by S.N. Behrman
directed by John Haggott

with Ina Claire, Forest Orr, Alan Hewitt, Charles Dingle, Mary Michael Dossett, Paul Ballantyne, Beatrice Newport

Captain Brassbound’s Conversion 

by George Bernard Shaw
directed by Harry Ellerbe

with Jane Cowl, St. Clair Bayfield, Hale Norcross, Robert Chapman, Zachary Scott, Charles Newman, Robert B. Williams, Cecil Humphreys, Daniel Ocko, Arthur Margetson, Thomas Hastings, Lou Polan, Bram Nossen, Bernie Breeman, Sam Resnick, Mike Petropoulos, Ernest Czako, Bill Connery, Dick Connery, Angelo Di Mio, Leo Lenihan, Sid Bernhardt, George Lee, John Farnsworth, Bernie Schwartz, Bob Reynolds, John Foley, Bob Rothert

Green Grow the Lilacs

by Lynn Riggs
directed by John Ford
sub. sirector: John Haggot
dances by Gene Kelly

with Mildred Natwick, Winston O’Keefe, Betty Field, Arthur L. Hunnicutt, Wauna Paul, Robert H. Harris, Ralph Cullinan, Donald Lee, Don Glenn, John M. O’Connor, Bethell Long, Mimi Doyle, Fred Jensen, Ken Samuelson, Tex Samuelson, William Blood, Elaine Anderson, Louise Linden, Lulu Sadowsky, Betty Knight, Nancy Ten Eyck, Elena Ryerson

The Bat 

by Mary Roberts Rhinehart and Avery Hopwood

with Claudia Morgan, Kent Smith, Edith King, Fred Tozere, Alan Hewitt

The School for Scandal

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
directed by E.M. Blythe

with Ethel Barrymore, Phyllis Joyce, Georgie Drew Mendum, Erna Rowen, Reynolds Denniston, Edward Broadley, Charles Trexler, Gage Clark, Lowell Gilmore, Marcel Dill, Wyrley Birch, Don Glenn, John O’Connor, Leslie Barrie, Edward McHugh, Ernest Rowan, Elena Ryerson, Harry Friedman

The Emperor Jones

by Eugene O’Neill
directed by James Light

with Paul Robeson, Ralph Cullinan, Osceola Archer, Add Bates, F. Wilson, Owen Birkett, Frank Field, Ivan Lewis, Alexander McDonald, Howard Taylor, Philander Thomas, Clarence Washington, Elaine Anderson, Mimi Doyle, Harry Friedman, Felix Friend, Craig Gilbert, Don Glenn, Jock Jacobs, Louise Linden, Elena Ryerson, Lulu Sadowsky, Nancy Ten Eyck

Good-bye Again 

by Allan Scott and George Haight
directed by John Cornell

with Haila Stoddard, Kent Smith, Morgan James, Harry Friedman, Wauna Paul, Elaine Anderson, Bethell Long, Mimi Doyle, Don Glenn, John O’Connor, William Bendix, Richard Babineau

Serena Blandish

by S.N. Behrman

with Ann Andrews, Greta Maren, Barry Jones, Maurice Colbourne

Her Cardboard Lover

by Jacques Deval and P.G. Wodehouse
directed by John C. Wilson

with Tallulah Bankhead, Ralph Kellard, Donald Stevens, Stephan Cole, Harry Ellerbe, Fred Keating, John Fearnley, Don Glenn, Viola Frayne

La Belle Helene (The Glamour Girl of Troy)

by Offenbach
swing version by Herbert Kingsley
directed by Stewart Chaney
choreography by Demetrios Vilan and Felicia Sorel

with Anne Brown, Hamtree Harrington, Joe Attles, Ray Snead, Jr., Avon Long, James Banner, Lynne King, Winnie Johnson, Bobbie Johnson, Kelsey Pharr, Bruce Howard, Waldine Williams, Idelle Pemberton, John Garth III, Lawrence Whisonant, Randolph Sawyer, Philander Thomas, Rosetta Le Noire, P. Jay Sidney, Edith Ross, Mable Hart, Al Bledger, Muriel Gaines, Audrey White, Tommy Lynn King, Pauline Meyers, Amos Laing, Ropbert Dorsey, Bill O’Neill, Charles Weaver, Jimmy Wright, William Smith, John Edwards

Meet the Wife

by Lynn Starling

with Mary Boland

Little Dark Horse

adapted by Theresa Helburn
from the French of Andre Birabeau
directed by Donald Blackwell

with Walter Slezak, Evelyn Varden, Eric Dressler, Muriel Starr, Katharine Warren, Lillian Brennard Tonge, William Hansen, Anita Magee, Raymond Roe, Edmond Abel, Hazel Hanna, Muriel Starr, Randolph Whittaker

Curtain Going Up!

by Ivor Novello
directed by Arthur Sicrom

with Constance Collier, Violet Heming, Gloria Stuart

Love in Our Time

by Leslie Reade
staged by Lester Vail

with Ilka Chase, Dennis King, Ben Smith, Minerva Pious, Charlotte Ives, Grover Burgess, Lili Valenty, Elaine Anderson, Zachary Scott, Celeste Holm, Anna Minot, Augusta Roeland


by Ferenc Molnar
directed by Lee Strasberg

with Tyrone Power and Annabella, Betty Garde, Art Smith, Zachary Scott, Maxine Stuart, Morton L. Stevens, Isabel Bonner, Henry Lascoe, Owen Jordan, Joseph Kramm, Don Glenn, Daniel F. Canning, Robert Harrison, John Fearnley, Elaine Anderson, Roy Messner, Joy Schuyler, Nancy Prevo, Eustace Wyatt, Jay Meredith, Philip Langner, Alexander Sturm, Ethel Van Winkle, Alec Barnum, Clare Langner, John Wharton, Patricia Lawrence, Carole Martin, E. Maude Patten

Mis’ Nelly of N’Orleans

by Laurence Eyre
directed by John C. Wilson

with Grace George, Mary Ann Henderson, Mary Davenport, Josephine Stanton, William Roerick, Milton Williams, Jose Ruben, Richard Hale, Helene Jaffin, Nancy Prevo, Clare Langner,  Joy Schuyler, Carole Martin, Herman Smith, Nicholas Joy

Theater closed during World War II

They Knew What They Wanted

by Sidney Howard
directed by Homer Fickett

with June Havoc, Kenny Delmar, Edward Andrews, Paul Ford, Harry Yorku, Henry Jones, Jack Davey, Si Vario, Lamont Johnson, Flora MacDonald, Dawn Steinkamp, Rose Salvato, Richy Steinkamp, Anthony Wilan, Anthony totilo, Jane Appleton, Diane Beersman, Eleanor Correnty, Grace Dickson, Jeannette Martel, Vicki Quarles, Betty Smith, Paula Sperry, Sally Thomes, Paricia Van Raalte, Jack Davey, Graham Ferguson, Don Glenn, Alan Hodshire, Ted Smith

Young Woodley

by John Van Druten
directed by John C. Wilson

with Roddy McDowell, Barbara Robbins, Gordon Nelson, Peter Griffith, Lester Fletcher, Lamont Johnson, James Dobson, Betty Smith, J.P. Wilson

Design for Living

by Noel Coward
directed by John C. Wilson

with Jean-Pierre Aumont, David Wayne, Marta Linden, Francesca Braggiotti, Gordon Nelson, Eda Heinemann, Allen Hodshire, Lamont Johnson, Vicki Quarles, Graham Ferguson

Night Must Fall

by Emlyn Williams
directed by Herbert Kennith

with Dame May Whitty, Walter Starkey, Mary Welch, Eda Heinemann, Frank Milan, Grace Dickson, Barbara Baron, Gordon Nelson

Devil Take A Whittler

by Weldon Stone
staged by Paul Crabtree

with Patricia Neal, Carol Stone, John Conte, Tom Scott, Paul Crabtree, Bobby Barry, Stanley Nelson, Sue Ann Young, Philip McEneny, John Larson, Agnes Yost, Arthur Hunnicutt, Tom Avera, June Graham, Georgia Simmons, Mickey Cochran, Zachary A. Charles, Alice Tobin, Stan Roberts, George Drake, Victor Duntiere, Jack Konzal, Pat Meaney, Guy Picerno, James Stephens, Jacqueline Dodge, Arleen Ethane, Bernice Grant, Anna Konstance, Joan Lawrence, Jill Melford, Chuck Palmer, and his Rustic Ramblers

Our Town

by Thornton Wilder
directed by Michael Manulis

with Thornton Wilder, Katherine Bard, Curtis Cookse, Helen Carew, Mary Sargent, Thomas Coley, Doro Merande, Josephine Barnett

Angel Street

by Patrick Hamilton
directed by Gant Gaither

with Frances Lederer, Bramwell Fletcher, Helen Shields, Pamela Gordon, Hazel Jones

Dream of Fair Women

by Reginald Lawrence
directed by Martin Manulis

with Donald Cook, Anne Burr, Clarence Derwent, Nina Vale, Frank Milan, Marti Stanley, George Cotton, Peter Walker

What Every Woman Knows

transfer to Broadway – International Theatre
by James M. Barrie
directed by Phyllis Laughton

with Olivia de Havilland, J.P. Wilson, Erik Rhodes, Philip Tonge, Wesley Addy, Ted Smith, Peter Walker, Don Glenn, Josephine Brown, Elaine Stritch, Beverly Molot, Wyrley Birch, Alan Hodshire, Russell Blair, Frank Perry, Jack Plover, Clifford Thomas, David Wells, Stanley Wells

It’s a Man’s World

by Hagar Wilde
directed by Martin Manulis

with Peggy Conklin, Carmen Mathews, Donald Cook, Louis Borell, Richard Kendrick, Robert Burton, Ann Thomas, Margaret Irving, Hjalmar Boyesen III, Jane Middleton, Grace Dickson, Pat Van Raalte, Allen Hodshire, Don Glenn, Ted Smith

The Girl of the Golden West

by David Belasco
directed by Armina Marshall

with June Havoc, Robert Stack, Murvyn Vye, Russell Collins, Paul Crabtree, Tom Scott, Lawrence Fletcher, Leo Chalzel, Josephine Barnett, Arthur Hunnicutt, Ernest Sarracino, Charles Hart, Thomas King, Edgar Taviner, William Degnan, Mendy Weisgal, Philip Langner, Chase Soltzez, George Leiper, Joseph Gantman, Pat Sheridan, John Roberts, Chadwick Paul, Tom Glazer

French Without Tears

by Terence Merryn Rattigan
directed by John C. Wilson

with William Eythe, Erik Rhodes, Virginia Gilmore, Katharine Bard, Alfred A. Hesse, Peter Scott, Paul Crabtree, Lilly Lodge, Don Peters, David Weisgal

Private Lives

transfer to Broadway – Plymouth Theatre
by Noel Coward
staged by Martin Manulis

with Tallulah Bankhead, Donald Cook, Buff Cobb, Phil Arthur, Therese Quadri

The Male Animal

by Elliot Nugent and James Thurber
staged by Paul Crabtree

with Buddy Ebsen, Katharine Bard, Lawrence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Russell Collins, Gee Gee James, Mary Evelyn Ducey, Peter Birch, Eda Heinemann, Ralph Stewart, Doris Rich, Thomas King, William Degnan

The Man Who Came To Dinner

by George S. Kaufmann and Moss Hart

with Henry Morgan, Marta Linden, Paul Crabtree, Virginia Gilmore, Janet Fox

Ladies in Retirement

by Edward Percy and Reginald Denham
staged by Paul Crabtree

with Estelle Winwood, Fritzi Scheff, Zolya Talma, Elliott Reid, Elfrida Durwent, Frances Tannehill, Sally Brophy, Pat Sheridan

Papa Is All

by Patterson Green
staged by Homer Fickett

with Jesse Royce Landis, Guy Spaull, Helen Carew, Emmett Rogers, Andree Wallace, John Larson

The Skull Beneath

by Richard Carlson
directed by Martin Manulis

with Fay Bainter, Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hewitt, Elliott Reid, Flora Campbell, Joan Shepard, Russell Collins, Abbie Mitchell, Gwendolyn Jackson, Jane Love, Allan Hewitt, McCrae Imbrie, Ken Renard, Alonzo Bosan

The Pursuit of Happiness

by Lawrence Langner and Armina Marshall
directed by Armina Marshall

with Alfred Drake, Mary Hatcher, Russell Collins, Katherine Raht, Alexander Clark, Dorothy Steele, Dennis King Jr., Charles Benjamin, Mary Hatcher, Chase Soltez, John Roberts

My Fair Lady

by Otis Bigelow
directed by John C. Wilson

with Alexander Kirkland, Marta Linden, Jane Seymour, Russell Collins, Kendall Clark, Maxine Stuart, Mendy Weisgald, John Larson, Elfrida Derwent

This Time Tomorrow

transfer to Broadway – Ethel Barrymore Theatre
by Jan de Hartog
directed by Paul Crabtree

with Sam Jaffe, Ruth Ford, John Archer, Tyler Carpenter

Lysistrata ’48

adaptation by Gilbert Seldes
directed by Lawrence Langner

with June Havoc, Bibi Osterwald, Joan McCracken, Paul Crabtree, E.G. Marshall, Maria Gambarelli, E.M. Krunschmidt, Guy Spaull, Robert Emhardt, Dennis King, Jr., King Sinanian, Lois Braun, Francesca Braggiotti, Peter Birch, Guy Spaul, Margery Mande

Sundown Beach

An Actor’s Studio Production
by Bessie Breuer
directed by Elia Kazan

with Steven Hill, Kim Hunter, Julie Harris, Robert F. Simon, Nehemiah Persoff, Martin Balsam, Treva Frezee, Jennifer Howard, Ellen Mahar, Vivian Firko, Ralph Cullinan, Don Hanmer, Joe Sullivan, Michael Lewan, Joan Copeland, Anne Hegira, Edward Binns, Warren Stevens, Tom Avera, Lenka Peterson, Kathleen Maguire, Ralph Lee Robertson, Jr., Cloris Leachman, John Sylvester, Ira Cirker, Alex Nicol, George Hershey, Lou Gilbert, Harris Clay, Frank Perry

The Beaux’ Strategem

by George Farquhar
directed by Brian Aherne

with Brian Aherne, Carmen Mathews, E.G. Marshall, John Merivale, Maureen Stapleton, Richard Temple, Patricia Jenkins, Guy Spaull, Victor Beecroft, Lionelle Ince, Josephine Barnett, Mary Forbes, Milton Stiftel, King Sinanian

John Loves Mary

by Norman Krasna
directed by Martin Manulis

with Guy Madison, Katharine Bard, Paul Crabtree, E. G. Marshall, Matt Briggs, Elliot Reid, Margery Maude, Elizabeth Eustis, William F. Haddock, Robert Emmett

Anna Christie

by Eugene O’Neill
staged by Joseph Kramm

with June Havoc, George Mathews, E.G. Marshall, William F. Haddock, King Sinanian, Mark Sarel, Richard Hepburn, Chas Soltez, Florence Dunlap

Perfect Pitch

by Sam and Bella Spewack
produced by John C. Wilson
directed by Martin Manulis

with Roland Young, Buddy Ebsen, Joyce Arling, Philip Coolidge, Daniel Ocko, Peter Lopouhin, Jonathan Marlowe, Harold Stone

Seven Keys to Baldpate

by George M. Cohan
directed by Paul Crabtree

with William Gaxton, Marianne Stewart, Martha Hodge, Kathleen Comegys, Lawrence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Guy Spaull, Eda Heinemann, Emmett Rogers, George Haggerty, E.G. Marshall, Edward Platt, Don Glenn, Chase Soltez, Frank Perry

The Skin of Our Teeth

by Thornton Wilder
directed by John C. Wilson

with Thornton Wilder, Armina Marshall, Betty Field, Fania Marinoff, Richard Hepburn, Guy Spaull, Renny Holcomb, Gretchen Huitwelier, Thomas J. King, Lois Braun, Mendy Weisgal, Harris Clay, George Hersey, George Spelvin, Mark Sarel, Susan McLain, Rosamond Thowler, Josephine Barnett, Davida Gordon, Ruth Sherewood, Nancy Ryan, George Ann Crabtree, George Spelvin, Richard Rubinstein, Harris Clay, Bernard Shir-Cliff, Peter Dohanos, Robert Emmett, Mark Sarel, John Metcalfe, Pauline Myers, Eulabelle Moore, Ann Chisholm, Stephen Sefsik, Robert Bassett, Neil Van Delft

The Voice of the Turtle

by John Van Druten
directed by Edwin Gordon

with Joan Caulfield, Edwin Gordon, Jean Casto

The Silver Whistle

transfer to Broadway – Biltmore Theatre
A Theatre Guild Production
by Robert E. McEnroe
directed by Paul Crabtree

with Jose Ferrer, E. G. Marshall, John Conte, Phyllis Hill, Kathleen Comegys, Doro Merande, William Lynn, Mary Gildea, Charles Hart, Jane Marbury, Stapleton Kent, Edward Platt, Charles Kuhn, Chase Soltez

The Time of Your Life

by William Saroyan
directed by Paul Crabtree

with E. G. Marshall, Meg Mundy, Eddie Dowling, Lawrence Fletcher, Joe Sullivan, Leo Chalzel, Tommy Mortin, Eugene Shewmaker, Arthur Shaw Jr., Eddie Dowling, Paul Crabtree, Bob Emmett, Billy Taylor, Helen Chalzel, Warren Burmeister, Burton Mallory, Helen Shields, Lawrence Fletcher, John Randolph, Guilia Spelvin, Thomas Guida, Mary Evelyn Ducey, George Ann Crabtree, Mary Ann Matson, Virginia Quillian, Earl Quillian, Chilton Ryan, Alden Aldrich

Pretty Penny

sketches by Jerome Chodorov
music and lyrics by Harold Rome
staged and directed by George S. Kaufman
choreographed by Michael Kidd

with Peter Gennaro, David Burns, Carl Reiner, Marilyn Day, Barbara Martin, Lenore Lonergan, Bud Sweeney, George Keane, Ken Spaulding, Jay Lloyd, Wana Allison, Phyllis Gehrig, Diane Sinclair, Wayne Lamb, Barbara McCutcheon, Evelyn Taylor, Robert Morrow, Onna White, Bill Skipper, Walter Scheff, John Henson, Florence Henson, Barbara Weaver, George Spelvin

Yes, My Darling Daughter

by Mark Reed
directed by Herbert Brodkin

with Ann Harding, Muriel Hutchison, E. G. Marshall, Lawrence Fletcher, Phyllis Kirk, Betty Tyson, Paul Crabtree

Accent on Youth

by Samuel Raphaelson
directed by Martin Manulis

with Paul Lukas, Katherine Bard, E. G. Marshall, Elaine Stritch, John Hudson, Esther Mitchell, Lawrence Fletcher, Gordon Allison, Thomas Guida, Ned Wertimer

A Story for Sunday Evening

World Premiere
written and directed by Paul Crabtree
music by Walter Hendl

with Leora Dana, Laurence Fletcher, Paul Crabtree, Cloris Leachman, Earl Quillian, Rhiman Busch, Harold Aitkin

The Corn is Green

by Emlyn Williams
directed by Edward McHugh

with Eva LeGallienne, Richard Waring, Gwilym Williams, Barbara Welch, Harold Stone, Jr., Josephine Barnett, David Fitelson, Robin Craven, Eva Leonard-Boyne, Darthy Hinkley, Thomas Guida, Ira Greiff, Daniel Levin, Alden Aldrich, Butron Mallory, Gloria Valborg, Anita Meyers, Betty Lilly, Rita Wacht, Jean Lamont, Nancy Ryan, Cynthia Lee, Dorthea Harding, Virginia McGuire, Harold Stone, Jr., David Fitelson, Arthur Shaw, Jr.

A Month in the Country

by Ivan Turghenev
English adaptation by Emlyn Williams
directed by Garson Kanin

with Ruth Gordon, E. G. Marshall, Howard St. John, Edmon Ryan, Scott McKay, Hazel Dawn, Jr., Rex Williams, Frances Brandt, Diana Rivers, Clifford Tatum, Jr., Lew Eckels, Peggy Cass, Jesse White

Out of Dust

A Theatre Guild Production
by Lynn Riggs
directed by Mary Hunter

with Helen Craig, Berry Kroeger, Joan Lorring, Billy (William) Redfield, Edwin Jerome, Hugh Reilly, Robert Foster, Everett Gammon, Crahan Denton, Carleton Carpenter

Western Wind

by Charlotte Frances
directed by Martin Manulis

with Cornel Wilde, Patricia Knight, John Baragrey

The Philadelphia Story

by Philip Barry
directed by Herbert Brodkin

with E. G. Marshall, Jeffery Lynn, Sarah Churchill, Richard Derr, Oliver Thorndike, Tony Bickley, William Kemp, Peggy French, Pat Crowley, Olive Templeton, Dick Hepburn, Earl Gilbert, Prudence Truesdell, Chase Soltez

Texas Li’l Darlin’

transfer to Broadway – Mark Hellinger Theatre
book by John Wheedon and Sam Moore
music by Robert Emmett Dolan
lyrics by Johnny Mercer
directed by Paul Crabtree

with Elaine Stritch, Kenny Delmar, Danny Scholl, Harry Bannister, Jared Reed, Betty Lou Keim, Fred Wayne, Edward Platt, Robert Emmett, Eddy Smith, Bill Horan, Joel McConkey, Emy St. Just, Dorothy Hill, Diane Lamont, Jean Lamont, Herbert Ross, John Ward, Ray Long, Betty Tyson, Ralph Patterson, Chilton Ryan, Gene Shewmaker, Don Falasco, Ned Wertimer, Alden Aldrich, Elyse Weber, Nancy Franklin, Jackie James, George Ann Crabtree, Mary Anne Mattson, Anne Chisholm

Good Housekeeping

A Theatre Guild Production
by William McCleery
directed by Don Richardson

with Helen Hayes, Kent Smith, Mary MacArthur, Matt Briggs, Katherine Raht, Jack Manning, Mary Malone, Howard Stone, Shirlee Standlee, Toni Cushing, Jean Lamont, Nancy Ryan, Prudence Truesdell

Come Back, Little Sheba

World Premiere
transfer to Broadway – Booth Theatre
A Theatre Guild Production
by William Inge
directed by Daniel Mann

with Shirley Booth, Sidney Blackmer, Cloris Leachman, Lonny Chapman, John Randolph, Daniel A. Reed, Olga Fabian, Charles Hart, Wilson Brooks, John Larson, Chilton Ryan

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