COVID 19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Together we can keep our community safe and attend theater.

Our community has come together: we’ve been distancing, wearing masks, and getting vaccinated. In fact, via our ongoing audience survey, we know that 99% of you are vaccinated.

And, we’ve made a promise to you to adjust our policies based upon the current conditions, science, and guidelines from the CDC and public health official.

Currently, we are continuing our mandatory mask requirement for all indoor spaces, the details of which you’ll find below. Based on current CDC guidance, N95 and KN95 masks are strongly encouraged.

We’ve outlined the process to determine our policies and protocols as well as what we are asking our audience to do to help keep us all safe.

Last updated: July 22, 2022.

Visitor Requirements to attend indoor events

Masks must be worn properly at all times. They must cover your mouth and nose, and should fit securely around the sides of your face.

Based on current CDC guidance, N95 and KN95 masks are strongly encouraged. Disposable masks and cloth masks are acceptable face coverings, though the Playhouse reserves the right to ask audience members to double mask with a surgical mask provided by the theater. Bandanas, gaiters, t-shirts, or face shields (worn without a mask) are not acceptable, and any audience member wearing them will be provided with a disposable mask by the Playhouse or asked to leave the campus.


We are listening

We are listening. For the past 12 months, the Playhouse has been participating in Wolf Brown’s Audience Outlook Monitor, an international collaboration between top researchers, funders, service organizations, and hundreds of cultural organizations, so that we may make informed decisions about how and when to re-open. (Thank you to all who responded and continue to respond to our email invitations to participate in this survey). That means we are working closely with our peers to devise best practices. And, we’ve been listening to our Playhouse community. You’ve told us these are most important factors for you in order to return to theater indoors:

  • Low infection rates
  • High vaccination rates
  • Strict health and safety protocols

Together, we are bringing live theater back to the Playhouse. We made a promise to you to listen and follow the science, along with the guidelines of local officials and the State of Connecticut. We are asking you, our audiences, to help us keep each other safe. Below are the steps we are taking, and those you can make for a safe and healthy experience.

Playhouse Safety & Health Protocols

The Playhouse is up-to-date on all of our HVAC technology and has serviced, cleaned and upgraded our air filtering to MERV-13 filters in all air supply units. The Playhouse HVAC systems also maintain a high air turnover, which keeps a high level of fresh air in our buildings at all times.

Our systems meet or exceed all CDC recommendations for minimizing exposure to COVID-19.

Five key employees have completed COVID-19 Compliance Officer training, and the Playhouse continues to get best-in-class advice from leading public health experts.

We have asked all our staff, volunteers, actors, directors, designers, and crew to be fully vaccinated before they return to the building.

Actors, directors, and designers will also be following protocols set up by their unions.

Fewer things to touch and fewer chances to get close to folks who are not in your social bubble.

In addition to regularly cleaning all surfaces and common areas in the building, we’ll provide hand sanitizing stations.

We are all used to it by now, but every week, every show, every reason to gather may have a slightly different audience setup. We’ll make sure to let you know what we’ll be doing at each event.

We will also update this page regularly, and communicate via email with any changes that affect you.

Audience & Patrons Responsibilities

From the survey, we know that over 95% of you are already vaccinated. And most of the rest have plans to be vaccinated. Please don’t wait — we’re so excited to see you!

To learn more about vaccines or find a vaccination location, please visit Connecticut’s online vaccine portal.

To request a vaccine exemption, please email

If you have had any symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 10 days, or been in contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus in the past 10 days, please do not attend your scheduled performance. We will exchange your ticket for a later date and will waive all exchange fees.

For your safety and the safety of those around you, our staff will be there to ensure safety protocols are followed. Please follow their instructions. We reserve the right to ask those who cannot to leave and return when they are able.

Check current guidelines for Connecticut residents and those traveling to Connecticut here.

If you have any questions or require any accommodation for the above, please contact us at

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