Amphitryon 38 
By Jean Giraudaux 
Adapted from the French by S.N. Behrman 
Directed by Martin Gabel 
Cast: Arlene Francis, Kent Smith, George Grizzard, Whitfield Connor, Ralph Bunker, Dick O'Neill, Frank Groseclose, Betsy Brodie, Betty Lou Leonardo, Mary Spelvin, Mary Cooper 

Make a Million 
By Norman Barasch and Carroll Moore 
Cast: Sam Levene 

No Concern of Mine 
By Jeremy Kingston 
Directed by Andreas Voutsinas 
Cast: Jane Fonda, Geoffrey Horne, Ben Piazza, Hilda Brawner, Tom Hatcher, Pete Masterson, Hope Cameron 

Not in the Book 
By Arthur Watkyn 
Directed by Charles Olsen 
Cast: Hans Conried, Brook Byron, Francis Compton, Anthony Kemble Cooper, Arny Freeman, James Balentine, Norman Barrs, Carl Esser 

Roar Like a Dove 
By Lesley Storm 
Directed by Robert Ellis Miller 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, Brook Byron, Carl Esser, James Valentine, Norman Barrs, Hans Confried, Arny Freeman, Francis Compton, and Anthony Kemble Cooper, Paul McGrath, Patrick Horgan, Luella Gear, Christopher Hewett, Tucker Ashworth, Bryan Herbert 

Two for the Seesaw 
By William Gibson 
Directed by Frank Corsaro 
Cast: Shelley Winters, Morgan Sterne 

Two for the Seesaw

Royal Enclosure 
By Kieran Tunney 
Cast: Celeste Holm and Cathleen Nesbitt 

The Late Christopher Bean 
By Sidney Howard
Cast: Shirley Booth 

Burnt Flower Bed By Ugo Betti 
Cast: Signe Hasso, Gloria Vanderbilt, Eric Portman and Alexander Scourby 

Susan and God 
By Rachel Crothers 
Directed by John Larson 
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Lauren Gilbert, William Traylor, Dorothy Laming, Arthur Marlowe, John Milligan, Lily Lodge, Gil Tilbury, Helena de Crespo, Jeff Mack, Fran Vieta 

The Captains and the Kings 
By Leo Lieberman 
Directed by John Gerstad 
Cast: Zachary Scott, John Alexander, Walter Brooke, Sally Brophy, Donald McKee, Alexander Clark, Howard Freeman, John Boruff, Ben Yaffee, Phil Bruns, Charles McDaniel and Edmon Ryan 

Poster for Captains and Kings

Tambourines to Glory 
By Langston Hughes 
Directed Herbert Machiz
Music by Jobe Huntley 
Cast: Hazel Scott, Nipsy Russell, Ben Yaffee, Sally Brophy, Walter Brooke, Phil Bruns, Zachary Scott, John Alexander 

An Evening with Mike Nichols and Elaine May 
Cast: Mike Nichols and Elaine May


The Pleasure of His Company 
Written by Samuel Taylor 
Cast: Cornelia Otis Skinner, directed by Charles Olsen, with Cornelia Otis Skinner, Hans Conreid, Henry Sharp, Hilda Brawner, James Olsen, Guy Arbury, Bernard Wu 

Once Upon a Mattress 
Book by Jay Thompson, Marshall Barer and Dean Fuller 
Music by Mary Rodgers 
Lyrics by Marshall Barer 
Musical director Albert Fiorillo, Jr. 
Choreographed by Joe Layton 
Directed by Jack Sydow 
Cast: Pat Carroll, Joseph Bova, Kelly Brown, Irene Dean, Mort Marshall, Dan Resin, Harry Snow, Willy Switkes, Jane White, Tom Thornton, Myrna Galle, Gloria Stevens, Cheryl Killgren, Jean Palmerton, Bobbi Franklin, Ann Marisse, Richard Lyle, Lou Richards, Joe MacGrath, Renee Slade, John Feltovich, Tony La Russo, Pat Greenwood, Jerone Michel, Don Price, Rhett Dennis 

The Zoo Story 
A New York Repertory Theatre Production
By Edward Albee 
Directed by Tad Danielewski 
Cast: Ben Piazza, William Daniels

Miss Julie 
By August Strindberg 
Adapted by George Tabori 
Cast: Viveca Lindfors, Morgan Sterne, Betty Field 

I Am a Camera 
By John Van Druten 
Directed by Michael Howard 
Cast: Viveca Lindfors, Ben Piazza, William Daniels, Betty Field, Rita Gam, Morgan Sterne, Nydia Westman 

Period of Adjustment 
By Tennessee Williams 
Directed by John Lehne 
Cast: Dane Clark, Rosemary Murphy, Ann Wedgeworth, Adam Kennedy, Lester Mack, Ruth Hammond, Robert Wangler, Rosemary Murphy, Eleanor Andrews, and Dutchess the Dog

Exterior of the Playhouse in the 1960s

Between Seasons 
By Malcolm Wells 
Directed by Bill Penn 
Cast: Gloria Swanson, Charles Baxter, Ray Fulmer, Aileen Poe 

A Majority of One 
By Leonard Spigelgass 
Directed by Jacob Kalish 
Cast: Molly Picon, Martyn Green, James Karen, Zina Jasper, Esta Mann, Alvin Lum, Roger Morris, Gladys Kalani, Liza Prince, Anne Merkelback, Mike Taylor, Len Kuris, Bonnie Boland, Wendy Shepard, Wendy Wood, Dan Elliott, and Roger Morris 

Invitation to a March 
By Arthur Laurents 
Directed by Arthur Laurents 
Cast: Celeste Holm, Winifred Ainslee, Wesley Addy, Louise Latham. Nicholas Pryor, Claudette Nevins, Rees Vaughan, Jeffrey Rowland 

Under the Yum Yum Tree 
By Lawrence Roman 
Directed by James Monos 
Cast: Margaret O'Brien, Hugh Marlowe, James MacArthur, Monica Keating, Dan Elliot, Robert Wangler 

The Marriage-Go-Round 
By Leslie Stevens 
Directed by Wynn Handman
Cast: Myrna Loy, Claude Dauphin, Siri, and Moultrie Patten 

Venus at Large 
By Henry Denker 
Directed Shepherd Traube, 
Cast: Jan Sterling, Lionel Stander, William Prince, Martin Wolfson, Boris Tumarin, Larry Haines, Tom Carlin, Elsa Freed, Arnold Soboloff and Louise Allbritton 

Journey to the Day 
By Roger O. Hirson 
Directed by Boris Sagal 
Cast: Paul Hartman, William Redfield, Joan Hackett, Katherine Squire, Robert Simon, Nancy Marchand, Mario Alcalde, Charles Saari, Casey Allen, Dick Via, Michael Vale, Carol Teitel, Eileen Letchworth, Donald Hyland, Allen Frank, Fran Lee, Marian Sweet, Elia Braca 

Ding Dong Bell 
By Gurney Campbell and Daphne Athas
Cast: Albert Dekker


Complaisant Lover 
By Grahame Greene 
Directed by Del Hughes 
Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Martha Scott, Whitfield Connor, Mary Mercier, Nicholas Hammond, Murial Williams, Lawrence Fletcher, Rudolph Weiss, Gene Wilder 

Music and lyrics by William Roy 
Book by Hugh Thomas 
Based on What Every Woman Knows by J.M. Barrie 
Directed by Word Baker 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, Stuart Damon, John Griggs, Roger Hamilton, Lovelady Powell, Jamie Ross, Bryan Herbert, Claudia Morgan, Lois Saunders, Gretchen Cryer, Jay Gerber, Caroline Parks, Benita James, Lang Des Jardins, Esther Landi, James Lavery, Alan Sanderson, Harry Theyard, Julian Patrick, Pat Cooper, Yvonne Carroll, Mitchell Nutick, Jim Challender, Latham Sanford 

By Eugene Ionesco 
Directed by Joseph Bernard 
Cast: Walter Slezak, Philip Bruns, David Hurst, Clifford Carpenter, Conrad Bain, Mary Carver, James Tolkan, Jean Barker, Miriam Phillips, Erica Slezak, Gary Dietz, Steve Benoff, Rosalind Rogoff, Lorie Friedman, Donna Englander, Kevin Kelly, Bruce Weitz, Ed Logelin 

Miracle Worker 
By William Gibson 
Directed by Porter Van Zandt 
Cast: Eileen Brennan, Joseph Warren, Helen Marie Taylor, Alex Wipf, Michael Vale, Alice Yourman, Donna Zimmermann, Paul Haney, Perry Greene, Javotte Sutton Greene, Stanley Greene 

Critic's Choice 
By Ira Levin 
Directed by Charles Olsen 
Cast: Hans Conried, Ludi Claire, Michaele Myers, Robert Fields, Joanna Roos, Richard Thomas, Kathy Fediw 

Old Acquaintance 
By John Van Druten 
Directed by Martin Gabel 
Cast: Arlene Francis, Mary Cooper, Linda Robinson, Bill Berger, Eulabelle Moore, Roger Barrett, Genevieve Frizzell 

Program from the 1960s

There Must be a Pony 
By Jim Kirkwood 
Directed by John Stix 
Cast: Myrna Loy, Donald Woods, Peter Helmn, G. Wood, Jan Miner, Mary Patton, Adelaide Klein, Sam Greene, Barbara Mostel, Ted Tesser, Harlan Tuckman, Edward Terry

Sunday in New York 
By Norman Krasna 
Directed by Joe Brownstone and Russell McCaig 
Cast: Margaret O'Brien, Tommy Sands, Richard Roat, Gene Roche, Arthur Anderson, Patricia Fay 

Cradle and All (Never Too Late) 
By Summer Arthur Long 
Cast: Paul Ford and Maureen O'Sullivan 

The Happiest Man Alive 
By Jerome Chodorov 
Directed by Darren McGavin 
Cast: Darren McGavin, Eva Gabor, Beulah Garrick, Louise Latham, Alfred Hinckley, Carol Rossen, Jack Ryland, Karen Howitt, Charles Gerald, Steve Benoff, Bernard Pollock 

Here Today 
By George Oppenheimer 
Directed by Jack Sydow 
Cast: Tallulah Bankhead, Estelle Winwood, Richard Kendrick, Bill Story, Jill Kraft, Donald Symington, Fran Bennett, Peter Hobbs 

Desperate Hours 
By Joseph Hayes 
Directed by Lloyd Richards 
Cast: Sammy Davis, Jr.


Come Blow Your Horn 
By Neil Simon
Cast: Menasha Skulnik 

H.M.S. Pinafore
By Sir William Gilbert
Directed by Martyn Green

The Mikado or, The Town of Titipu 
By Sir Arthur Sullivan 
Directed by Martyn Green 
Cast: Martyn Green, Carol Bayard, Yvonne Chaveau, Paul Flores, Eugene Green, John Parella, Charlotte Povia, James Morgan Stuart, Phillis Lear, Lorraine Bergstrom, Bette Warren, Muriel Minot, Jean Taynton, Mildred Petrowski, Peter Johl, Anitra Lynch, Edward Watts, Frank Maynard, Phil Rash, Richard Kahn, Robert Carle 

Mackeral Plaza 
By William McCleery 
Based on the novel by Peter DeVries 
Cast: Hal Holbrook, Loring Smith 

By Sidney Michaels 
Based on the play by Francois Billetdoux 
Directed by Joseph Brownstone 
Cast: Teresa Wright, Dane Clark, Charles Grodin, Roger Dressler  

The Millionairess 
By George Bernard Shaw 
Cast: Carol Channing 

Lord Pengo 
By S.N. Behrman 
Directed by Burt Metcalfe 
Cast: Walter Pidgeon, Philip Bourneuf, Frances Reid, Louise Hoff, Gordon B. Clarke, John Malcolm, Margaret Brewster, Russell Baker, Chet London, Richard Bengal, Burt Metcalfe

Print of the Playhouse by Alfred Willmott

God Bless Our Bank 
By Mac Benoff 
Staged by Ezra Stone 
Cast: Ann Sothern, Roland Winters, Jeff Corey, George Ives, Donald Marye, Wallace Acton, George Cotton, Dan Ferrone, Susan Reiselt, J. Frank Lucas, Charles Welsh, Fay Sappington, Laurie Beth Spitz, Otton Grun, Bob Westbrook, Jamie Gruber, Geraldine Palmer, Bonnie Steinbeck, Beatrice Winner 

Take Her, She's Mine 
By Phoebe and Henry Ephron 
Directed by George Abbott 
Cast: Hans Conried, Irene Hervey, Anthony Roberts, Heidi Murray, Nancy Douglas, William Ade, Dall Forsythe, Donald Marlatt, Bill Steele, Guy Arbury, Tanya Everett, Laurie Beth Spitz, Robert Westbrook, Peter Donaldson, Otto Grun, Jr.

A Shot in the Dark 
Adapted by Harry Kurnitz, from the play "L'Idiote" by Marcel Archard 
Directed by Malcolm Black 
Cast: Eva Gabor, Murray Matheson, Paul Sparer, Joan Wetmore, Harry Mehaffey, Millette Alexander, Murray Roman, Noel Monk

The Indoor Sport 
By Jack Perry 
Directed by Gerald Hiken 
Cast: Darren McGavin, Shari Lewis, Patrick McVey, Kenneth Harvey, Louise Latham, Alice Beardsley 

Seidman and Son 
A Theater Guild Production
By Elick Moll 
Directed by Sam Levene 
Cast: Sam Levene, Darren McGavin, Patrick McVey, Shari Lewis, Kenneth Harvey, Louise Latham

Oh Dad, Poor Dad, Mamma's Hung you in the Closet and I'm Feelin' So Sad 
By Arthur Kopit 
Cast: Hermione Gingold 

The Innocents 
By William Archibald 
Based on "The Turn of the Screw," by Henry James 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, John Megna, Sindee Ann Richards, Elena Karam, Peter Jahn, Carla Schearer 

The Wind of Heaven 
By Emlyn Williams 
Cast: Michael Evans, Nancy Coleman, Romney Brent 

The Moments of Love 
By David Rogers 
Directed by Herbert Machiz 
Cast: Ann Harding, Joanna Pettet, Nicholas Pryor, Leo Lucker, Roy Shuman, Dorothy Sands 

Exterior of the Playhouse in the 1960s

The Strangers 
By Andrew Rosenthal 
Cast: Cornelia Otis Skinner, Jane Wyatt, Constance Cummings, Peggy Conklin 

The Threepenny Opera 
Book and lyrics by Bertolt Brecht 
Music by Kurt Weill
English adaptation by Marc Blitzstein 
Directed by Joseph Leberman 
Cast: Scott Merrill, Christiane Felsmann, Robert Penn, Avon Long, Alfred Spindelman, Sharlie Shull, Barbara Louis, Nancy Andrews, Tony Ballen, Edward K. Holmes, James Dukas, Miriam Phillips, Carl Esser, Frank Savino, Fredric Good, Maurice Shrog, Eileen Mullen, Carla Shearer, Sandra Kiersky, Rusty Rhodes 

Calculated Risk 
By Joseph Hayes 
Directed by Howard Erskine 
Cast: Dana Andrews, Mary Todd, Jack Ramage, Philp Kenneally, Donald Hylan, Dana Hardwick, Harry Gresham, Charles Gaines, Allan Frank, Hal Burdick, Patricia Gilbert, Bert Thorn, Kay Walkden, George Speluin


My Fair Lady 
Book and lyrics by Alan J. Lerner 
Music by Frederick Loewe 
Directed by William Francisco 
Cast: George Gaines, Allyn Ann McLerie, R. E. Sinclair, Arthur Anderson, Wilson Robey, Hazel Jones, Jean Muir, Kathy Doherty, Bill Brandon, Barbara Crouch, Philip Rice, Luis de Ybarrondo, Jim McKoy, Scott Ray, Bill Dance, Mary Hurt, Patricia Ruley, Gracia Littauer, Rosalie Stewart 

Days of the Dancing 
By James Bridges 
Directed and choreographed by Timmy Everett 
Cast: Shelley Winters, Robert Walker, Logan Ramsey, Vincent Beck, Louis Guss, Henry Madden, Bruce Roman, Bob Ennis, Anne Ramsey, Norma Donaldson, K.C. Townsend, Molly Scott, Bruce Scott, Sally Kirkland, Frank Cavestani, Karen Smith, Marsha Strassman, Albert D'Annibale, William Cudlipp, Sabin Epstein 

A Thousand Clowns 
By Herb Gardner 
Directed by Malcolm Black 
Cast: Van Johnson, Nancy Douglas, Doug Chapin, Robert Alvin, Richard Benjami, Iggie Wolfington 

The Fantasticks 
Book and lyrics by Tom Jones 
Music by Harvey Schmidt 
Directed by Word Baker 
Cast: Liza Minnelli, Elliot Gould, Charles Wallrich, Jay Hampton, William Larson, David Margulies, Jake Dengel, Michael Mann 

A Girl Could Get Lucky 
By Don Appell 
Directed by Don Appell 
Cast: Betty Garrett, Pat Hingle 

Kind Sir 
By Norman Krasna 
Directed by William Francisco 
Cast: Arlene Francis, Peter Adams, Mary Cooper, Frank Milan, Ethel Everett, Charles White

The Wayward Stork 
By Harry Tugend 
Directed by Jerome L. Epstein 
Cast: Hal March, Marjorie Lord, Valerie French, Howard Schell, Richard Armbruster, David Doyle 

Heart's Delight 
By Charles Robinson 
Directed by Brian Shaw 
Cast: Michael Rennie, Hiram Sherman, Nan Martin, Parker McCormick, Stuart Germain, Gilbert Gardner, E. J. Peaker 

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off 
By Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley 
Cast: Joel Grey, Lovelady Powell
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 
By Edward Albee 
Cast: Henderson Forsythe, Haila Stoddard, Kendall Clark, Vicki Cummings 

Thursday is a Good Night 
By Abe Einhorn and Donald Segall 
Cast: Tom Ewell, Sheree North 

Dear Me the Sky is Falling 
By Leonard Spiegelgass 
Directed by Herman Shumlin 
Cast: Gertrude Berg, Roger DeKoven, Michael Baseleon, Mary-Robin Redd, Jonathan Moore, Estelle Omens, Paul Vincent, Berta Gersten, Mimi Randoph, Mary Engel, Dorothy Levine, Sanford Seeger 

The White House 
By A.E. Hotchner 
Directed by Henry Kaplan Cast: Helen Hayes, James Daly, Sorrell Booke, Eric Berry, Gene Wilder, Thomas Coley, Michael O'Sullivan, Bette Henritze, Eugene Roche, Elly Stone


The Trojan Women 
By Euripides 
Translated by Edith Hamilton 
Directed by Michael Cacoyannis 
Cast: Caroline Coates, Shrley Cox, Elaine Kerr, Dimitra Steris, Philip Sterling, George Morgan, Gretchen Kanne, Michael Walker, Tamara Daniel, Lucy Martin, Lorraine Serabian, Laura Stewart, Joanna Walton, Ann Tarlov, Christopher Wynkoop, George Spelvin

By Anita Loos 
Lyrics and musical adaptation by Jonathan Anderson 
Directed by William Francisco 
Cast: George Hamilton, Susan Watson, Anna Russell, Jan McArt, Dorothy Sands, Janet Fox, Jon Richards 

Absence of a Cello  
By Ira Wallace 
Directed by Charles Olsen 
Cast: Hans Conried, Ruth McDevitt, Michaele Myers, Fran Carlon, Robert Rovin, Pamela Dunlap, James Karen 

Enter Laughing 
By Joseph Stein 
Based on the novel by Carl Reiner 
Directed by Martin Freed 
Cast: Menasha Skulnik, Martin Huston, Richard Waring, Fayne Blackburn, Joe Young, Bonnie Bedelia, Jan LaPrade, David Rosenbaum, Rick Grayson, Burr Edson, Mimi-Garth Taub, Roger Madden, Paul Grimes, Anna Roman 

The Private Ear 
By Peter Shaffer 
Directed by Leo Garen 
Cast: Tammy Grimes, Tom Martin, James Douglas

The Public Eye 
By Peter Shaffer 
Directed by Leo Garen 
Cast: Tammy Grimes, Stefan Gierasch, Eric Berry 

Family Things ETC. 
By William Inge 
Directed by Morton Da Costa 
Executed by Paul Bertelsen 
Cast: Hiram Sherman, Dorothy Stickney, June Harding, Beau Bridges, Yolanda Bavan, Mary Farrell, Al Freeman Jr. 

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 
Book by Burt Shevelove and Larry Gelbart 
Directed by Danny Dayton 
Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim 
Musical director Robert Milrad 
Assistant musical director J. Leondard Oxley 
Choreographed by Diana Eden 
Cast: Danny Dayton, Eddie Phillips, Avril Gentles, Irving Harmon, Ed Preble, Edmund Gaynes, Linda Donovan, Evan Thompson, Jerry Lycee, Mark Stone, Douglas Norwick, Don Deleo, Martha Cutrufello, Bernadette Brookes, Joan Shepard, Ileen Kemp, Sharon Sutton

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum

Unexpected Guest 
By Agatha Christie 
Directed by Michael Kahn 
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Dennis Patrick, James Coco, Myra Carter, Guy Spaull, Eleanor Phelps, Stephen Scott, Herbert Foster, Ian Wilder, David Hawkinson 

A Remedy for Winter 
By Leonard Spigelgass 
Directed by Charles Forsythe 
Cast: Dana Andrews, Susan Oliver, Polly Rowles, Michael Baseleon, Lon Clark 

Madame Mousse 
By Jean Pierre Aumont 
Adapted by Erich Segal 
Directed by Word Baker 
Advanced director Elizabeth Caldwell 
Costumes by Albert Wolsky 
Cast: Molly Picon, Jean Pierre Aumont, Estelle Winwood, Pierre Olaf, Marcia Rodd, Tony Musante 

Nobody Loves an Albatross 
By Ronald Alexander 
Directed by Perry Bruskin 
Cast: Dane Clark, Sherry Britton, Katherine Justice, James Dukas, Joy Stark, Isabelle Sanford, William Shust, Leonard Ross, Edmund Williams, Michael Enserro, Ina Miller, Norman Makaye, Evelyn Russell 

So Much of Earth, So Much of Heaven 
By Henry Denker 
Adapted from Ugo Betti's play 
Directed by Edward Parone 
Cast: Claude Rains, Leueen MacGrath, Larry Gates, Lester Rawlins, Joanna Miles, Harris Yulin, Howard Honig

Mrs. Dally Has a Lover  
By William Hanley 
Directed by Joseph Anthony 
Cast: Arlene Francis, Ralph Meeker, Robert Forster

Major Barbara 
By George Bernard Shaw 
Directed by William Francisco 
Cast: Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Bramwell Fletcher

By George Bernard Shaw 
Directed by William Francisco 
Cast: Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Bramwell Fletcher, Philippa bevans, Margaret Brewster, Denis Cooney, Jan De Vries, Herbert Foster, Patricia Guinan, Hazel Jones, Don Liberto, G. Wood 

By George Bewrnard Shaw 
Directed by Jack Sydow 
Cast: Dina Merrill, Michael Allinson, Lois Nettleton, Phiippa Bevans, Dennis Cooney, Herbert Foster, Don Liberto, James Valentine, G. Wood 


American Conservatory Theatre in Repertory 
William Ball, Director 

Six Characters in Search of an Author 
By Luigi Pirandello
English adaptation by Paul Avila Mayer 
Directed by Byron Ringland 
Cast: Scott Hylands, Austin Pendleton, Jacqueline Coslow, Charlene Polite, Harry Frazier, Tom Dement, Judith Mihalyi, Clarence Morley, Robin Gammell, Richard A. Dysart, Joan Croydon, Al Alu, Janis Young, Kevin McKenzie, Karen Holstein, Ana Edler, Carol Teitel, Ted Sorel, Deann Mears, Richard Wendy, Lori Leadner, Josephine Nichols 

Tiny Alice 
By Edward Albee 
Directed by Mark Megin 
Cast: Harry Frazier, Ray Reinhardt, Paul Shenar, Al Alu, Deann Mears 

Beyond the Fringe 
By Jonathan Miller, Peter Cook, Dudley Moore and Allen Bennett 
Directed by Rene Auberjonois 
Cast: Rene Auberjonois, Robin Gammell, Austin Pendleton, Charles Siebert 

Death of a Salesman 
By Arthur Miller 
Directed by Allen Fletcher 
Cast: Richard A. Dysart, Carol Teitel, Scott Hylands, Ted Sorel, Austin Pendleton, Janis Young, Harry Frazier, G. Wood, Paul Shenar, Judith Mihalyi, Thomas Dement, Al Alu, Jacqueline Coslow, Carlene Polite 

Playwright Arthur Miller in 1966

Under the Milk Wood 
By Dylan Thomas 
Original conception by William Ball 
Directed by Byron Ringland 
Cast: Ray Reinhardt, Robin Gammell, Paul Shenar, Theodore Sorel, Richard A. Dysart, Carol Teitel, Deann Mears, Joan Croydon, Judith Milhalyi, Janice Young, Rene Auberjonois, Jay Doyle, Scott Hylans 

Uncle Vanya 
By Anton Chekhov 
Directed by Allen Fletcher 
Cast: Joan Croydon, Ray Reinhardt, Richard A. Dysart, G. Wood, Carol Teitel, Harry Frazier, Janice Young, Ramon Bieri, Jay Doyle, Jacqueline Coslow, Deann Mears, Josephine Nichols, Clarence Morley

The Owl and the Pussycat 
By Bill Manhoff 
Directed by Alan Alda 
Cast: Alan Alda, Cicely Tyson 

Life with Father 
By Howard Lindsay and Russell Crouse 
Based on Clarence Day's book "Life With Father" 
Directed by John Drew Devereaux 
Cast: Tom Ewell, Ludi Claire, Holly Hill, John McGovern, Adelle Rasey, Bonnie Boland, Kevin Conlon, Alan Cabal, Shawn McGill John Madden, Karl Nielsen, Kitty Barling, Margaret Raphael, Marlene Ash, Laurie Crews, Harry Packwood 

The Midnight Ride of Alvin Blum 
By Donald Honig and Leon Arden 
Cast: Christina Crawford, Tony Roberts, Fred Clark, Francine Beers, Martin Huston

The Thimking Man 
By John Tobias 
Directed by Richard Altman 
Cast: George Grizzard, Rita Gam, Roy Poole, Barbara Mattes, John Braden, Jerry Mickey, Lance Cunard 

Mary, Mary 
By Jean Kerr 
Directed by Scott McKay 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, Scott McKay, Paul McGrath, Richard Clarke, Judy Lewis 

By John Jennings 
Directed by James Hammerstein 
Cast: Lisa Kirk, Robert Alda, Ned Wertimer, Myra De Groot, Bernadette Peters, Joseph Corby, Irene Byatt 

The Subject Was Roses 
By Frank D. Gilroy 
Directed by Paul Leaf 
Cast: Maureen O'Sullivan, Chester Morris, Walter McGinn 

The Subject Was Roses

The Coffee Lover 
By Stefan Kanfer and Jess Korman 
Directed by Morton daCosta 
Cast: Alexis Smith, Gabriel Dell, Vincent Gardenia, Truman Gaige, Gene Wood, Tony Lo Bianco, Linda Eskenas, Tracy Newman, Sandie Lessin, Saeed Jaffrey 

Send Us Your Boy 
By Jack Douglas 
Directed by Peter Turgeon 
Cast: Paul Ford, Doris Roberts, Frank Campanella, Joy Nichols, Louis Guss, Donald Buka, John Kendrick, Scott Bloom, Paul Dwyer, Merle Albertson, Guy Lockwood, Angus Cairns, Mildred Faboomba, Essie Jane Coryell, Al Leberfeld 

The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by Inmates of the Asylum at Charenton Under the Direction of Marquis De Sade 
By Peter Weiss 
Directed by Ben Janney and Nell Nugent 
Cast: Peter Bromilow, Ralph Clanton, Harvey Jason, Jack Ramage, Tom Rosqui, Stephen Scott, Brabara Stanton, Dorothy Tristan, Cherry Davis, Josip Elic, Peter Johl, James Sullivan, Lee Kissman, Richard Lundin, Yvonne Vincic, George Pollock, Don Bozick, Michele Collison, Stephen Everett, Ruth Newton, Ted August, Gail Ryan 

The Best of Burlesque 
By Jack Vaughn 
Directed by Jack Vaughn and Irv Harmon 
Cast: Sherry Britton, Irv Harmon, Jackie Henkins, Alan North, Paula Chin, Cathy Carnevale, Sarah Coleman, Jayne Schiff, Pat Blackwood, Jackie Miller 

Help Stamp Out Marriage 
By Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall 
Directed by George Abbott 


By William Goodhart 
Directed by Charles Forsythe 
Cast: Hans Conried, Tom Ligon, Nancy Donohue, Eric James, David Rosenbaum, Jerry Hausner

Any Wednesday 
By Muriel Resnik 
Directed by Don Porter 
Cast: Don Porter, Rosemary Prinz, Peggy Converse, Ryan MacDonald

What Did We Do Wrong? 
Written and directed by Henry Denker 
Cast: Paul Ford, Flora Campbell, Bruce Hyde, Gregory Rozakis, Carolyn Kemp, Roy Providence, John Buckwalter

The Impossible Years 
By Bob Fisher and Arthur Marx 
Directed by Charles Forsythe 
Cast: Tom Ewell, Betty Wragge, John Luce, Tina Brooke, Tom Gorman, Tom McDermott, Tom Yourk, Jeanne Bolan, Schorling Schneider, Kevin Dobson, Nanci Addison, Ron Jones, Rita Mergenthaler, Tom Ligon

Poster from The Impossible Years

By Murray Schisgal 
Directed by Harvey Medlinsky 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, Donald Hotton, James Karen

A Delicate Balance 
By Edward Albee 
Directed by June Havoc 
Cast: June Havoc, William Prince, Jane Hoffman, Wendell K. Phillips, Lucille Patton, Salome Jens

Barefoot in the Park 
By Neil Simon 
Directed by Harvey Medlinsky 
Cast: Joan Bennett, Charles Korvin, Christina Crawford, Angus Duncan, James Beard, Morris Kalman

The Seven Deadly Arts 
By Harold J. Kennedy and Robert Koesis 
Cast: Cesar Romero, Carole Mathews, Lon Gardner, Elaine Giftos, Robert Koesis, Donna Pearson, Harold J. Kennedy

Spider’s Web 
By Agatha Christie 
Directed by Eric Berry 
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Eric Berry, Richard Clarke, Peter Pagan, Michael d’Forrest, Jean Bruno, Herbert Foster, Frank Macintosh, Kathryn Baumann, John Cameron, John Stuart

Poster from Spiders Web

Wait Until Dark 
By Frederick Knott 
Directed by Porter Van Zandt 
Cast: Barbara Bel Geddes, James Tolkan, Joseph Mascolo, Leslie Grega, Beeson Carroll, Barry Hoffman, Beau James, Michael Baseleon

She Loves Me 
Book by Joe Masteroff
Music by Jerry Bock
Lyrics by Sheldon Harnick 
Based on a play by Miklos Laszlo 
Directed by Milton Lyon 
Cast: Jeannie Carson, Biff McGuire, Rae Allen, Robert Mesrobian, Ray Fry, Steve Kraft, John Mintun, Tracey Phelps, Tom Shields, Larry Kert

A Singular Man 
By J. P. Donleavy 
Directed by Leo Garen 
Cast: E. G. Marshall, Sally Kellerman, Dick Schaal, Millie Slavin, Barbara Barrie


The Little Foxes
By Lillian Hellman 
Original stage production by Mike Nichols 
Cast: Geraldine Page, Richard Dysart, Betty Field, John Beal, Jack Manning, Franklin Kiser, Russell Gold, Mary Sullivan, Gertrude Jeannette, Andre Womble, Helen Martin

The Desk Set 
By William Marchant 
Directed by Gus Schirmer 
Cast: Shirley Booth, Paul McGrath, Ray Fulmer, Evelyn Page, Yolande Bavan, Alice Spivak, Liz Sheridan, Betty Linton, Peter Shawn, Alan James, Morris Kalman, Beverly Haviland, Rick Frankel, Ann Sargent, James Malloy

The Star Spangled Girl 
By Neil Simon 
Directed by Frank Corsaro 
Cast: Keir Dullea, Terry Kiser, K. C. Townsend

Poster from The Star Spangled Girl

The White Liars 
By Peter Shaffer 
Directed by Paul Melton 
Cast: Dick Shawn, Joan Darling, John Horn

Black Comedy 
By Peter Shaffer 
Directed by Paul Melton 
Cast: Dick Shawn, Joan Darling, John Horn, Diana Walker, Paul Benedict, Jerry Terheyden, Florence Tarlow, John O’Leary

Don’t Drink the Water 
By Woody Allen 
Directed by Ross Bowman 
Cast: Hans Conried, Dody Goodman, Joan McCall, Peter Helm, John Hallow, Roy Monsell, Don Draper, Luke Andreas, Joe Endes, J. Frank Lucas, Morris Kalman, Jean Bross, Shelly Susskind, David Cupp, Gary Glanz

The Odd Couple 
By Neil Simon 
Directed by Mike Kellin 
Cast: George Gobel, Mike Kellin, Nathaniel Frey, Don Simms, Charles Randall, Harry Eno, Lois De Banzie, Diane de Lorian

Poster from The Odd Couple

The Lion in Winter 
By James Goldman 
Directed by Larry Arrick 
Cast: Arlene Francis, Martin Gabel, Ron Leibman, Michael Hawkins, Anne Draper, Douglas Travis, Alan Howard

Private Lives 
By Noel Coward 
Directed by Richard Barr 
Cast: Joan Fontaine, Peter Pagan, Patricia Cutts, Georgia Healsip, Tom Helmore

Everybody’s Girl 
By John Patrick 
Directed by Gordon Hunt 
Cast: Vivian Vance, Cynthia Bebout, Roy R. Scheider, Henry Thomas, Robert Dannenberg, David Christmas, Paul Thorne, Chris Ballmer, Peter Elwell, Robert Gaus

Cactus Flower 
By Abe Burrows 
Based on a play by Pierre Barrillet and Jean-Pierre Gredy 
Directed by George Sherman 
Cast: Craig Stevens, Alexis Smith, Philip Cusack, Jenny O’Hara, Rudolph Willrich, Marcella Martin, Laura Miller, Errol Selsby, Arn Weiner


You Know I Can’t Hear You When the Water’s Running 
By Robert Anderson 
Directed by Eddie Bracken 
Cast: Eddie Bracken, Michaele Myers, Robert Elston, Susan Bracken, Sherman Lloyd

The Show Off 
By George Kelly 
Directed by John McQuiggan 
Cast: George Grizzard, Jessie Royce Landis, Joseph Bird, Monica Lovett, Martha Bundy, Drew Snyder, Donald Gantry, Harley Hackett, Robert Paget

The Chic Life 
By Arthur Marx and Robert Fisher 
Directed by George Sherman 
Cast: James Whitmore, Audra Lindley, Patricia McAneny, Tom Urich, Milo Boulton

There’s a Girl in My Soup 
By Terence Frisby
Cast: William Shatner, Jill Haworth, James Valentine, Anne Murray, Linda Simon, John Eames, Paul Collins

Why I Went Crazy 
A David Merrick Production
By Charles Dizenzo 
Directed by Joshua Logan 
Cast: Imogene Coca, Arnold Stang, Richard Castellano, Candy Azzara, Armand Assante, Mort Marshall

By Herman Shumlin 
Based on the novel Reuben, Reuben by Peter DeVries 
Directed by Gordon Hunt 
Cast: Hans Conried, Annette Hunt, Mary Cooper, Eileen Letchworth, Hansford Rowe, Martha Miller, Phillip Schopper, Kathleen Morrison, Ralph Drischell, Fred Miller, Linda Parrish, Jerome Dempsey

Butterflies are Free 
World Premier
Transfer to Broadway 

By Leonard Gershe 
Directed by Milton Katselas 
Music by Stephen Schwartz 
Cast: Keir Dullea, Maureen O’Sullivan, Blythe Danner, Michael Zaslow

Butterflies Are Free

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 
By Jay Allen 
Adopted from the novel by Muriel Spark 
Directed by Porter Van Zandt 
Cast: Betsy Palmer, Douglas Watson, Paddy Croft, Remak Ramsay, Jane Hallaren, Robert Blackburn, Janice Mars, Judy Dowd, Maureen Mooney, Swoosie Kurtz, Valerie Beaman, Evie Righter, Celia Watson, Brenda Biddle, Julie Evans, Beth Hughes, Paula Mirk, Elizabeth Smith

The Sound of Murder 
By William Fairchild 
Directed by Porter Van Zandt 
Cast: Jeannie Carson, Biff McGuire, Hurd Hatfield, Olive Deering, Leon Shaw, John Milligan

By Carolyn Green 
Directed by Burry Fredrik 
Cast: Myrna Loy, William Roerick, Charles Braswell, Earl Montgomery, Lizabeth Pritchett

A Place for Polly 
By Lonnie Coleman 
Directed by Arthur A. Seidelman 
Cast: Joan Hackett, Darryl Hickman, Evelyn Russell, Betsy von Furstenberg, Michael Hadge, Leona Maricle, Gordon B. Clarke, Humbert Allen Astredo, Walt Wanderman

South Pacific 
Music by Richard Rodgers 
Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II 
Book by Oscar Hammerstein II and Joshua Logan 
Adapted from James A. Michener’s Tales of the South Pacific 
Directed by David Davis 
Cast: Cynthia Onrubia, Chandra Sharma, Michael Perrier, Sandra Deel, Paul Ukena, Alyce Webb, Bruce Campbell, Kenneth McMillan, William McCarthy, Jack Trussel, Edward Stevlingson, Llewellyn Thomas, James Robinson, Charles Sweigart, Dan Kruger, William Barone, Bill Boss, Larry McMillian, Sara Louise, Irma Rogers, Carol Gelfand, Barbara Cowley, Cely Carrillo, Michael Nelson

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