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Review Quotes - Don Juan
(November 5 - 23)

"...a riveting portrayal of morality...outrageous costumes...razor-sharp dialogue, this version of Don Juan will have you talking about it long after you leave the theatre." - 11-10-19

"...certainly provocative...fresh, fast-paced and engaging." -  11-11-19

"...relevant and compelling...a thought provoking and finely crafted production that will have you discussing the performance long after the curtain has come down." - I on the Valley 11-12-19

"...very much a comedy.  This underappreciated 350-year-old play by one of theater's all-time master satirists is scarily appropriate for our worthwhile." - Hartford Courant 11-12-19

"Humor is everything here and this Don Juan delivers the laughs..."  - Take 2  11-16-19

" excellent piece of satirical and humorous theatre with vivid (if not all likeable) characters.  The pop culture references add to its vitality as a modern and relatable play." - Pillow Talking 11-19-19


Review Quotes - Mlima's Tale
(October 1 - 19)

"...probing and penetrating...moving..." - Fairfield Patch 10-6-19

"...a spellbinding and breathtakingly intense dramatic play that will have you on the edge of your seats...a 'must-see'." - 10-6-19

"...impressive...precisely directed..." - Westport Patch 10-7-19

"...a must-see play for its informative story and superb performances." -  10-7-19

"...topically important and enacted with spirit and detail." - 10-7-19

"This is a production of rare beauty, rare understanding and great moral power.  Share 'Mlima's Tale'." - Hartford Courant 10-7-19

"...the definition of a conversation starter.  It demands to be seen." - Elm City Newspapers  10-7-19

"This is a truly theatrical play that demonstrates how art can illuminate serious issues.  You will be totally engrossed..." - 2 on the Aisle 10-9-19

"This is a rare play that is unique in its presentation but powerful in its delivery and its message.  Do not miss it." - I on the Valley 10-10-19

"Haunting. Dramatic. Lyrical. Striking. Gripping. Passionate. ...stirs and ignites with an overpowering compassion that is not easily forgotten." - Take 2  10-12-19


Review Quotes - Hershey Felder as Irving Berlin
(July 16 - August 3)

"...a great career lovingly evoked." - New Haven Review 7-22-19

"Intimate. Engaging. Irresistible. Compelling. Nostalgic." - Take 2   7-23-19

"For an intimate, informative and very entertaining piece of theater, executed superbly by Hershey Felder, don't miss him as Irving Berlin..." - WMNR Fine Arts Radio  7-27-19

"...expressive and inspiring entertainment..." - On Connecticut and New York Theater  7-27-19

"...a very special evening of double brilliance - Felder and Berlin and Felder as Berlin...will stay with you forever." -  7-28-19

"See it.  You'll laugh, you'll might even sing!" - The Scarsdale Inquirer  7-26-19

"Felder is a consummate performer. He weaves the songwriter’s experiences of love, loss, triumph and failure into a history of American popular music." - The Scarsdale Inquirer 7-26-19

"To witness this marvelous magician, run to the Westport Country Playhouse by Saturday, August 3 to immerse yourself in Berlin’s story." - Middletown Press 7-28-19

"Mr. Felder is simply a virtuoso genius, a master of the piano, a composer, actor, producer and director." - Middletown Press 7-28-19

"...spellbinding...Do not miss this wonderful experience!" - 7-31-19 


Review Quotes - Skeleton Crew
(June 4 - 22)

"...powerful and impactful...a performance that will resonate soundly..." - 6-9-19

"They [the actors] will make you care about their fate..." - Middletown Press 6-10-19

"The acting is vigorous and the cast sensitively directed...the play holds one's interest throughout." - The Scarsdale Inquirer 6-10-19

"...powerfully written and well-acted...worth seeing because it grabs the audience by the heart." - 6-10-19



"...a deeply human drama about self-worth and the sense of accomplishment...There is romance and rhythm and a great deal of good humor..." - Hartford Courant 6-11-19

"We need more plays that hit home like this one." - On CT and NY Theatre 6-11-19

"Westport Country Playhouse has a real winner in Skeleton Crew and it is highly recommended that you see this show." - 6-13-19

"As always, we've come to expect no less than brilliant pieces from Westport.  Whether it is new or classic work; straight plays or musicals, you leave the theatre with your mind abuzz. Great theatre is supposed to do that---and Westport continually delivers." - Pillow Talking 6-21-19


Review Quotes - In the Heights
(Apr. 23 - May 19)

"...rollicking...the kind of show that bridges divides. It draws in anybody and makes them feel at home...slick yet warm and friendly...brings back the Broadway flash and fast pacing...simply an exceptional, recognizable In the Heights with its own peppy personality, a lot of confidence and no end of smooth moves." - Hartford Courant 4-30-19

"...a must-see...energetic, playful, and heartfelt..." - Wilton Magazine 4/28/19

"Brilliant. Original. Sexy. Timely. Passionate. In the Heights has it all...pulsating, cutting edge musical entertainment that pulls you right into the world of its colorful inhabitants using the kinetic energy and exhilaration Lin-Manuel Miranda is famous for."  -  Take 2   5-3-19

"...a crowd-pleaser...celebratory..." - New Haven Review  5-4-19

" of Westport Country Playhouse's best productions!"  On Connecticut Theatre 5-6-19


Review Quotes - The Pianist of Willesden Lane
(Dec. 6 - 22)

"If you like classical music and plucky heroines, you'll love this play..." - Scarsdale Inquirer/Bedford Record-Review 12/9/18

"Mona Golabek tells her mother's story through music and dialogue that will touch the heart and long be remembered. It is the perfect holiday gift." - 12/10/18

"Run, don't walk to see The Pianist of Willesden Lane." -  Wilton Magazine 12/11/18

"...memorable and uplifting..." - 12/11/18

" seems to embody the true spirit of the holiday season---helping others and loving others." - Two on the Aisle 12/13/18


Review Quotes - Thousand Pines
(Oct. 30 - Nov. 17)

"Timely. Provocative. Compelling. Thought-provoking. Personal. There is laughter. There is warmth. There is honesty." -  Take 2  11/6/18

"A play that definitely should be seen." -  11/4/18

"Don't miss Thousand Pines." -  11/5/18

"...very worth your visit." - The Ridgelea Reports on Theatre 11/6/18


Review Quotes - Man of La Mancha
(Sept. 25 - Oct. 14)

"...truly a musical for our times...well conceived in every way." - Hartford Courant 10/2/18

"Even if you think you've seen this show at least once before, you haven't really seen it until you've seen [Mark] Lamos' Man of La Mancha." - 10/1/18

"5 out of 5 stars.  Don't miss this exceptional revival of one of the all-time great musicals." - WICC 10/2/18

"...glorious..." - 10-1-18

"...absolutely dazzling." - Take 2  10-2-18


Review Quotes - The Understudy
(August 14 - September 1, 2018)

"...a delightful comedy...Much praise to director [David] Kennedy for grasping all of the comedic opportunities in the play and coaching his cast to deliver them with style, grace and a great sense of timing." - CT Theater News and Reviews 8/19/18

"Ingenious. Crafty. Insightful. Hilarious. Creative." - Take 2  8/19/18

"...uproarious entertainment." - 8/19/18

"There's no better way to end the summer..." - 8/19/18

"Hilarious" - Middletown Press 8/20/18

"A very funny play with great acting, a thoughtful clever script and excellent direction..." - I on the Valley 8/20/18

"I give The Understudy the elusive 5 stars out of 5. Don't miss this exceptional dramatic comedy!" - WICC 8/21/18

"...entertaining fun with theater, show-biz, romantic comedy..." - New Haven Review 8/22/18

"...hilarious and often moving..." - BlogCritics 8/23/18


Review Quotes - A Flea in Her Ear
(July 10 - 28, 2018)

"...laugh-filled...a feast for the eyes bolstered by excellent performances." - Westport Patch 7/15/18

"...mischief and merriment in this masterpiece of French bedroom farce." - Middletown Press 7/16/18

"C'est tres, tres magnifique!" - 7/16/18

"The cast are spirited and define ensemble acting, where everyone gets played for laughs and some are stand-out targets of hilarity...a good time can be had by all..." - New Haven Review 7/18/18

"...just the thing for an amusing evening out...staged with an eye on the funny bone..." -

"...fabulous..." - Hartford Courant 7/18/18

"Absolutely hilarious!" - 7/19/18

"...a marvelous ensemble of fine performers who all excel at keeping this show at a lightning pace...A Flea in Her Ear delivers." - OnStage Blog 7/19/18

"C'est magnifique.  This is a class act." - HAN Network 7/19/18

Review Quotes - Flyin' West
(May 29 - June 16, 2018)

"...powerful...inspiring...with plenty of surprising twists to keep you well entertained..." - Broadway World 6/5/18

"...foments big crowd reactions:  gasps, whoops and cheers." - Hartford Courant 6/5/18

"You should make haste to the Westport Country Playhouse because Flyin' West is only running until June 16." - Hearst CT News Blogs 6/7/18

"...a masterful triumph of a play..." - Luxury Experience 6/5/18

"...acting is top notch and the actors' chemistry compelling..." - Scarsdale Inquirer 6/6/18

"...a strong and relevant play...a highly dramatic production and one which is richly pertinent..." - Talkin' Broadway 6/4/18

"...a splendid production...filled with nuance and texture, as well as a good deal of humor..." - 6/5/18

" excellent play with excellent performances, lovingly directed...chilling, but written in such a moving way that the audience feels a part of the women's of the best I have seen at Westport." - Connecticut Arts Connection 6/8/18

"...a fantastic show that moves the spirit." - I on the Valley 6/11/18


Review Quotes - Woody Sez:  The Life and Music of Woody Guthrie
(Jan. 9 - Jan. 20, 2018)

"...entrancing..."   - CT Theater News and Reviews 1/10/11

"...genuinely stirring, and provocative...not to be missed." - Hearst CT News Blogs 1/11/18

"...a well performed and fascinating remembrance of an important man in American musical history." - Two on the Aisle 1/11/18

"If you're looking for something to take the winter chill off this January, Woody Sez at WCP in an excellent way to fend off the cold." - OnStage Blog 1/12/18


Review Quotes - Romeo and Juliet
(Oct. 31 - Nov. 19)

"...smooth and accessible..." -


Review Quotes - Sex with Strangers
(Sept. 26 - Oct. 14, 2017)

"...a whole lot more than its provocative title would begin to suggest." - Elm City Newspapers

" entirely surprising and intelligent evening of theatre." -

"...not a crude bedroom farce. Rather, it's an intelligent and engrossing exploration of relationships, writing and publication in the age of global connection." - Scarsdale Inquirer


Review Quotes - Appropriate
(Aug. 15 - Sept. 2, 2017)

"Appropriate has a special feel at the historic Westport Playhouse, a place where dozens of contemporary dramas challenged societal norms in the 1940s and '50s.  These were the shows that inspired the writing of Appropriate, and you feel their presence....Appropriate is appropriate here and now."
    - Hartford Courant

Review Quotes - Grounded
(July 11 - 29, 2017)

"A brilliant performance...kept me riveted from start to finish." - Connecticut Post

"A remarkable, must-see one woman performance by Elizabeth Stahlmann, and also a powerful show." - WICC

"Elizabeth Stahlmann gives a tour de force performance in the compelling and haunting show." -

"...a provocative play that asks many questions and an actress who is capable of holding the audience in the palm of her hand for the better part of 90 minutes.  One might suggest that is what theater, worthwhile theater, is all about." - CT Theater News and Reviews


Reviews - Lettice and Lovage
(May 30 - June 17, 2017)

June 8, 2017
The Wall Street Journal


Review Quotes - Camelot

(Oct. 4 – Nov. 5, 2016)

“Delivers big entertainment.” – On Stage

“Beautiful…a treat!” – CT Post

“Mark Lamos is at the top of the theatre game.” – Talkin’ Broadway

“Marvelously entertaining” – Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

“Wonderful!” – Middletown Press

“Robert Sean Leonard is perfect!” – Scarsdale News

“Britney Coleman is a delight.” – Two on the Aisle

Review Quotes – What the Butler Saw

(August 23 - September 11, 2016)

“This production is so polished, and so well cast, that it could transfer to New York…Broadway could use a show like this.” – The Wall Street Journal

“Timeless hilarity…make haste to the Westport Country Playhouse before the show closes Sept. 11.” - Hearst CT News

“…riotous revival…” – Hartford Courant

“…simply hilarious…makes you laugh until your stomach hurts.” –

“…a rarely produced theatrical gem worth a visit…” – Stu on Broadway

“…a lot of laughs…good fun.” - Two on the Aisle

“…sheer merriment and laughter…” -

Review Quotes - The Invisible Hand 

(July 19 - August 6)

"A suspenseful thriller…offers suspense…gritty realism…played out on an intense level.” – Hartford Courant

“Gripping in its deft intelligence…a triumph.”  - New Haven Review

Review Quotes - Buyer & Cellar

(June 14 - July 3)

“…brilliant…don’t miss this show…it’s funny and deep.”  -

“5 stars…There is perhaps no better way to spend 100 minutes in Connecticut this summer…”

“…laugh-out-loud funny…” – The Hartford Courant

“Make tracks.” – Post-Chronicle

“…Urie is such a brilliant performer that it is worth the trip to see him live in the theater.” –

“Laughter rocks the theater.  Irresistibly amusing.” -  Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

“…’must-see,’ hilariously witty, fast-paced…” –

Review Quotes – Red and Art – Two Plays in Repertory

(May 3 – 29, 2016)

“…a wonderful, intellectual, emotional and humorous excursion into the creation and possession of art… the playhouse has a pair of winners on its hands, offering two evenings of thought-provoking theater that will often make you laugh … and surely make you think.” – Westport News 

“…masterpieces…They are each excellent plays, but seen together, they will enhance your theatre experience and your knowledge of art.” –

“…a double header that’s hit it out of the ballpark…WCP’s one-two punch of repertory theater… For an invigorating evening of theater, you can’t go wrong with either production, but to catch them both offers special rewards…” –

 “Seeing them back-to-back is a meaningful experience.” – Hartford Courant

 “…Art, a nifty find for WCP…snappy comedy…one huge splash of satire, too. It is difficult not to laugh aloud…” –

Review Quotes - Broken Glass

(October 6 - October 24, 2015)

“…resounds with a powerful rich clarity that touches the emotions leaving the audience breathless at its culmination. Bravo!” -

“…worth seeing and discussing.”  -

“…utterly unforgettable theatrical experience…a must-see.” -

“..psychological twists and turns…tension and darkness that keeps the audience engrossed. It is 90 minutes of film noir…thought-provoking..." - Onstage

Review Quotes - Bedroom Farce

(August 25 - September 13, 2015)

“..."Bedroom Farce" rocks...” - The New York Times

“...a handsomely cast, precision-tooled revival...absolutely everything that it ought to be” - The Wall Street Journal

“Boisterous fun." - Wilton Magazine

“Great fun..lots of laughs.” - Two on the Aisle

“...A late summer tonic....” - Joe's View (Connecticut Post)

“...leaves audience in stitches...” - (Sullivan)

“ intricate and rollicking farce...The packed audience was laughing throughout" - Onstage

“...kept us laughing from its hilarious start to its uproarious finish... not to be missed.” ” -

“...As good as it gets....” - (Cohen)

“, furious — and funny…It’s comic catharsis” - Westport News

Review Quotes - And a Nightingale Sang

(June 9 - 27, 2015)

“...touching and funny... There’s so much to love... a seamless ensemble...” - The New York Times

“...a superb staging... a wonderful ensemble that makes each small moment in the play feel real." - Hearst CT Media Group, Joe’s View

“...a beautifully acted and directed production...” - Two on the Aisle

“...A beautiful tale of love and wartime... charming and a special treat.” - The Ridgelea Reports on Theatre

“You should see And a Nightingale Sang for its good acting and historic value.” - On CT & NY Theatre

“ intensely satisfying song in Westport—sweet, warm, and lyrical.” - Inner-City News

“...superb characterizations...” -

“The characters are unforgettable, and the performers in this production are brilliant.” -

"5 Stars... tender, moving and deliciously theatrical... one of the Playhouse’s most heartfelt successes.” - (Hartford)

"This excellent ensemble cast does a tremendous job...and you will enjoy your evening with them immensely.” - (Fairfield County)

" absolutely stellar cast..." - Westport News

"...stunning!...Touching, engaging, with moments of sadness intertwined with humor and romance... a winner, one that is sure to please.” –

Review Quotes - The Liar

(May 5 - 23, 2015)

"...a laugh-out-loud comedy." - The New York Times

"pure, unadulterated fun" - Joe's View

"...laughter in every line." - New Haven Review

“...a romp filled with clever wordplay and twists...” –

“Stylish and buoyant...” – Elm City Newspapers

“5 Stars...WCP could not have picked a more ebullient, light-hearted play to open its summer season.” –

 “...a witty, sophisticated comedy... filled with mischievous sparkle.” – Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

"...a classy, inventive, verbally entrancing hoot of a play." - Westport News


"...a comedic macaroon to savor." - Hartford Courant

Review Quotes - Intimate Apparel

(October 7 - November 1, 2014)

“... touching, engaging, funny play...The cast that brings this story to life is superb.” – Westport News

“Excellent from start to finish...definitely worth seeing...the perfect culmination of an excellent season and quite rightly deserved the standing ovation it received.” –

“... The story, the acting, the set, the production: everything is simply top notch and well worth your attendance.. .the elegant and charming production is one that everyone is sure to enjoy and is a fitting climax to this Playhouse Season.”  –

“...richly rewarding...” – Elm City Newspapers

Westport Country Playhouse saved the best for last.” – Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

“’ Intimate Apparel'’ is the title of the last play in the WCP 's 2014 season. It's also the star... a tale of individualism and revelation...This show is dressed up with somewhere to go.” – 

“...a story of sensitivity and sorrow, longing and love that will long resonate in your memory.” – The Middletown Press 

“... absorbing and touching...a masterpiece... one of the best plays of this season.” – On Connecticut Theatre

“... a production that reminds us of why we go to the theatre... Run, don’t walk, to catch its final curtain.” Moffly Media

“...5 Stars...touching and exquisite... very human, relatable characters who live on in theatergoer’s minds... marvelous performances... clear, emotionally-rich...well worth breathing in for its honesty and delight.” – (Hartford) 

“... rings with truth and beauty...” –

“... evocative and rich... will feel connected to these characters...” –

“’ll be touched... the whole company, a patchwork quilt of persons who make this production very high grade.” – Ridgelea Reports on Theatre

“... wraps up Westport’s season with a flourish. See it!” – Scarsdale News

“...too good to miss.” – Hersam-Acorn Media

“...a triumph for Westport Country Playhouse.” – Blog Critics

“...stunning...” – Hamlet Hub

Review Quotes - Things We Do for Love

(August 19 - September 7, 2014)

“...shriekingly funny... high quality of play and production alike.” – The Wall Street Journal

“... a fine-tuned balancing act.”   - The New York Times

“... stellar cast...The four actors have a field day with Ayckbourn's humorous, often biting dialogue... enjoyable, often hilarious take on the mating game...” – Westport News

“...hysterical... igniting peals of laughter...cast is uniformly terrific...” – Middletown Press

“...brilliantly funny...I definitely recommend taking in this incredibly funny and at times, moving production.” – On Stage

“5’ll laugh like crazy and go home amply rewarded.” –

“done lovingly... Ayckbourn fans had better scoot to Westport by September 7...The things we should do for love of Ayckbourn is get to this one.” – The Huffington Post 

“...joyful and provocative.” – Curtain Up

“... the perfect romantic comedy for summer evenings.” – Luxury Experience

“... a smart and welcome offering for the theater that has been a happy home for the prolific master of domestic comic-dramas.” – Hartford Courant 

“...see this wonderful play.” – Hersam-Acorn Media

“The set is fabulous, the acting inspired and the direction spot-on...” – The Scarsdale Inquirer

“...laugh-out-loud funny and well-acted... hilarity does not abate...light enough for a dose of seasonal relaxation but containing enough serious thoughts...” – Westport Patch

Ayckbourn’s Love Comedy Busts Guts ... has audiences doubled over.. the most enjoyable performance of the 2014 season...’positively dishy’”... – Moffly Media

Review Quotes - Nora 

(July 15 - August 2, 2014)

Imaginatively directed... powerful and, inevitably, controversial...”
– Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

“... not to be missed by Ibsen play first-timers or die-hard fans.” – Moffly Media 

“... a powerful production that is worth your attention...” – (Fairfield County) 

“... the cast's performance shines. The characters seem real, multidimensional and contemporary... All aspiring playwrights need to see this. And so should all theatre lovers.” –

Five stars – (Hartford)

“... striking. Sensual, sexy, and thoroughly riveting, it is an outstanding production.” – Hersam Acorn

“... You only have until August 2 to catch this remarkable production and its spectacular leading lady. Don’t dawdle.” – Hearst Connecticut Media Group

“...intelligent and often riveting...” – East Haven Patch

“...brilliant...” – The Ridgelea Reports on Theatre

“ Once again, the Westport Country Playhouse does not disappoint in serving up ‘theater worth talking about.’ It's a meaty, well-structured production with top-notch performances all around...Do not miss the chance to see great acting and [Director David] Kennedy's creative interpretation of this timeless tale.” –



Review Quotes - Sing for Your Shakespeare 

(June 3 - 28, 2014) 

“... audience members can be heard, time after time, turning to their companions and whispering comments like “What a voice!” builds and builds...soar into musical-theater heaven...[Lamos] guides his cast expertly through constant mood changes and adds splashes of humor in unexpected places.” – The New York Times

“Most of us know how influential the works of Shakespeare have been on the development of English language and literature. Until I saw Sing for Your Shakespeare…I hadn't given much thought to how much his works have influenced American music…it was spectacular, bursting with passion and pageantry while also being instructive, thought provoking, and funny…For 90 minutes, the robust six-member cast performs familiar tunes that span a broad emotional range…Selections cover decades of American music, including Cole Porter's Kiss Me, Kate (based on Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew), Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim's West Side Story (based on Romeo and Juliet), and Rodgers and Hart's The Boys from Syracuse (based on The Comedy of Errors)…also songs by Duke Ellington, Frank Loesser, and more, all of which were influenced by Shakespeare.” -

“... bright, stylish... smart music, well-played and performed in a classy setting...” – Hartford Courant

“... unique and fascinating...running smoothly on all musical cylinders...delightfully different... . You can feel the energetic pulse and vibrancy of this company as they perform...fluent, innovative, and versatile.” –

“... Westport Country Playhouse has a hit, a palpable hit, on its hands.. .there are so many stellar moments that, as you leave the theater, you wish what you had just seen was a film that you could rent and immediately watch again ... and again...If you are a fan of musical theater, or are just looking for an engaging night out at the theater, then "Sing For Your Shakespeare" is for you. You won't be disappointed.” – Westport News

“.. you have never seen Shakespeare performed quite like this, baby!”...definitely a hit...Bravo!  –

“... vibrant...terrific...Rejoice in this unique, festive frolic...” – Susan Granger Entertainment Commentaries

“... knocks your socks off... an irresistible invitation to rediscover Shakespeare as it was meant to be - for everyone...ready to go to Broadway and beyond... Cancel your vacation reservation...go see  Sing For Your Shakespeare .” –

“... truly a delectable musical treat.” – Moffly Media

“ In 90, packed-full minutes, where can you hear a selection of lesser-known songs influenced by Shakespeare’s works, see the highlights of several hit shows that are based on his plays, enjoy a great orchestra and top singers, and all in one, convenient place?” – On CT and NY Theatre 

“... Six lively and talented performers and a seven-piece orchestra fill the hall with some gorgeous sound.” – Fairfield County

“... the most delightful and original show of the year...” – WMNR Fine Arts Radio

“.. witty, enchanting, and superb... so good, one wishes it would go on longer. . .works like a charm in an almost magical sense...Be forewarned, this will be a sellout. ‘He who hesitates’ will surely apply here.” – Hersam-Acorn Newspapers

Review Quotes – A Song at Twilight

(April 29 - May 17, 2014) 

“’s definitely one of [Coward’s] best...Mr. Lamos’s cast acts it with uncommon delicacy and poise...”
The Wall Street Journal  

“... compelling and bittersweet...directed not miss the opportunity to see  A Song at Twilight makes some of Coward's other plays seem like lightweights.” –

Witty, fast-paced, humorous...leaves audiences reflective after the performance and invites further conversation to discuss the play. Bravo!” –

“... one of the finest Playhouse’s productions we’ve seen...marvelous...” – Fairfield County Theater Examiner

“... intimate and achingly honest...The acting was flawless, the staging impeccable...Go see the won't regret it.” -

“...Top-Drawer Revival... Coward penned many marvelous songs in his day. This is absolutely among them.” – The Huffington Post

Brian Murray gives a tremendous performance, which is amply matched by Gordana Rashovich as Carlotta...” – Newtown Bee

“... enough wit and cattiness in the dialogue to remind one of why Coward was such a popular playwright. ...Evoking an era when class, style and urbane verbal jousting were valuable social assets...pleases on a number of levels.” – Westport News

“... divinely cast...a rapt audience...5 stars...” – Hartford Arts Examiner

“...stunning... an important work that not only entertains, it can spark interesting dialogue and conversation about issues that are still relevant today.  With such a high bar set by  A Song at Twilight, I am looking forward to Westport Country Playhouse's remaining shows for the season.” – 


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