Staff + Leadership



Associate Artist
Assistant Artistic Director
Artistic & Management Associate


Director of Development
Institutional Giving & Partnerships Director
Operations & Special Events Coordinator


Marketing Assistant
Public Relations Manager
Smart Marketing
Direct Sales & Telefunding Partner

EDUCATION & Community Engagement

Roz & Bud Siegel Director of Education & Community Engagement
Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Education & Community Engagement Associate


Associate Producer / Director of Production
Technical Director / Associate Director of Production
Cultural Associate & Archivist


Sharon Boilini
Director of Finance
Ivon Katherine Gonzalez Guerrero
HR & Finance Associate

General Management

General Manager
Business Intelligence Manager
House & Events Manager
Building Maintenance Manager
Box Office Manager
Betzabeth Gonzalez
Box Office Associate
Devin Long
Box Office Associate

Board of Trustees


Anna Czekaj-Farber
Ellen H. Petrino
Adam G. Clemens


Harold Bailey, Jr.
Jessica Caldwell
Alisyn Camerota
Tom Coppola
Paige S. Couture
Diane DelVecchio
Jessie A. Gilbert
Will Haskell
Joyce Hergenhan
Carole Hochman
Margie Jacobson
Maggie Lehnerd-Reilly
Roger Leifer
Mary Ellen Marpe
Patrick Morrow
Tracey Knight Narang
Judy M. Phares
Janet Plotkin
Jake Robards
Barbara Samuelson
Richard Slavin
Alison K. Smith
Barbara Streicker
Stafford W. Thomas, Jr.
Fred Zinn


Playhouse Theater Council

The Westport Country Playhouse Theater Council is a group of volunteer leaders from Fairfield County and beyond. They serve as theater ambassadors through the promotion of and advocacy for the Playhouse’s artistic integrity, expansion and generating of new patronage, and cultivation of a diverse and inclusive environment across its audiences and programming.

Theater Council members are educators, artists, community organizers, and other individuals who believe theater, and the Playhouse specifically, to be a vital cultural institution in Connecticut and the performing arts at large. Participants are selected by application, adjudicated by members of the Playhouse board of trustees.

Carin Freidag
Jessie A. Gilbert
Darnell Graham
Jessie Janet Richards McGarty
Tracey Knight Narang

Honorary Trustees

Elisabeth Morten, Chair
Howard J. Aibel*
Walter Bergen
James P. Bradley
Sandra DeFeo
Kate Devlin
Robert Devlin
Michele Flaster
Robert H. Forrester
Edith Friedheim
Helen Lee Henderson
Catherine Herman
Dan Kail
Bill Mitchell
Judith Resnick
Carol West Seldin
Ann Sheffer
Joel Smilow
Sharon Sullivan
Johnna G. Torsone
John Vaccaro
Joanne Woodward
Steven Wolff
Bob Wright

Artist Circle
A.R. Gurney *
Lynne Meadow
James Naughton

* Deceased



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