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Is the person you're lying with in bed lying to you online?

Ethan, a young blogger-turned bestselling author, meets Olivia, a struggling thirty-something novelist, in this funny and thought-provoking drama. Playwright Laura Eason (Netflix's "House of Cards") explores the complicated new world in which every past relationship lives forever on the web, providing an entertaining, up-to-date take on love in the digital age.

"A bodice-ripper with a brain."
"A bodice-ripper with a brain."

Sex with Strangers premiered at Steppenwolf Theatre Company in Chicago in 2011. In an interview with Steppenwolf Artistic Director Martha Lavey, Laura Eason spoke about the porous boundary between private life and public image in the digital age.

I feel like it’s such an interesting time now. People who are in their early twenties have, for the most part, lived a lot of their life online. They know things about people before they meet them, they Google everybody, there’s so much information they bring that the blank moment that used to happen doesn’t happen so much anymore.

Those of us who are not in our early twenties anymore came of age at a time where the internet was not so prominent. The experience of encountering someone totally new to you, without being able to read up about them or find out information about them meant that you could meet them in the moment. That experience is going away. Encountering someone really fresh is going away.

We used to be able to choose what we would disclose and when we would disclose it and how we would disclose it. Now, particularly with Facebook, you meet someone for two minutes at a function and you can go online and look at pictures of their children. It’s just incredibly interesting how we’re moving through the world and what that means about how we come to know each other


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