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"We hope to enrich your Playhouse experience with entertainment that ranges from the hilarity of brilliant farce to the striking power of insightful, moving drama. Theater that's not only worth talking about, but one which engages hearts through laughter, passion, and gripping storytelling." 

- Mark Lamos, WCP Artistic Director 

| The Liar
May 5 - 23
By David Ives
Adapted from the comedy by Pierre Corneille
Directed by Penny Metropulos

David Ives (Venus in Fur, All in the Timing) deftly updates a classic comedy of manners, Pierre Corneille’s The Liar, with his trademark intelligence, cheek, and wit. Dorante has a gift for stretching the truth. In fact, he rips it apart at the seams. But when our first-rate fabulist falls in love with Clarice—or is she Lucrece?— he begins to weave an increasingly intricate web of lies that even he can’t keep up with. Add to the mix a loyal servant, a meddling father, and a jealous friend, and the scene is set for a hilarious misadventure of romance that’s short on truth but long on laughter.

And a Nightingale Sang

June 9-27
By C.P. Taylor
Directed by David Kennedy

England. The Eve of WWII. The members of the working-class Stott family spend their days playing piano, worrying about the latest dance crazes and popular songs, and keeping on despite their dwindling rations. When Helen, the eldest daughter, finds herself unexpectedly courted by a soldier on leave she can’t believe her new-found joy. No man has ever found her of interest; as the plain older daughter she never gets the attention. Immediate, touching, and filled with humor, And a Nightingale Sang weaves a beautiful story of one family’s perseverance through uncertain times

Love and Money (World Premiere!)
July 21 - Aug 8
By A.R. Gurney
Directed by Mark Lamos
A co-production with New York's Signature Theatre

Wealthy widow Cornelia Cunningham has led a life of grace and privilege—and she’s making up for it as fast as she can. Determined to donate almost everything she owns before the end, Cornelia’s plans are questioned when an ambitious and ingratiating young man, who may be the grandson she never knew she had, arrives to claim his inheritance.

| Bedroom Farce
Aug 25 - Sept 13
By Alan Ayckbourn
Directed by John Tillinger

The bedroom is the one room that sees the best, the worst, and the most of us. To the couples in Alan Ayckbourn’s rollicking comedy
Bedroom Farce, it’s also a dining room, a workshop, a cloakroom, and a boxing ring. Over the course of one very long Saturday evening, in three separate bedrooms, the roles and relationships of four couples, and one almost love triangle, are laid bare, complete with squabbles, bothers, a few bruises, and a hilariously touching epiphany.

Broken Glass
October 6 - 24
By Arthur Miller
Directed by Mark Lamos

Phillip Gellberg, a man driven by career and a desire to assimilate, has little time for his wife Sylvia, nor for the events of the world. But when Sylvia loses the use of her legs after reading newspaper reports of Jewish suffering in Nazi Germany, Dr. Harry Hyman must determine the cause of her mysterious affliction. His discoveries begin to reveal a marriage fractured by guilt, intolerance, and personal tragedy, and incites a dangerous game of concealment and suspicion. In celebration of longtime Connecticut resident Arthur Miller’s one-hundredth birthday, the Playhouse is proud to present one of his most arresting and psychologically penetrating works,
Broken Glass, a powerful account of what happens when the lines between what we believe and what is true, between our private fears and public fixations, begin to fade away.

All titles, dates & artists subject to change.

Header Photo: Liv Rooth (Nora). Photo by Carol Rosegg.