Dames At Sea

by George Haimsohn and Robin Miller
music by Jim Wise
directed by Don Price

with Julie Newmar, Marian Mercer, Brenda Broome, Alan Kass, Kenneth Carr, Joseph R. Sicari

The Tender Trap

by Max Shulman and Robert Hall Smith
directed by Michael Simone

with William Shatner, Marilyn Wayne, Bill Mooney, Judy Jordan, Geraldine Court, Jane Zachary, Matthew Tobin, Richard Kuss

The Boys in the Band 

by Mart Crowley

Best of Friends 

by James Elward
directed by Eugene O’Sullivan

with Shirley Booth, Donald Woods, Patrick McVey, Jo Henderson, Jacque Lynn Colton, Tom Brannum, Jennifer Warren, David Rosenbaum, Michaele Myers


by Marc Camoletti
English adaptation by Beverly Cross

with Van Johnson, Dorothy Emmerson, Ruth Kobart, Peter Pagan, Sarah Sanders, Laryssa Lauret

The Secretary Bird

American Premiere
by William Douglas Home
directed by Porter Van Zandt

with Edward Mulhare, Inga Swenson, Paddy Croft, Jennifer Tilston, John Gabriel

Signpost to Murder

by Monte Doyle
directed by Charles Maryan

with David McCallum, Tanny McDonald, Peter Rogan, John Leighton, Shawn McAllister, Jerome Raphel

Blithe Spirit

by Noel Coward
directed by Charles Forsythe

with Noel Harrison, Ell Miocene, Angela Thornton, Richard Kendrick, Mary Orr, Cavada Humphrey, Elizabeth Hubbard

Relatively Speaking 

American Premiere
by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Ben Janney, with Joan Fontaine, Ian Martin, Miranda Fellows, Neil Hunt

An Evening of Laughter and Music

Norman Geller as musical conductor

with Phil Ford, Mimi Hines

Play It Again, Sam

by Woody Allen
directed by Jeremiah Morris

with George Gobel, Anne Linden, Bob Sacchi, Dan Frazer, Laura May Lewis, Samantha Doane, John Abrahams, Enid Edman, Lyssa Higgins, Leigh Carole, Eda Zahl

Light Up the Sky

by Moss Hart
directed by Harold J. Kennedy

with Kitty Carlisle, Jan Sterling, Sam Levene, Kay Medford, Mark O’Daniels, Harold J. Kennedy, Michael Goodwin, Peter Adams, Jack Collard, Peggy Winslow, Richard Isaacs, David de Rosa

The Price 

by Arthur Miller
directed by Joseph Anthony

with Joseph Buloff, Betty Miller, Carle Bensen, Douglass Watson

Plaza Suite

by Neil Simon
directed by Jeremiah Morris

with Barry Nelson, Dorothy Loudon, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Epy Baca, Richard Alleman

Forty Carats

adapted by Jay Allen
from a play by Barillet and Grede
directed by Charles Maryan

with Barbara Britton, Robert Darnell, Nancy Cushman, Gil Rogers, Barbara Stanton, Tracy Brooks Swope, Ed Fuller, Robert Dannenberg, Minette Hirsch, Christopher Czukor, Greg Callahan

The Mousetrap

by Agatha Christie
directed by Noel Harrison

with Noel Harrison, Paul Collins, Cara Duff-MacCormack, Rudolph Willrich, Daryn Kent, Ivan Smith, Allan Frank, Marie Paxton

I Do! I Do!

books and lyrics by Tom Jones
music by Harvey Schmidt
based on The Four Poster by Jan De Hartog
directed by Wade Miller

with Patrice Munsel and Stephen Douglass

Marriage & Money

based on A Proposal by Anton Chekhov
directed by Rip Torn

with Geraldine Page, Rip Torn, Muni Seroff; “A Marriage Has Been Arranged” by Alfred Sutro, directed by Rip Torn, with Rip Torn, Geraldine Page; “The Bear” by Anton Chekhov, directed by Rip Torn, with Geraldine Page, Muni Seroff, Rip Torn

Promenade, All!

by David V. Robison
directed by William Francisco

with Hume Cronyn, Anne Jackson, Eli Wallach, Richard Backus

And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little

by Paul Zindel
directed by Jerry Adler

with Sandy Dennis, Salome Jens, M’el Dowd, Helen Page Camp, Walt Wanderman, Yvonne Vincic, David Friedman

The Right Honourable Gentleman

by Michael Dyne
directed by Roderick Cook

with Edward Mulhare, Beatrice Straight, Carolyn Lagerfelt, John High, DeAnn Mears, Guy Spaull, Edward Holmes, Joan Croydon, Ellen Tovatt, Rex Thompson, George Taylor, Mary Alan Hokanson, Laurinda Barrett

The Warm Peninsula

by Joe Masteroff
directed by Jack O’Brien

with Tammy Grimes,  Jan Sterling, Geoffrey Scott, Theodore Sorel, Edith Meiser, Michael Prince, James Whittle

Norman, Is That You?

by Ron Clark and Sam Bobrick
directed by Charles Olsen

with Hans Conried, Charlotte Rae, Alec Murphy, Peter Simpson, Judith Jordan

The Big Coca-Cola Swamp in the Sky

by Jay Broad
directed by Jose Quintero

with Colleen Dewhurst, Chris Sarandon

Fiddler on the Roof

book by Joseph Stein
lyrics by Sheldon Harnick
music by Jerry Block
directed and choreographed by Frank Coppola

with Mike Kellin, Susan Willis, Avril Gentles, Fyv Finkel, Lee Horwin, Madeline Miller, Stuart Howard, Christopher Carroll, Elizabeth Hale, John Bentley,Fred Weiss, Dallas Alinder, George Axler, Peter Bosche, Melody Gale, Cynthia Lister, Claude Simon, Dallas Alinder, Coleman White, Dorothy Lister, Leslie Miller, Richard Beneville, Jerry Bell, Larry Landau, Louis Warner, Herb Wilson, Iris Acker, Samuel Bruce, Joe Triplino

Man of La Mancha

book by Dale Wasserman
lyrics by Joe Darion
music by Mitch Leigh
staged by Antony DeVecchi

with Allan Jones, Edmond Varrato, Gaylea Byrne, Rowan Tudor, Taylor Reed, Leon Shaw, Marcia O’Brien, Kendall Crolius, Louise Armstrong, W.P. Drémak, Antony DeVecchi, Farid Farah, Chet D’Elia, Ron Capozzoli, Andy Hostettler, Marcia O’Brien


book by Peter Stone
music and lyrics by Sherman Edwards
directed and choreographed by Edward Roll

with Don Perkins, Bruce Mac Kay, Peter Lombard, Walter Charles, Jerry Lanning, Joneal Joplin, Ann Clements, Ben Rayson, James Cade, Leslie Miller, Brad Tyrrell, Skedge Miller, Keith Perry, Tom Sinclair, K. C. Wilson, Mervin Crook, Rick Perry, Don Estes, Don Entriken, John Stratton, Alan Howard, Tony Becerril, Don Draper, Greg Macosko, Robert R. Kaye, Don Entriken, Ann Clements

Last of the Red Hot Lovers

by Neil Simon
directed by Tom Porter

with Sid Caesar, Mimi Kennedy, Jill O’Hara, Doris Roberts

See How They Run

by Phillip King
directed by Christopher Hewett

with Mickey Rooney, Joan Bassie, Paddy Croft, George Pentecost, Benjamin H. Slack, Ariel Sebastian, Steve Parris, Jon Barry Wilder, Geoff Garland

The Girl in the Freudian Slip

by William F. Brown
directed by Herbert Machiz

with Eddie Bracken, Lewis J. Stadlen, Leora Dana, Donald Hotton, Elizabeth Perry, Cindy Hannah

Who Killed Santa Claus?

by Terence Feely
directed by Stockton Briggle

with Arlene Francis, Ed Zimmermann, George Gitto, George Backman, Louis Edmonds, Carolyn Lagerfelt, Michael Tolaydo, W. K. Stratton

A Conflict of Interest

by Jay Broad
directed by Jerry Adler

with Barry Nelson, Walter Abel, Scott McKay, William Prince, Dan Frazer, Iris Brooks, Lee Doyle, Gary Gage, William Gibberson, Paul Haney, Anna-Marie McKay, Donegan Smith, Carolyn Groves, Tony Michelman, Jonathan Feldman, Laura Harper, Brian O’Neil, Bradley Jones

Dial M for Murder

by Frederick Knott
directed by Eric Berry

with Joan Fontaine, Richard Clarke, Eric Berry, Norman Barrs, Bob Brooks, Michael Weiland

Jacques Brel is Alive and Well and Living in Paris

music by Jacques Brel
English lyrics and additional material by Eric Blau and Mort Shuman
directed by Bill Francisco

with Jean Pierre Aumont, Eileen Barnett, Sidney Ben-Zali, Alan Brasington, Alice Evans

Poor Richard

by Jean Kerr
directed by Charles Maryan

with Noel Harrison, Robert Darnell, Nancy Pinkerton, Saylor Creswell, Kathleen Miller

The Gingerbread Lady 

by Neil Simon
directed by Jeremiah Morris

with Nancy Kelly, Maureen Silliman, Neil Flanagan, Frank Savino, Manuel Sebastian, Lois Markle

Remember Me

written and directed by Ronald Alexander

with Robert Stack, Eileen Heckart, Marian Seldes, Hugh Reilly, Frances Helm, Barbara Stanton, Nicolas Surovy, Barbara Worthington, Linda Martin

Hello, Dolly!

book by Michael Stewart
music and lyrics by Jerry Herman
directed by Lucia Victor

with Anne Russell, Tanny McDonald, Paul Keith, Ed Goldsmid, Roseann Palma, Ted Bloecher, Estelle Tyner, Melody Gale, Jay Foote, Arnott Mader, Coley Worth, Leslie Kimble, Mary Key Simpson, Susan von Suhrke, Daniel Cass, Charon Lee Cohen, Brandt Edwards, Robin Herbert, Ronald Kuhlman, Larry McMillian, Judy Rose, Hank Schob, Louis M. Warner

A Song for Cyrano

music and lyrics by Robert Craig Wright and George Forrest
book by J. Vincent Smith
directed by Jose Ferrer

with Jose Ferrer, Willi Burke, Don McKay, Edmund Lyndeck, Keith Kaldenberg, Marshall Borden, Helon Blount, Adam Petroski, Al Desio, Curt Ralston, Joy Chutz, Marie King, Louise Reichlin, Richard Miller, Edward Easton, Genette Lane, James Anthony, Samuel Bruce, Stephen Fenning, Robert Henersen, Richard Miller, Curt Ralston, Burt Rodriguez, Hank Shobe, Clyde P. Walker, Melanie Lerner, Louise Reichlin


by Bob Randall
directed by Jerry Adler

with Jerry Orbach, Marcia Rodd, Jennifer Warren, Nancy R. Pollock, Randall Robbins, Alex Colon, Madeleine Fisher, Edmund Day


by George Furth
staged by Bud Coffey

with Sada Thompson, Herbert Nelson, Jack Murdock, Mark Dawson, James Noble, Macintyre Dixon, Walter Klavun, Ned Farster

Suddenly at Home

by Francis Durbridge
directed by Peter Levin

with Jack Cassidy, Scott McKay, Valerie French, Kathryn Walker, Laurinda Barrett, Veleka Gray, Anthony Palmer, Edward Holmes

The Jockey Club Stakes

by William Douglas Home
directed by Cyril Ritchard

with Wilfrid Hyde-White, Ronald Drake, Dillon Evans, Caroline Lagerfelt, Michael Lewis, Rudolph Willrich, Norman Barrs, Christopher Bernau, Ethel Drew, Chet Carlin, Douglas Norwick, Enid Rodgers, Roy Cooper

The Gershwin Years

music by George Gershwin
lyrics by Ira Gershwin
directed and choreographed by Bob Herget

with Barbara Cook, Nancy Dussault, Helen Gallagher, Harold Lang, Steve Ross, Edward Morris

The Poison Tree

by Ronald Ribman
directed by Arthur Sherman

with Al Freeman, Jr., Ron O’Neal, Moses Gunn, Richard Jordan, Daniel Barton, Charles Bergansky, Gerry Black, Howard Green, Parker McCormick, Don Plumley, Martin Shakar, Arlen Dean Snyder, Dennis Tate, Charles Turner

Billie and De De Pierce and their Preservation Hall Jazz Band  

with DeDe Pierce, Billie Pierce, Josiah “Cie” Frazier, “Big Jim” Robinson, Willie Humphrey, Allan Jaffe

Summer and Smoke

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Jeffrey Hayden

with Eva Marie Saint, Ronny Cox, Linda Kelsey, Harry Ellerbe, Jon Lormer, Amzie Strickland, Christine Avila, Mark Herron, Ethel Dugan, Howard Brunner, Ben Jones, Darrell Hayden, Sharon Beard, Oswaldo Calvo

The New Mt. Olive Motel

by Steven Gethers
directed by Burt Brinckerhoff

with James Whitmore, Audra Lindley, Alan Manson, Maureen Silliman, Adam Arkin, William Duell, Josip Elic, Harry Eno, Rene Enriquez, Sam Gray, Robert Kya-Hill, Alek Primrose, Shev Rogers

The Prisoner of Second Avenue

by Neil Simon
directed by Tom Porter

with Art Carney, Barbara Carney, Ruth Jaroslow, Jane Courtney, Elsa Raven, Willard Waterman


by Simon Gray
directed by James Hammerstein
Original London production by Harold Pinter

with Brian Bedford, Paul Jott, Barbara Lester, Sharon Laughlin, James Hummert, Saylor Creswell, Linda Charet


by Anthony Shaffer
directed by Warren Crane

with Patrick Macnee, Jordan Christopher, Stanley Rushton, Robin Mayfield, Liam McNulty

The Sunshine Boys

by Neil Simon
directed by James Bernardi

with Jack Gilford, Lou Jacobi, Jeremy Stevens, Lee Meredith, Rosetta LeNoire,  John Newhouse, Mark Rodman


music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz
directed by Larry Whiteley

with Claudine Cassan, Randy Martin, Judy Congess, David Michaels, Bruce Connelly, Melinda Tanner, Barbara Deutsch, Michael Tucci, Michele Mais, James G. Vaughan, Jon Buffington, Marilyn Pasekoff, Barbara Niles, M. J. Quinn

Finishing Touches

by Jean Kerr
directed by Wayne Carson

with Barbara Bel Geddes, Laurence Hugo, Gene Rupert, Carolyn Groves, Jeanne Lange, Edward Clinton, Andrew Ian McMillan, Richard Backus

Crown Matrimonial

by Royce Ryton
directed by Ben Janney

with Eileen Herlie, David McCallum, Patrick Horgan, Paddy Croft, Marie Paxton, Enid Rodgers, Cynthia Hopkins, Elizabeth Swain, Donald Bishop

Born Yesterday

by Garson Kanin
directed by Stephen Porter

with Sandy Dennis, Gary Merrill, Peter Brandon, Eugene Stuckmann, Raymond Cole, Guy Spaull, Joan Croydon, James Carnelia, Sally Birckhead, David Buckner, Mark Mallo, Gerry Merrill, Sheila Johnson, Walter Smith

That Championship Season

by Jason Miller
directed by John Mahon

with Broderick Crawford, Danny Aiello, Martin Cassidy, Jack Collard, Peter MacLean

Oh Coward!

words and music by Noel Coward
devised and directed by Roderick Cook

with Constance Towers, Michael Allinson, Joe Masiell

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

by Dale Wasserman
from a novel by Ken Kesey
directed by John Mahon

with Pernell Roberts, Manu Tupou, Louisa Horton, James Lonigro, Aleta, John Mahon, Scott Bruno, Patti Miller, Eugene Hobgood, Leonard Parker, Ken Konopka, Shelia Russell, Thomas J. Kubiak, Barry Vigon, John McPeak, John Mahon


by Anne Commire
directed by Edward Hastings

with Sada Thompson, Robert Gerringer, Tresa Hughes, James Sutorius, Barbara Dirickson, Dallas Greer, Edward Fuller, Polly Holliday

Absurd Person Singular

Transfer to Broadway – Music Box Theatre
by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Eric Thompson

with Richard Kiley, Sandy Dennis, Geraldine Page, Larry Blyden, Carole Shelley, Tony Roberts, Marilyn Clark

No, No, Nanette

book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel
music by Vincent Youmans
lyrics by Irving Caesar and Otto Harbach
directed and choreographed by Bill Guske

with Helen Gallagher, Jerry Antes, Marsha Bagwell, Kevin Daly, Sara Louise, Jeannine Moore, Carol Swarbrick, Marilyn Seven, Marilynn Scott, Thomas Ruisinger, Debbi Bier, Chris Carlson, Jacqueline Payne, Joy Robertson, Kurt Johnson, Howard Leonard, Michael Lichtefeld, John Melof, Michael Radigan, Joel Rosina


book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado
music by Galt MacDermot
musical director: Margaret Harris

with Jeffrey Hillock, Denise Delapenha, Larry Marshall, Shelley Plimpton, Gloria Goldman, Arnold McCuller, Tom Schuyler, Joann Brown-el, Shirley Cunningham, Stephen Fenning, Valentino Harris, Jonathan Johnson, Barbara Nahass, Tracy Rosten, Mary Seymour, Kenny Seymour, Bryan Spencer

Tobacco Road

World Premiere
from the play by Jack Kirkland and the novel by Erskine Caldwell
adapted by Haila Stoddard
music by Don Elliott
lyrics by Haila Stoddard and Joan Wilde
directed by Thomas Gruenewald

with  Jeanne Bolan, Ed Bryce, Dorothy Bryce, Edward Donlan, Bert Gibson, Jo Henderson, George Hillman, Gene Lindsey, Joseph Pichette, Jill Rose, Gary Silow, Howard Sims, Diane Stilwell, Bobra Suiter, Joan Wile, Bob Wittenstein, Richard Yarnell, Belinda de Jesus, Jennifer de Jesus, Joey de Jesus, Sari Kaye, Michelle Marceau, Kevin Moore, Harold Safferstein, Judy Wiley, Chip Clemmons, Angela Clemmons, Geraldine Clemmons, Christopher Williams, James Young, Philip Lundy, Cynthia Mintz, Allan Watkins

Something’s Afoot

book, music, and lyrics by Davis Vos, James McDonald, and Robert Gerlach
directed by Tony Tanner

with Pat Carroll, Gary Beach, Gary Gage, Jack Schmidt, Willard Beckham, Barbara Heuman, Liz Sheridan, Boni Enten, Marc Jordan, Sel Vitella

God’s Favorite

by Neil Simon
directed by Tom Porter

with Godfrey Cambridge, Richard Kuss, Anna Berger, Philip Cusack, Minnie Gentry, Nick LaTour, Ellin Ruskin, David McDaniel

My Fat Friend

by Charles Laurence
directed by Ben Janney

with John Astin, Patty Duke Astin, Peter McRobbie, Bruce Gray

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

by Tennessee Williams
directed by Porter Van Zandt

with Sandy Dennis, David Selby, Ronald Bishop, James Murtaugh, Peggy Cosgrave, Don Draper, Gertrude A. Smith, Larry Swansen, Geraldine Kay

The Hot L Baltimore 

by Lanford Wilson
directed Jeremiah Morris

with Jan Sterling, Larry Carr, Stan Edelman, Ray Edelstein, Clement Fowler, Sylvia Gassell, Susan Harney, Albert M. Ottenheimer, Donald Warfield, Erica Weingast, Donna Pearson, Eleanor Tauber, Yvonne Vincic, George Smith, Clem Paulsen

For My Last Number

World Premiere
by Steven Gethers
directed by Tony Tanner

with Paul Sorvino, Carolyn Lagerfelt, Carol Mayo Jenkins, William Duell

Culture Caper

World Premiere
by Jerome Chodorov
directed by Edward Chodorov

with Gabriel Dell, Jill O’Hara, Harold Gary, Pat Englund, Jacqueline Bertrand, Jim Jansen, Judith Lesley, Gene Gross, Jean Pierre Stewart, James Tolken

The Two of Us

by Michael Frayn
directed John Clark

with Lynn Redgrave, David Leary, Carlos Carrasco, John Tillinger

In Praise of Love

by Terence Rattigan
directed by Michael Bawtree

with Tammy Grimes, Michael Allinson, Sam Gray, Gary Tomlin

The Good Doctor

by Neil Simon
adapted and suggested from stories by Anton Chekhov
directed by Ronald Roston

with Theodore Bikel, David Hurst, Lynn Milgrim, Rose Arrick, Lee Golden


book by Hugh Wheeler and Joseph Stein
from the original play by James Montgomery
busic by Harry Tierney
lyrics by Joseph McCarthy
directed by John H. Lowe lll

with Jack Fletcher, Jane Connell, Pamela Peadon, Peter Lombard, Terry Saunders, G. Wayne Hoffman, Barbara Erwin, L. J. Rose, Mic Kozyra, Alvin Beam, Debbi Bier, Katherine Hull, Ellen Manning, Deirdre Ryan, Sheelah B. Strong, Karen Sutherland, Bill Bateman, Paul Corman, David Hodo, Matthew Inge

A Little Night Music

book by Hugh Wheeler
music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
directed by Ruth Mitchell

with Patrice Munsel, John Michael King, Edith Meiser, Marti Morris, Rod Loomis, Karen Zenker, Jay Lowman, Verna Pierce, Karen Good, Alan Gruet, Kris Karlowski, Elliott Savage, Marina MacNeal, Joseph McGrath

Oba Koso, the Yoruba Folk Musical

written & directed by Duro Ladipo

with Olayemi Aina, Ojeniyi Amwo, Ajani Animashaun, Ayanniyi Ayanda, Ademola Ayinde, Bolatito Ajeoge, Lasisi Gvebolaji, Yemi Elebu Ibon, Abidoun Ladipo, Bisi Ladipo, Duro Ladipo, Funke Ladipo, Alake Makinde, Ajewole Ogunkorode, Oluremi Oladode, Olufunke Oladimeju, Aremu Omioye, Lyiola Oyelakin


book and lyrics by Otto Harbach
music by Jerome Kern
directed by Leslie B. Cutler

with Ruth Warrick, Roderick Cook, Vicki Belmonte, Patti Davis, Carol Swarbrick, Bill Hunt, Rick Gardner, Lola Kramer, Danny Carroll, W. M. Hunt, Harry Hilburn, Jayne Turner, John Sloman, Alvin Beam, Elena Giordano, Donald Mark, Pamela Kalt, Carroll Austin Snell, Cynthia Steward, Diana Drew, Terry Gene, Larry Levy, Donald Mark

Noel Coward in Two Keys

by Noel Coward
directed by Richard Barr

with Richard Kiley, Jan Farrand, Teresa Wright, Spain Logue

The Fatal Weakness

by George Kelly
directed by Jeffrey Hayden

with Eva Marie Saint, John McMartin, Charlotte Moore, Mary Ann Chinn, Howard McGillin, Regina David


Awake and Sing 

by Clifford Odets
directed by Henry T. Weinstein

with Howard da Silva, Tresa Hughes, Lynn Milgrim, George Axler, Bruce Adler, Tom Capps, Carl Don, William Jaeger, Mitchell Jason


book by Joseph Stein
music by John Kander
lyrics by Fred Ebb
directed by Jay Harnick
adapted from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis

with Theodore Bikel, Taina Elg, David King, Marsha Tamaroff, Jana Robbins, Dennis Birchall, Arne Gundersen, Gary Middleton, Sal Provenza, Robie Braun, Steven Rivellino, Marsha Davis, Mary Lou Westerfield, Phil Gottlieb, Tony Padron, Noreen Bartolomeo

The House of Blue Leaves

by John Guare
directed by Brian Murray

with Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Nancy Franklin, Ted Beniades, Margaret Whitton, Jacob Milligan, Elsa Raven, Laurie Copeland, T. Baumann, Paul Mathiesen, Marty Henne

Checking Out 

World Premiere
transfer – Longacre Theatre
by Allen Swift
directed by Jerry Adler

with Allen Swift, Joan Copeland, Michael Gorrin, Hy Anzel, Larry Bryggman, Jonathan Moore, William Jaeger, Norman Barrs, Tazewell Thompson, Kurt Garfield, Mason Adams

A Party with Betty Comden and Adolph Green

executed by John Fitzpatrick

with Betty Comden, Adolph Green

Absent Friends

by Alan Ayckbourn
directed by Eric Thompson

with Eli Wallach, Anne Jackson, Lee Richardson, Meg Wynn Owen, Jacob Brooke, Dale Hodges

The Master Builder

by Henrik Ibsen
directed by Edwin Sherin

with Jane Alexander, Richard Kiley, Teresa Wright, Thomas Toner, Joel Stedman, Mary Catherine Wright, Shepperd Strudwick

Bubbling Brown Sugar

book by Loften Mitchell
directed by Ron Abbott

with Richard Brown, Mable Lee, Ned Wright, Marjorie Barnes, Jan Birse, Teri Lindsey, Francine Claudia Moore, Glover Parham, Jai Oscar St. John, Thomas Tofel, Lynn Allen, Bryant Baker, Ralph Glenmore, Veda Jackson, Garry Q. Lewis, Bernard Marsh, Greg Minahan, Jalia Murry, Katherine Singleton

The Royal Family

by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber
directed by Burry Fredrik

with Sandy Dennis, Gale Sondergaard, Curt Dawson, Ellen Fiske, Maurice Copeland, Edward Earle, Peggy Cosgrave, Gene Rupert, Terry Layman, Urylee Leonardos, Nicholas Martin, Mark Fleischman, Kathleen Costello, Val Roy Gerisher, Tom Capps, Jerry Rodgers, Impyrial Coquelin

California Suite

by Neil Simon
directed by John Clark

with Lynn Redgrave, Joe Silver, Paul Shyre, Chevi Colton, Pat Trott

Tricks of the Trade

by Sidney Michaels
directed by Morton Da Costa

with William Shatner, Yvette Mimieux

An Almost Perfect Person 

World Premiere
Transfer to Belasco Theatre
by Judith Ross
directed by Zoe Caldwell

with Colleen Dewhurst, Rex Robbins, George Hearn

King of Hearts

World Premiere
book by Steve Tesich
music by Peter Link
lyrics by Jacob Brackman
directed by A. J. Antoon

with Robby Benson, John Braden, Abigale Haness, Kurt Knudson, Tony Kraber, Michael McCarty, Allison McKay, Judith Anna Roberts, Elliott Savage, Gordon Weiss, Marty Zagon, Dennis Ferden, Don Swanson, Deborah Phelan, Bryan Nichols, Jerry Yoder, Rodney Mac, Fred C. Mann, Pamela Pilkenton, Joella Breedlove, Spence Ford, Marlilee Magnuson, Peter Marinos, Terri Treas, Laura Waterbury

Side by Side by Sondheim

music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
additional music by Leonard Bernstein, Mary Rodgers, Jules Styne, Richard Rogers
directed by Ned Sherrin

with Arlene Francis, Carol Swarbrick, David Chaney, Bonnie Schon

Gracious Living

by Samuel Taylor 
directed by Edwin Sherin 

with Tammy Grimes, Paul Hecht, Patricia Routledge, Jamie Ross, Pierre Epstein

Guys and Dolls

book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
music and lyrics by Frank Loesser
directed by Charles Gray

with Jo Sullivan, Julius La Rosa, Ben Kapen, Laura Kenyon, Thomas Lee Sinclair, Carl Nicholas, Fran Stevens, Lee Sandman, Arthur Ostrin, Robert Barry, David Berk, Richard Reece, Francis Pultro, Mary Lou Westerfield, Paul Welterlen, Jane Ann Sargia, Michael Page, Paul Richmont, Kathi Jo Hubner, Frank Stancati, Wendy Lee Stuart

Out on a Limb

conceived and adapted by Haila Stoddard
music by Fred Hellerman
lyrics by Fran Minkoff
based on works by James Thurber
directed by Stuart Vaughan

with Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Meg Wynn Owen, Charlotte Fairchild, Edward Crowley, Steve Riley, Diana Lynne Drew, Tim Cassidy, Ginger Prince

13 Rue De L’Amour

by Georges Feydeau
adapted and translated by Mawby Green and Ed Feilbert
directed by Basil Langton

with Louis Jourdan, Taina Elg, Bernard Fox, Kathleen Freeman, Laurie Main, James Cook, Stephen Stout, Sherry Skinker, John Cannon, Edward LeViseur, Arnold Weitzman

Same Time, Next Year

by Bernard Slade
directed by Warren Crane

with Kathryn Crosby, Tony Russel

The Play’s the Thing

by Ferenc Molnar
adapted by P. G. Wodehouse
directed by Stephen Porter

with Patrice Munsel, Edward Mulhare, Ronald Bishop, James Greene, Anthony Manionis, Dennis McGovern, James Valentine

Donkey’s Years

by Michael Frayn
directed by Tony Tanner

with David McCallum, Carole Shelley, Richard Clarke, John Clarkson, Frank Latimore, John Michalski, Leon Shaw, William Shust, Edward Zang

Otherwise Engaged

by Simon Gray
directed by John Horton

with Dick Cavett, Christine Baranski, Louis Edmonds, Jonathan Hogan, John Horton, Carol Mayo Jenkins, Philip Kerr

The Goodbye People

by Herb Gardner
directed by Jeffrey Bleckner

with Louise Lasser, Sam Levene, F. Murray Abraham, Michael Tucker, John K. Carroll, Sammy Smith

The Crucifier of Blood

by Paul Giovanni
directed by Paxton Whitehead

with Paxton Whitehead, Christopher Curry, Timothy Landfield, Tuck Milligan, Cynthia Carle, Robin Chadwick, Joel Colodner, Philip LeStrange, Melvin Lum, Marc Mayo

Diversions & Delights

by John Gay
directed by Joseph Hardy

with Vincent Price

The Magic Show

book by Bob Randall
lyrics and music by Stephen Schwartz
directed by Jay Fox

with Joseph Abaldo, Tudi Roach, Donna Lee Marshall, Cindy Cobitt, Robin Wesley, Ron Schwinn, Christopher Lucas, Les Johnson, Ben Felix, Tom Mardirosian

Have a Nice Day

World Premiere
by Cy Howard
directed by Martin Fried

with Darren McGavin, Christine Estabrook, Audre Johnston, Ellen Maxted, Stephen Pearlman, Harold Stuart

Present Laughter 

by Noel Coward
directed by Milton Moss

with Louis Jourdan, Lois Markle, Carol Mayo-Jenkins, Lois Diane Hicks, Mark Fleischman, Jamie Ross, Donald Warfield, Laurie Franks, Susan Greenhill, Kermit Brown

The Circle

co-production with the A.C.T. Company
by W. Somerset Maugham
directed by Stephen Porter

with Daniel Kern, Thomas Oglesby, DeAnn Mears, Barbara Dirickson, Randall Smith, William Paterson, Gerald Lancaster, Marrian Walters, Sydney Walker

The Voice of the Turtle

by John Van Druten
directed by Henry T. Weinstein

with David Cassidy, Kay Lenz, Ann Sachs


book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner
music by Frederick Loewe
direction and musical staging by Richard Natkowski

with David Holliday, Jeanne Lehman, Michael J. Stone, Irwin Pearl, Patrick Beatey, Gary Barker, Robert Frisch, Gail Titunik, Gary Drane, John Barone, Jane Ann Sargia, Larry French, Michael Calkins, Paul Richmont, Dobie Long, Thomas M. Goust, Mary Gaebler, Dale Kristien, Kathy-Jo Hubner, Eugene Moose, Paul Richmont

Slightly Delayed

World Premiere
by James Prideaux
directed by George Schaefer

with Geraldine Page, Anne Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael Higgins, George Bamford

Once a Catholic

by Mary O’Malley
directed by Michael Ockrent

with Rachel Roberts, Peggy Cass, Roy Poole, Joseph Leon, Pat Falkenhain, Charlie Lang, Terry Calloway, Bill Buell, Virginia Hut, Bonnie Hellman, Joyce Cohen, Christine Mitchell, Loretta Scott, Mia Dillon

On Golden Pond

by Ernest Thompson
directed by Craig Anderson

with Frances Sternhagen, Tom Aldredge, Ronn Carroll, Barbara Andres, Stan Lachow, Mark Bendo

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