou Polan, Roy Gordon 

Kill That Story
Transfer to NY - Booth Theatre 
By Harry Madden and Philip Dunning 
Directed by George Abbott 
Cast: James Bell, Emily Lowry, Matt Briggs, William Foran, Royal Dana Tracy, Buford Armitage, Alfred Webster,
Thomas F. Tracey, Claire Carleton, William Lynn, Joyce Arling, Eleanor Audley, James Lane, Fred Kaufman, Gloria Grafton,
Wyrley Birch, Oliver Barbour, William Wadsworth, George Carleton

For Love or Money
By Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall 
Staged by Worthington Miner 
Cast: Phoebe Foster, William Harrington, Carol Stone, Percy Kilbride, Louis Jean Heydt, Edward MacNamara, Claire Woodbury 

By Frederic Arnold Kummer
Staged by Harry Wagstaff Gribble 
Cast: Lenore Ulric 

Lady Jane
By H.M. Harwood 
Directed by H.M. Harwood 
Cast: Frances Starr, Lila Lee, Paul McGrath, Frank Elliot, Lowell Gilmore, Frieda Inescort, 
Reginald Mason, Alan Marshall, Henry Vincent, Florence Selwyn


The Long Frontier 
By Mildred Knopf
Staged by Robert B. Sinclair
Cast: Katherine Alexander, Nance O'Neil, Gloria Holden, Alan Bunce, Claire Carleton, Jesses Graham, Sydney G. Smith,
Charles Henderson, Frank Fenton, Thomas Findlay, Bill Strauss, William Grier

The Country Wife
Transfer to NY - Henry Miller's Theatre
By William Wycherley 
Staged by Lawrence Langner 
Cast: Ruth Gordon, Tom Powers, McKay Morris, Ruth Weston, Frances Fuller, Alan Hewitt, Robert Williams,
Victor Morley, Jacqueline de Wit, Charles Romano, Louis Hector, Phyllis Langner, Helen Gardner, Kathleen Comegys,
Ruth Chapman, Jane Keith, Marion O'Neill, Criag Livingston, David Morgan, Lee Baker, Edward Padula, Lucien Wolfe

The Country Wife

Ode to Liberty
By Michael Duran 
Adapted by Sidney Howard 
Cast: Ina Claire, Nicholas Joy, Paul Macgrath, Allen Fagan, Jess Barker, Alan Hewitt, Michelette Burani, Kirk Ames

The Coward
American Premier
By Henri-Renee Leonormand
Staged by Worthington Miner
Cast: Frances Fuller, Tom Powers, Robert Williams, George Coulouris, Kathleen Comegys,
McKay Morris, Patricia Calvert, Ann Manclair, Felicia Sorel, Alan Hewitt, Edith Van Cleve

If This be Treason
Transfer to NY - Music Box Theatre)
y John Haynes Holmes & Reginald Lawrence
Staged by Harry Wagstaff Cribble
Cast: McKay Morris, Tom Powers, Ruth Weston, Gle
nn Anders, George Coulouris, Armina Marshall

You Never Can Tell
By George Bernard Shaw 
Staged by Philip Loeb 
Cast: Florence Britton, John Litel, Phyllis Langer, Catheryn Laughlin, Leon Janney, Jean Adair, Hugh Buckler,
Horace Sinclair, 
Harry Mestayer, Boyd Davis, George Spelvin


Love for Love 
By William Congreve
Cast: Eva LeGallienne, Dennis King

The Difficulty of Getting Married
By Louis Vernuil
Cast: Grace George

Dr. Knock
By Jules Romains
Adapted by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall
Directed by Phillop Loeb
Cast: Claudia Morgan, Richard Whorf, Morton L. Stevens, Frank Conlan, Kathleen Comegys, William Foran, Francis Pierlot,
John Hamilton, Charles Kuhn, Ralph Riggs, Eda Heinemann, Edith King, Alan Hewitt, Robert X. Williams, Armina Marshall,
Catherin Laughlin, Lawrence Forsythe, Jane Keith, Barbara Baehrm, Kat Freney, Constance Friend, Marjory Fonarton,
Kathleen Kent, Jane Williams, Lee Baker, David Evans, Tom Jones

The Compromisers
By Armina Marshall and Lawrence Langner
Directed by Worthington Miner
Cast: McKay Morris, Frances Fuller, Margalo Gilmore, John O'Shaughnessy, Morton L. Stevens, Phyllis Langner,
Jean Adair, Anne Mauclair, Arthur Hughes, Cathryn Laughlin, Tom Ewell 

Fanny's First Play
By Bernard Shaw
Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble
Cast: McKay Morris, Claudia Morgan, David Evans, Francis Pierlot, Catheryn Laughlin, Harry Plimmer,
William Post Jr., Stephen Kerr Appleby, Robert X. Williams, Kathleen Comegys, Morton L. Stevens, Alan Hewitt,
Phyllis Langner, Viola Roache, Victor Morley, Edward Trevor, David Vivian

The Would-Be Gentleman
By Moliere
Directed by Phillip Loeb
Cast: Jimmy Savo, Ruth Weston, Albert Carrol, Morton L. Stevens, Harry Plimmer, Louis Hector, Edith King,
Paul McGrath, Ralph Riggs, Phyllis Langner, Catheryn Laughlin, the Ballet Caravan

As We Forgive Our Debtors 
By Tillman Breiseth 
Directed by Eddie Sobol 
Cast: Dorothy Hall, Ben Smith, Eda Heinemann, Ruth Chorpenning

Russet Mantle
By Lynn Riggs
Directed by Lawrence Langner
Cast: Dorothy Gish, Jay Fassett, William Cragin, Viola Roache, Margaret Douglass, Phyllis Langner,
Robert Bentley, Ben Smith, Claire Woodbury, He-ne-ah-ha-non-ton, Robert Williams

By Alexandre Dumas 
Cast: Eva LeGallienne, Richard Waring, Averelle Harris, George Graham, Guy Moneypenney,
Leslie Austen, Eva Leonard Boyne, Doris Richo Liberty




Petticoat Fever
By Mark Reed 
Cast: Harry Ellerbe

Retreat from Folly

By Amy Gould Kennedy
Cast: McKay Morris, Margaret Anglin

The Mistress of the Inn
By Carlo Goldoni
Cast: Eva LeGallienne, Frederic Tozere

Busman's Honeymoon

By Dorothy Sayers
Cast: Mildred Natwick, Clarence Derwent, John Emery


By Aristophanes
Staged by Day Tuttle
Cast: Vera Allen, Myron McCormick, Elizabeth Love, Phyllis Welch, Helen Goodhue, Leslie Gorall, Carl Rodgers,
Walter Klavun, Rachel Sewall, Virginia Gregori, Mary Lawrence, Kathryn Northrop, Walter Hanna, Eleanor Williams, Phyllis Langner,
Janet Apolant, Elizabeth Cooley Camp, Wanda Graham, Nina Gabrilowisch, Margaret Tallichet, Ted Tenley, William Blood, Dan Duryea,
Louis Marsh, Jules Schmidt, Russell Thorson, Robert Engles, Robert Bergman, Leveritt Wright, Maxine Trevor, Florence Odets, Mary Dallas,
Elizabeth Friend, Anna Erskine, Marian Chance, Ann Green, Louis Nagel, Mary Williams, Karel Veya, Willard Christensen,
Arthur Hodgson, James Kelley, Robert Taylor, John Wilson

At Mrs. Beam's

By C.K. Munro
Staged by Harry Ellerbe
Cast: Frances Farmer, Mildred Natwick, Kathleen Comegys, Alan Hewitt, H. H. Bratsburgh, Richard Shattuck,
Victor Beecroft, Lillian Brennard Tonge, Valerie Cossart, Ruth Perrott, Elfrida Derwent

Interior of the Playhouse in the 1930s

Princess Turandot
Adapted by John Gerard and Lawrence Langner
Cast: Anna May Wong, McKay Morris, Vincent Price, Clarence Derwent, Frederic Tozere, Ted Tenley,
St. Blair Bayfield, Jack Cole, Virginia Miller, Jules Schmidt, Ray Dennis, Phyllis Langner, Anga Kuczak,
Rachel Sewall, Larmar Clark, William Browning, Fred Honsha, G. Ogsbury, P. Klavun

The Virginian
dramatization of the Owen Wister novel
Staged by Day Tuttle
Cast: Henry Fonda, Margaret Tallichet, Alan Hewitt, Dan Duryea, Harry (Henry) Morgan, Richard Shattuck,
Harry Bratsburg, Genevieve Cheney, John Winthrop, Boyd Davis, Jules Schmidt, Kathleen Comegys


By Edward Sheldon
Cast: Eugenie Leontovich, McKay Morris, Harry Ellerbe, Phyllis Langner, Vincent Price, Clarence Derwent

Petrified Forest

By Robert E. Sherwood
Cast: Frances Farmer, Philips Holmes, Boyd Davis


A Mirror for Children
By Merrill Rogers
Cast: Katherine Alexander, Onslow Stevens

Fool's Hill
y Robert Wetzel
Cast: Rosemary Ames, Onslow Stevens, Theodore Newton

Accent on Youth
By Samuel Raphaelson
Cast: Sylvia Sidney, Richard Hale, Kathleen Comegys, Boyd Davis, Joseph Cotton, Alfred Kappelar,
orothy Mathews, Edward Potter, Bruce MacLain 

Dame Nature

By Andre Birabeau
Adapted by Patricia Collinge
Directed by Worthington Miner
Cast: Glen Anders, Onslow Stevens, Rosemary Ames, Theodore Newton, Jessie Royce Landis, Lois Hall, Montgomery Clift

Ned McCobb's Daughter

By Sidney Howard
Cast: Mildred Natwick, Van Heflin, Dorothy Mathews

The Inner Light

By Hugo Osergo
Adapted by Worthington Minor
Cast: Frances Fuller, Onslow Stevens, Theodore Newton

The Constant Wife

By W. Somerset Maugham
Directed by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall
Cast: Ethel Barrymore, Alice John, John Flynn, Audrey Ridgewell, Dorothy Francis, Madeleine Oliver,
Boyd Davis, McKay Morris, Alfred Kappeler

Audiences streaming into the Playhouse in the 1930s

Susannah and the Elders
World Premier
Transfer to Broadway - Morosco Theatre

y Lawrence Langner & Armina Marshall
Cast: Uta Hagen, Onslow Stevens, Hugh Marlow, Theodore Newton and Edmond O'Brien

dapted by Robert E. Sherwood from the French of Jacques Deval
Directed Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall
Cast: Eugenie Leontovich, McKay Morris, Mildred Dunnock, John Clarke, George Graham, Alfred Kappeler,
Dorothy Francis, William David, Emma Wilcox, Don Stevens, Augusta Wallace,
Alexander McDougall, Kathleen Comegys, Adora Andrews, Boyd Davis

The Millionairess
American Premier
y George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble
Cast: Jesse Royce Landis, Onslow Stevens, Barry Thompson, Phillipa Bevans, Wilton Graff

By John Colton and Clemence Randolph
Cast: Sally Rand, Theodore Newton, Richard Hale, Mildred Dunnock, Dan Duryea



Anna Christie 
By Eugene O'Neill
Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble
Cast: Glenda Farrell, Nance O'Neil, John Adair, Jack O'Connor, William B. Blood,
Morgan James, Zack Scott, Ralph Cullinan, Anthony Ross 

Here Today
By George Oppenheimer
Directed by William Miles
Cast: Ruth Gordon, Emmett Rogers, Marietta Canty, Alan Hewitt, Helen Brooks,
Etherl Wilson, King Calder, John D. Seymour 

The Circle
By W. Somerset Maugham
Directed by William Miles
Cast: Florence Reed, J.W. Austin, Oswald Marshall 

Easy Virtue

By Noel Coward
Directed by Harry Wagstaff Gribble
Cast: Jane Cowl, John Adair, Kathleen Comegys, Thais Lawton, Mary Newnham, Richard Temple,
Mimi Doyle, Zack Scott, Stephen Ker Appleby, Patricia Calvert, Harry Wagstaff Gribble, John O'Connor,
Morgan James, Katherine Murphy, Annie H. Burton, Elaine Anderson, Florence Cummings, William Blood,
Vincent Donahue, Iris Manley, Olive Montgomery

Arms and the Man
y George Bernard Shaw
Directed by John Haggott
Cast: Jose Ferrer, Kent Smith and Claudia Morgan, John Emery, John O'Connor 

By Henrik Ibsen
Staged by Alla Nazimova
Directed by Harry Ellerbe
Cast: Alla Nazimova, Harry Ellerbe, Helen Beverley, Perry Ivins, Hunter Gardner 

Outward Bound
By Sutton Vane
Cast: Laurette Taylor, Kent Smith, Bramwell Fletcher, Muriel Starr, John Cromwell, Eloise Sheldon, J.W. Austin

Private Lives
By Noel Coward
Cast: Rex O'Malley, Eva LeGalliene

Magazine Page
A musical revue
Staged by John Haggott
Cast: John O'Connor, Sheila Barrett, the Revuers (Betty Comden, Judith Tuvin, Al Hammer, Adolph Green, John Frank), John Hoystadt,
Hildegarde Halliday, Francis Carlyle, Mimi Doyle

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